China Story Yearbook Dossier January – October 2014

Below is a scrap book of links and artifacts compiled between January and October 2014.

10 October 2014

The Financial Times
China steps up support for fight against Ebola

The People’s Daily
Xi Jinping publicly expresses his feelings for senior Party members who have fallen in the anti-corruption campaign: he is very pained.

9 October 2014

China Bans Actors With Drug, Prostitution Busts From TV and Movies

The New York Times
U.S. Opposing China’s Answer to World Bank

Global Times
Mass line campaign concludes


7 October 2014

China Voice: “Mass-line” a persistent requirement for CPC

Global Times
Xi helps couples get some privacy at West Lake

6 October 2014

People’s Daily
Guoping: Cheer for the major currents of public opinion in Hong Hong

5 October 2014

The New York Times
To Reach China, LinkedIn Plays by Local Rules
The professional social network’s Chinese-language version, which lacks certain features of Western versions, seems to have the tacit approval of China’s government.

Global Times
White paper: XPCC plays special role in fighting terrorist crimes

People’s Daily Wechat
[Current political situation] What happened to Hong Kong: know the “Occupy Central” with ten questions

4 October 2014

The New York Times
To Reach China, LinkedIn Plays by Local Rules
The professional social network’s Chinese-language version, which lacks certain features of Western versions, seems to have the tacit approval of China’s government.

China Radio International Online
Western media define Hong Kong “Occupy Central” as Color Revolution:

People’s Daily
[Cartoon graphic news] Ten questions for “Occupy Central” in Hong Kong

2 October 2014

The Sydney Morning Herald
Russia Wide Web? Vladimir Putin backs plan to isolate Russian internet

People’s Daily Online
Xi Jinping’s Eight Do’s and Eight Don’ts lays down new navigation marks for the great ship of China

China Daily
Agency: Facebook, YouTube refuse to delete terror material

1 October 2014

China’s Internet reporting center listed websites with illegal information

30 September 2014

The Guardian
China is Hong Kong’s future – not its enemy
NB: Martin Jacques claims that the only democracy HK has ever enjoyed was introduced from the Centre in Beijing. Secondly, the attitudes and behavior of the unrepresentative so-called ‘Occupy Warriors’ are, ultimately informed by the 150-year colonial legacy of the British imperialists (see the delicious final, dialectically head-spinning paragraph).

Sydney Morning Herald
Chinese government’s ‘veiled threats’ over ABC Foreign Correspondent program on Uighurs

Associated Press
Chinese patriotism fuels cruises to disputed isles

China News Service
Beijing tightens security cordons for national week

29 September 2014

People’s Daily Online
No one care more about Hong Kong’s future and fate than the entire Chinese people

28 September 2014

Global Times
Tiananmen in Bloom

27 September 2014
People’s Daily Wechat
Fleeing officials with handcuff graphic

25 September 2014

People’s Daily Online
一年内三次亲近儒家 习近平为何如此强调重拾传统文化?–独家稿件-人民网
Talks Confucianism three times a year, why Xi jinping places so much emphasis on regaining traditional culture

China Network Television
[China News] “Moderate scholar” or separatist

People’s Daily Online
People’s Daily: Why we should “back to Confucianism”

Court records say convicted Uygur teacher preaches violence, separatism

24 September 2014

The People’s Daily
Xi Jinping discusses Confucius and Confucianism
Ilham Tohti case details: promotes violence against the government in class
Xinhua news agency released trail records of Ilham Tohti’s state-splitting case

Adobe中国公司突然关闭 10月底遣散员工
Adobe China closed suddenly, dismiss employees by end of October

Adobe to shut China R&D as sour business climate bites

People’s Daily Online
Xi Jinping: Speech on International academic seminar of commemorating Confucius’s 2565th birthday

People’s Daily’s Wechat
Big change after Wang Qishan runs Central Discipline Inspection Commission for around 700 days

