Monitors in government canteen check for wasted food

A leader checking waste food  (Source: Zhou Jingqi/Beijing Youth Daily)

A monitor checking for wasted food (Source: Zhou Jingqi/Beijing Youth Daily)

The anti-waste campaign has been given new life. In the canteen of the Beijing Municipal Commission for City Administration and Environment, monitors have been put in place to check if diners are dumping any food. The diners are mostly government staff.

According to Lv Weibin, director of logistics at the Commission: “We know all the staff, and we watch the video every couple of days. Once we identify someone wasting food, we would identify his or her superior to engage with the staff member in question. ”

Beside the monitors, about a dozen junior government staff members also take turns to supervise that no-one wastes any leftover food. “Though we know each other, I still think we need to point it out”, says Tian Peng, one of the junior staff members. “Eating food of small quantities in high frequency might work better.”

After the adoption of the new approach, trash at the canteen was reduced from over a hundred pounds daily to about 20 pounds daily. Also, compared to 60 pounds of each kind of food purchased everyday, which was the consumption two years ago, nowadays the purchase of each kind of food had been reduced to about 40 pounds.

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