Global Times: “Ludicrous to let online poll decide Hong Kong fate”

UPDATE (2014-06-24): HK SAR Chief Executive CY Leung 梁振英 contested the Global Times‘ characterization of the poll, saying that the Hong Kong and Chinese people should not be placed in opposition, financial news outlet Caihua reported on Tuesday June 24. Before a meeting of the Executive Council, Leung said that regardless of the turnout for the poll or how many of the votes were questionable, he believed that the participants expressed their wish for popular elections by 2017. However, he also said that the popular nomination of candidates is not in accord with Basic Law.

South China Morning Post added that Leung said that poll participants would not face any criminal liability, despite the characterization by the Global Times and the State Council’s Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office ‘illegal’.

The English version of the Global Times published this editorial:

Ludicrous to let online poll decide HK fate

The so-called June 22 electronic voting of electoral reform launched by Hong Kong’s opposition groups started Friday. It was reported yesterday that more than 600,000 people took part in the unofficial referendum, a larger vote than public opinion had predicted. Opposition members are entranced, and Western media outlets are scrambling to reporting the news, holding without exception that this vote has succeeded in wielding mountainous pressure on Beijing and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government…

…Throughout the world, we have never heard of making major political decisions via an electronic ballot. This “invention” is tinged with mincing ludicrousness.

The Chinese language version of the report is similar. It’s titled ‘No matter how many people participated in illegal Hong Kong referendum, it’s no match for 1.3 billion people’ (香港非法公投人再多,也没13亿人多).

The Global Times followed up with another editorial: Radical opposition is splitting Hong Kong

Update 2
Global Times: 占豪:“港独”背后的黑手究竟是谁

China Daily: ‘Referendum’ has too many votes to be credible

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