23 September 2014
Adhere to People’s democratic dictatorship, nothing wrong in that

Ilham Tohti-Separatist Uygur teacher jailed for life

22 September 2014

Global Times
Sounds more sinister in the English version: The Internet has changed China, and it is time for China to change the Internet
New accounting regime ends “GDP supremacy” mindset

Where quotations in Xi Jinping’s speech at People’s Political Consultative Conference come from

New York Times
China Clamps Down on Web, Pinching Companies Like Google
Google blocked May 29

New York Times
Murong Xuecun: Beijing’s Rising Smear Power

20 September 2014

Global Times
Fang Xingdong: Alibaba got listed, China Moment on Internet

Global Times
Referendum result no triumph for UK

Global Times
英国实力遭苏格兰公投削弱 国际竞争力受损
Referendum weakened the UK with international competitiveness impaired

19 September 2014

China File
“Daddy’s ‘Friends’ Are Actually Plainclothes Cops”

Sina Weibo
联合王国保住了。其实无论结果如何,苏格兰公投都让世界上另一国家的人民看到,在如此危机下,英格兰没有制定《反分裂法》,没有将装甲车开上 格拉斯哥街头,没有将苏格兰首席大臣萨蒙德打成英奸卖国贼,更没有以寻衅滋事罪将鼓吹独立的任何一个公民投入监狱。仅凭这些,大不列颠,你仍然是日不落帝国!
(my translation) The United Kingdom is intact. Actually, regardless of the outcome, the Scottish referendum has shown the people of another country that even during such a crisis, England did not impose a “law against secession”. No armoured vehicles prowled the streets of Scotland nor was Scottish First Minister Salmond branded as a national traitor. What’s more, no citizen was charged with disrupting order and put in jail for promoting independence. From these points alone, we can see that Great Britain, you remain an empire on which the sun does not set!

18 September 2014

New York Times
Alibaba Raises $21.8 Billion in Initial Public Offering
Alibaba IPO

People’s Daily

17 September 2014

Sina Blog
Cards in hand, president Xi may allow Dalai to back China for a pilgrimage upon no Tibetan independence

16 September 2014

Wall Street Journal
China’s Top 10 Social Problems: No Faith in the State, Selfishness

New York Times
Police Detain Tie Liu, Beijing Writer and Underground Publisher

15 September 2014

People’s Tribune
Ten symptoms of disease in China’s society (backed up here)

‘Mr. Confession’ and his boss drive China’s antitrust crusade
China is building an island at Cuarteron Reef in South China Sea
Photos of Castles in South China Sea

13 September 2014

Zoos weigh up the costs of China’s ‘pandanomics’

Ta Kung Pao
歪曲张晓明原话 《苹果日报》恶毒
Apple Daily viciously distorted Zhang Xiaoming’s words

12 September 2014

Global Times
Confusing concept disrupts rule of law
The topic of rule by law will be listed on the agenda at the Fourth Plenary Session of the Chinese Communist Party Central Committee slated for early October. Since the news was released last month, the Internet has been rife with comments on “constitutional governance.” Apparently some people have attempted to bring a constitutional context and a special political connotation to the concept of rule by law.

New York Times
Foreign Journalists in China See Decline in Reporting Conditions

Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the Hong Kong S.A.R.
Clarification of the wording “still alive ’

11 September 2014

习近平会见普京:加大相互支持 扩大相互开放 相互给力借力
Xi Jinping met Putin: strengthen mutual support, expand mutual openness, and make force from a borrowed force

10 September 2014
Why China can not implement western democracy

People’s Daily WeChat
【科技】iPhone 6来了!Apple Watch也来啦!
[Tech] iPhone 6 coming! And also Apple Watch!

9 September 2014
How many “new fifty cents” on Twitter

Wall Street Journal
China Deploys Troops in South Sudan to Defend Oil Fields Workers
Deployment Marks Sharp Escalation in Beijing’s Efforts to Protect Interests in Africa

4 September 2014

Han Han’s Master Key
“Han Han is not as sophisticated as he is made out to be. Instead, he can be seen ever more as the product of modern China’s deformed politics, deformed society and deformed market.”

