Draft domestic violence law

Below is a scrapbook of links and artifacts compiled on 27 November 2014.

Domestic violence

Website of the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council

Yahoo / AFP
China drafts first domestic violence law

Xi at the Helm

The People’s Daily


Visa denials and positive energy

The Guardian
MPs’ trip to China cancelled after row over Hong Kong protests debate
Cross-party delegation calls off visit after Beijing refuses visa to Tory MP and former diplomat Richard Graham

Website of the Embassy of the PRC in UK
Spokesperson of the Foreign Ministry answers question on the cancellation of British delegation’s visit to China

Q: According to media reports, a British MP was denied a Chinese entry visa for his expression of support for “Occupy Central” in Hong Kong. As a result, a delegation of British MPs cancelled its planned visit to China. What is China’s comment on that?
A: You must be referring to the China-UK Leadership Forum. The China-UK Leadership Forum is an important platform for China-UK exchanges and mutual learning. China welcomes British political leaders who want to contribute to the development of China-UK relations to attend the forum and generate positive energy for the bilateral ties. It is regrettable that the forum is unable to take place as scheduled likely due to the reasons of an individual. We hope the UK side will do more to enhance China-UK mutual trust and move China-UK relations forward.


The Paper


Paulson Institute
Case studies of Chinese companies and investments in the U.S.