Deadly arrogance of ‘The Grey Lady’

This scrapbook of links and images was compiled 5 January 2015.

From People's Daily: 反腐墙:猜猜TA是谁 A game called Anti-corruption wall: Guess who he or she is.

From People’s Daily: 反腐墙:猜猜TA是谁
A game called Anti-corruption wall: Guess who he or she is.

Foreign media
China Daily: Deadly arrogance of ‘The Grey Lady’

Last November, when President Barack Obama talked with Chinese President Xi Jinping on building a new pattern of relationship between great powers during his visit to China for the APEC summit, the NYT rudely criticized the host country because of troubles it met in getting China visa, which was a bitter fruit it sowed and reaped. “The Grey Lady” not only lost her manner, but her temper this time. Xinhua reporter admits fake news

News about the United States Military Academy at West Point emulating the values espoused by a model Chinese soldier Lei Feng has proven to be bogus.
A journalist from the Xinhua News Agency admitted it on Sunday.
He said he got the source from some American media stories on April 1, 1981, but he did not know about the nature of April Fool’s Day or the tradition of Western media of publishing onion news.

Censorship, ideology, thought work
New York Times: China’s Maoists Are Revived as Thought Police
Xinmin Weekly: 七日谈


China Daily: 95% of netizens disapprove removal of cleavage scenes

2014 in review
People’s Daily: 图解2014证监会改革路:市场化 不走回头路
网友最关心的国务院2014年十大政策评出: 掂掂这些政策的含金量(政策解读·聚焦)

公司 报道篇数
1 阿里巴巴集团 272
2 腾讯公司 218
3 百度 212
4 新浪 169
5 中国农业银行 126
6 华为 115
7 国家电网公司 112
8 中国移动集团 108
9 工商银行 105
10 京东集团 102
11 中国石化集团 99
12 中国银行 97
13 交通银行 76
14 中兴集团 71
15 中国石油 68
16 建设银行 66
17 小米科技 62
18 中国电信 61
19 中国联通 61
20 北汽集团 50

Anti-corruption, petitioning
Xinhua: 中纪委公开受理信访举报现场用意何在?

新华网北京1月4日电(记者 黄玥)中纪委官网和客户端新年第一天上线后,中纪委接连公开“来信举报”和“来访举报”的受理流程,接下来还将于近期公开如何受理电话举报和网络举报。新年伊始,中纪委将“如何受理信访举报”作为重头戏。此举到底释放了什么信号?

Walls Naval base builds 22m-high wall to hide from neighbors

A naval base in Dalian city, Liaoning province, built an 800-meter-long, 22-meter-high wall to keep from being spied on.
At an investment of more than 10 million yuan ($1.61 million), the wall was erected because a group of European-style villas nearby were too tall.

Foreign policy
Xinmin: 秦亚青:2050年之前中国外交“延续”中以变求恒
People’s Daily: Expert: China will maintain its diplomatic strategy until 2050

Qin Yaqing points out three aspects of continuity. Firstly, strategic goals. China’s diplomacy will continue to serve domestic political, economic and social development. Secondly, strategic layout. Big powers are the key; China’s periphery is the priority; developing countries are the foundation; multilateral platforms are the stage. Thirdly, political measures. A non-aligned policy remains the main feature of China’s diplomatic strategy, and economic diplomacy is still an important means of achieving diplomatic goals.

In terms of changes, Qin Yaqing believes that China’s diplomacy will put more emphasis on the three basic elementts of core national interests: regime security, territorial sovereignty, and economic development.