Dongguan: Sympathy for sex workers

On Sunday morning 9 February 2014, CCTV aired an investigative report on brothels and prostitution in Dongguan, a city in Guangdong province famous for manufacturing and a highly developed sex industry. At 9pm that night, police launched a raid on saunas, karaokes and other venues of ill repute. The police detained 67 people and shut down 12 venues, and suspended two senior police officers.

On the Internet, initial reactions mocked CCTV and the police for spending such resources on the clampdown instead of going after corruption and other crimes. The slogans ‘Go Dongguan!’ (东莞加油!) and ‘Tonight we are all from Dongguan’ (今晚我们都是东莞人) trended on Sina Weibo, with ‘Big V’ celebrity microbloggers such as Wuyue Sanren 五岳散人 weighing in support of the sex workers. Many such postings were soon censored.

Links and sources
Infographic source – Hexun Weibo feed
CCTV: 东莞查封12家涉黄场所 涉及派出所所长全部先停职, 大V不该为“东莞色情”选边站
Caixin: State Media Rallies behind CCTV over Dongguan Reporting
People’s Daily: 人民日报二评“东莞扫黄风波”:文明底线不容亵渎

A Weibo post from ‘Big V’ real estate mogul Ren Zhiqiang 任志强:

裤头高举? //@董藩://@宋海聚: //@托塔天王V: 转发微博
【央视记者会感到羞愧吗?】2014年2月14日,武汉大学,在校的大学生通过行为艺术为前日被粗暴曝光的东莞性工作者呼吁:性工作者也有尊严,报道时请为她们打上马赛克。为性工作者打马赛克,这些大学生都知道的基本常识,央视记者居然不知道?央视主管居然无视!央视的工作者们会感到羞愧吗?@张泉灵 ?