Minimum wage raised in Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin

A table of regions that adjusted minimum wage in 2014 (Source:李金磊/

A table of regions where the minimum wage was adjusted in 2014 (Source:李金磊/

On April 1, the monthly minimum wage in Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin was increased by a range of  11.4% to 12.3%, and the hourly minimum wage was also increased by 3 yuan. Shanghai has the highest minimum wage nationwide of 1,820 yuan monthly and 17 yuan hourly.

In Beijing and Shanghai, the minimum wage standard is “net income”, which does not include an employee’s pension, unemployment, medical and other social insurance as well as the housing fund.

The minimum wage also went up in Chongqing, Shaanxi, Shenzhen and Shandong this year. Last year, 27 regions in China raised their minimum wage by an average of 17%, compared to an increase of 20.2% in 25 provinces in 2012. According to the government’s 2011-15 Five Year Plan, the minimum wage is expected to be increased by an average of 13% annually.

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