‘My motherland, my brothers and sisters, I give my heart to you’

This scrapbook of links was compiled 20 February 2015

Xi at the Helm
Wall Street Journal: Xi Jinping the Star in China’s Lunar New Year TV Gala

The most overt message, however, was delivered roughly three hours into the program with a soaring political love song titled “I Give My Heart To You,” illustrated with a video montage of Mr. Xi meeting citizens and soldiers in spots around the country.
“My motherland, my brothers and sisters/I give my heart to you,” Hong Kong tenor Warren Mok sang as images flashed in the background showing Mr. Xi planting trees, shaking hands with residents in an old Beijing alley and stomping through the snow to greet soldiers on China’s northern border.

Xinhua: Animated Xi Jinping again a hit online
Three online animations themed around China’s anti-corruption campaign and featuring President Xi Jinping have been a hit over the Spring Festival, with netizens delighting to what is apparently a relaxing of attitudes to depicting Chinese leaders by cartoon.
The animations, each about two minutes long, compare the situation before and after the ‘Mass Line’ campaign, the 2013-2014 initiative aimed at strengthening ties between CPC officials and the public.

They are entitled “Is the ‘Mass Line’ Campaign for Real?”, “Is It Easier for the Public to Get Stuff Done with the Government?” and “Are Officials Really Scared?”

The cartoon Xi eats and talks with members of the public, waves a flag bearing the characters of “Mass Line campaign”, and wields a stick to hit a tiger, a reference to his targeting of high-ranking corrupt officials.

The videos were uploaded to popular Chinese video streaming website Youku on Tuesday night and were picked up by other major video websites as well as social media forums Weibo and WeChat the following day. They have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

Sina: 动漫:群众路线动真格了?

Spring Festival
New York Times: A New Year With a Name That’s a Matter of Opinion

ABC: Obnoxious ‘boganaire’ tourists causing global loss of face for the Middle Kingdom

The Guardian: China’s corruption crackdown hurts James Packer’s gambling empire
Profits plunge at Crown Group’s Macau operation in the wake of Beijing’s attempts to curb controversial high-rolling gamblers

Hong Kong
New York Times: Giving Up on Hong Kong

South Africa
China Africa Reporting: Zuma’s State of the Nation Address: a Chinasque reading