More on national sovereignty over the Internet

The People’s Daily has published another article on “Internet sovereignty” which combines concerns about US hacking and security with justifications for censorship:

In translation: Internet sovereignty: A topic that cannot be ignored
The Internet’s basic machinery has national boundaries, Internet users have a motherland, Internet companies have national characteristics. Internet sovereignty is the natural extension of national sovereignty

Links and sources
People’s Daily: 网络主权:一个不容回避的议题, 没有网络安全就没有国家安全
Netease: 任贤良:推动网络新媒体形成客观理性的网络生态
Xinhua: 我国将出台网络安全审查制度, 美国是如何进行网络安全审查的, 国家互联网信息办公室公: 美国攻击中国网络最新数据
Reuters: China says Internet security necessary to counter ‘hostile forces’