China Daily
New awards to honor journalists worldwide

Global Times
Shenzhen man sues ISP for Google block

Global Times
Editorial: China has a batch of brainwashed “independent thinkers”
In an editorial today, the Global Times criticizes a group of reportedly brainwashed self-declared independent thinkers…. included amongst the signs of brainwashed independent thinking is the distinction between loving the country and loving the party, which in the conclusion is categorized as nothing but a “fad”..

CPC central commission for discipline inspection
中共中央纪委举办”走进中央纪委”活动 向境内外知名学者介绍党风廉政建设和反腐败工作情况
Foreign experts give their imprimatur to the anti-corruption campaign by CPC Central Discipline Inspection Commission
China graft watchdog opens to foreign scholars
“Martin Jacques of the London School of Economics and Political Science said he saw a very professional discipline institution and the sophisticated working procedures will be vital to clean administration.”

People’s Daily Online
Central Discipline Inspection Commission: more cases investigated in violation of “Eight rules” in first seven months than last year

the Consensus Website

Sydney Morning Herald

Sydney Morning Herald
Xi and Modi likely to skip UN climate summit in New York

3 September 2014

Washington Post
Yao Ming aims to save Africa’s elephants by persuading China to give up ivory

Global Times
Extremists risk dragging Hong Kong into chaos

Global Times
Tokyo lost the war, and must accept defeat

2 September 2014

Financial Times
Britain is honour bound to speak up for Hong Kong
“During a visit to a mental hospital before I left Hong Kong, a patient politely asked me how a country that prided itself on being the oldest democracy in the world had come to be handing over his city to another country with a very different system of government, without either consulting the citizens or giving them the prospect of democracy to safeguard their future. Strange, said one of my aides, that the man with the sanest question in Hong Kong is in a mental hospital.”

New York Times
Hong Kong Paper Drops Pro-Democracy Column

Xinhuanet Editorial: Deng Xiaoping’s historical contribution to the China Dream
Re-engineering Deng as a contributor to the China Dream avant la lettre!
New generation of Hong Kong will no longer believe in “one country two systems” and “democratic return” etc, but will start the fight for Hong Kong self-determination

People’s Daily
China opens South China Sea cruise route

Russia Today
Putin breaks ground on Russia-China gas pipeline, world’s biggest

1 September 2014

People’s Daily
Editorial: walk this key step well in Hong Kong’s constitutional development

East Asia Forum
Laying down the law at the Communist Party plenum

中共中央党校举行秋季学期开学典礼 刘云山出席并讲话
Central Party School held fall semester opening ceremony, Liu Yunshan presented and gave speech.

31 August 2014

New York Times
What’s in a Word? A Chinese Dictionary Updates

29 August 2014

Radio Free Asia
China Offers Cash For Marriage to Promote Assimilation in Xinjiang

28 August 2014

New York Times
Japan’s Premier Supported Ceremony for War Criminals

27 August 2014

Xi Jinping met envoy Le Hong An of Vietcong Central committee general secretary

Xi eyes mended China-Vietnam ties

26 August 2014

Australian MP Clive Palmer apologizes for insulting Chinese
院长:社科院不是自由撰稿人联盟 想说啥说啥
Dean: Academy of Social Sciences is not freelancers’ union where you can say anything

25 August 2014

Protests point to Macau awakening

China Focus: Chinese lawmakers mull stronger counterespionage focus

People’s Daily
I will stay, Sierra Leone

Global Voices Online
Leaked Documents Reveal How the Chinese Communist Party Channels Public Opinion

New York Times
Appointment at Chinese Journalism School Highlights Growing Party Role

24 August 2014

Asia Weekly
Top ten CASS research grants for 2014 awarded to research on Xi Jinping thought

22 August 2014

People’s Daily Online
Sheng Dingli: President Xi illuminates the way of cooperating with Asian neighbors through speech in Mongolia

Global Times
Clive Palmer’s tirade cannot be ignored

Global Times
Editorial: Clive Palmer’s “bastard” humiliation to Chinese cannot be forgiven easily

