New detailed regulations on official receptions

res03_attpic_briefXi Jinping’s austerity and anti-extravagance campaign took another step forward this past weekend. On Sunday December 12 the State Council released a new document entitled “Regulations on Official Receptions for All Party and Government Departments” (党政机关国内公务接待管理规定), which applies to all government and administrative departments including for example state-owned enterprises, labor unions, law courts, etc.

Various newspapers in China today carried front page headlines on the new regulations, and reproduced an interview conducted by Xinhua with an unnamed official of the administrative office of the State Council (国家机关事务管理局).

The new regulations mention “38 prohibitions” (38项禁令), which in turn includes 11 forbidden items (11项“禁止) and 27 items that should not be requested (27项“不得”要求). Among these are prohibitions on delicacies such as shark fin, and expensive liquor and cigarettes as well as meals containing the meat of any endangered animals.

See report in English in China Daily.

Links and sources:
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