Criminal gang lawsuits open in Hubei

Xiandaikuaibao April 1Based on a Xinhua report, the photo on the front pages of many newspapers in China today is of a sullen gang leader standing in court, flanked by two tall law enforcement officers. The gang leader in question is Liu Han 刘汉, who stands accused (along with 37 other defendants) of a number of gang-related crimes (including murder) at a court in Xianning, Hubei province.

Liu Han’s trial opened yesterday, although a total of seven court rooms are currently being used concurrently for all the defendants. The case of the prosecution states that Liu Han, Liu Wei and Sun Xiaodong and their gang has since 1993 been engaged in various crimes, including running gambling arcades and futures trading. In 1997 the three formed a company called Sichuan Dragon Group (四川汉龙(集团)有限公司), which formed part of what became an expanding criminal network.

The gang expanded its criminal activities to include acts of violence and homicide, illegal detention, extortion, illegal trade in firearms, and running an illegal business syndicate. Some of the defendants have admitted guilt, while others have not.

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