19 August 2014

New York Times
China Said to Deploy Drones After Unrest in Xinjiang

The Rakyat Post
Boxun blogger and TV confessor Xiang Nanfu released

18 August 2014

China Network Television
柯震东痛哭流涕 称自己让亲人与粉丝失望
Jackie Chan’s son and Taiwanese pop star arrested for drug use, televised confession

New York Times
Son of Jackie Chan Arrested on Drug-related Charges, Chinese Media Report

People’s Daily Online
[heated debate] See clearly of “Rebel Pepper’s” pro-Japanese flattery and traitor behaviors
Attack on cartoonist Rebel Pepper

Twitter user Rebel Pepper
@remonwangxt 变态辣椒

Beijing Times
香港19万人参加“保普选 反占中”游行
In Hong Kong, 190,000 people marched today against Occupy Central

14 August 2014

People’s Daily Online
Yan Shuhan: Two innovations in President Xi’s discourse on socialist road with Chinese characteristics

New York Times
After Tigers and Flies, Now a Spider: Jiang Zemin

Global Times
Mates of the state: China’s diplomatic partners

People’s Daily
Wang Hailou: Who on earth broke the rules?
America and it’s ‘little chums’.

13 August 2014

People’s Daily
多位明星涉毒 北京演出行业禁止录用“涉毒”艺人
Stars accused of drug use, showbiz in Beijing prohibits use of actors with drug scandals

Global Times
Suspected jihadi phone calls target underage Uyghur girls

People’s Daily
京津冀 市场一体三地一家(京津冀协同发展·市场篇)
Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Metropolitan Region Integration of market in three places

People’s Daily
言论可以自由 谣言不能自由
Speech is free, rumors are not

China Media Project
People’s Daily: speech is free, rumors are not

12 August 2014

People’s Daily
Chasing dreams one and a half years: Xi Jingping’s three achievements

China Voice: Instant messaging service rules aren’t barriers

Hunan commission for discipline inspection official Lu Qun reported China Food and Drug Administration: wrecking the country and bringing ruin to the people

11 August 2014

China Focus: TV drama touches on sensitive past, honors Deng Xiaoping

China cracking down on Christian groups along North Korea border: sources

10 August 2014

Commentary: U.S. proposal on South China Sea unconstructive

8 August 2014

Sydney Morning Herald
China frees religious-freedom campaigner Gao Zhisheng

People’s Daily
Great practice to inspirit China Dream Coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region

Blog Fei Chang Dao
China’s Real Name Internet Part 1: Ancient History – 2003 to Early 2012

Global Times
New rules for social media- Seven ‘bottom lines’ set for WeChat users
Global Times: 3000 articles deleted, 400 public accounts shut, 20 million prostitution accounts shut…

7 August 2014
Five reasons for Western democracy’s decline- introspection on domestic and foreign media recently

USA Today
China dissident Gao Zhisheng
He is still being accompanied by police or security thugs..

China intensifies crackdown on social media with curbs on instant messaging

China regulates instant messaging services

China Copyright and Media on WordPress
Provisional Regulations for the Development and Management of Instant Messaging Tools and Public Information Services

People’s Daily
Three campaigns in China after investigation to Zhou Yongkang

Authorized release: Provisional rules for public information service development of Instant Messaging tools

6 August 2014
At least 18 provinces take sides one week after Zhou Yongkang fell down

5 August 2014
曝郭美美幕后推手为干露露等嫩模干爹 已被刑拘
Sugar daddy behind girl models including Guo Meimei arrested

People’s Daily WeChat
Wechat claims a crackdown to clean rumors

China Digital Times
“Turn down heat on Guo Meimei”

4 August 2014

New York Times
Amateur ‘Terrorist Hunters’ Offered Millions in Cash in Xinjiang

China Network Television
Premier Li offers consolation to patients injured in Yunnan quake

China Digital Times
“Turn up heat on Guo Meimei”

