Learn to be a good hubby like ‘Uncle Xi’

Below is a scrapbook of links and artifacts compiled on 24 November 2015.

Xi at the Helm

The People’s Daily
A calendar of Xi Jinping’s activities from 2012
Learn to be a good hubby like ‘Uncle Xi’

China Radio International


China Digital Times
Minitrue: Harmonious Horoscopes for First Couple

Internet censorship, ideology, thought work

The Global Times
社评:境外传机密文件犯法,这是常识, see also iFeng.com: 环球时报:高瑜泄露了中央对意识形态部署的机密文件

Fei Chang Dao
Baidu, Sina, and Tencent Promise to Enforce Real Name Registration for Online Comments, Ask Users to Abide by the Socialist System

China courts put reporter on trial, reject Uighur scholar’s appeal

The New York Times
The Art of Xi Jinping by Murong Xuecun
Prosecution of Uighur Students Underscores Perils of Chinese Clampdown

Guangming Daily

Internet security