Ming Pao Daily News
清掃草根貪官 紅後代保「正統」
Grassroots corrupt official cleaned, all “red offspring” legitimate

New York Times
In Televised Confession, Guo Meimei Blames Vanity for Her Misdeeds –
Guo Meimei, whose name has come to be inextricably linked with the Chinese public’s distrust of official charities, was shown on CCTV state television on Sunday night confessing to having fabricated her association with the Red Cross Society of China purely out of vanity. Dressed in orange prison garb, Ms. Guo, 23, who was detained along with eight other people in July for gambling on World Cup matches, appeared in her televised confession to be acquiescent and repentant. She spoke about having sex with men for large sums of money, fabricating reports about incurring a debt of 260 million renminbi, or about $42 million, while gambling in Macau, and operating an illegal gambling venue in Beijing.
Related: 人民日报:网络不是文明的荒地–观点–人民网 Sunday People’s Daily on continuing problems with rumor-mongering, uncivilized behavior and IP violations on the Internet…crackdowns that started Q2 2013 look to be a new normal, not just another campaign, in fact been stepped up again lately…perhaps Guo Meimei media blitz timed with this? Her arrested first publicized after she was caught up in betting crackdown earlier in July// 门户网站在转载传统媒体新闻时,往往自拟标题,为吸引眼球而断章取义。治理“标题党”,需提高网站“小编”的专业性和政策分寸感、社会责任感。 此外,论坛、微博、微信等公共社交平台都需努力。但微信与微博,在信息甄别机制上有些差异。微博属于公众意见平台,在网民的质疑和寻觅中,不实信息会被真实信息所取代。而微信属于同学、同事等私人小众圈,不实信息和偏执意见不容易受到质疑和制衡。往往在微博平台上已经得到澄清的消息,在微信群里还在疯传。所以,当前网络谣言治理的重点应在微信,一个是微信群,跨群传播;一个是微信公众账号。

Legal Daily
How she slid into the criminal abyss from wealth flaunting to drug scandal
Heavy media takedown of Guo Meimei angers Chinese Netizens

3 August 2014

6.5-magnitude quake hits southwest China’s Yunnan: CENC

2 August 2014

Co-China Weekly
Co-China Weekly 165 issue: What’s wrong with “delicate self-interest”
Media expose CCTV Guo Zhenxi’s fundraising tactic: force enterprises to invest with four days continuous negative reports to

China Voice: Say no to blood-stained GDP, and change

1 August 2014

Chinese TV Hacked by Dissidents in Cartoon-Villain Fashion

Dangjian Magazine
Party-building Animation: Xi Jingping in military uniform

31 July 2014

Human Rights Watch
Chronology of Gao Zhisheng 2001 – 2014

People’s Daily Online
国平:周永康纠结利益集团 权钱勾结阻挡改革
Guoping: Zhou yongkang entangled with interest groups Blocking reform with power-for-money deals

29 July 2014

Blog Fei Chang Dao
Baidu, Sina, and Tencent Censor Discussion About Toads and Rivers

Interactive Graphic: Zhou’s Power Base

Sydney Morning Herald
Passengers rage as child ‘defecates in plane seat’: report
Global mobility – but not always all the way to the toilet

State Administration for Industry and Commerce
SAIC sent special group to Microsoft to for to commit anti-monopoly raid

New York Times
With Microsoft in Sights, China Starts to Squeeze U.S. Tech Companies

CPC to hold key session on rule of law

China Snares Biggest Tiger Yet With Probe of Zhou

CPC central committee decides to investigate into Zhou Yongkang’s serious discipline violations

People’s Daily
What it means Zhou Yongkang no longer called as “comrade” after being investigated

27 July 2014

Satellites and seafood: China keeps fishing fleet connected in disputed waters

25 July 2014

Human Rights in China
From Stability Maintenance and Control to Wiping Out
The ongoing nationwide crackdown of activists in China has brought bad news every day. Within three weeks, more than 60 intellectuals and rights defenders have been detained. Among them are rights protection lawyers Pu Zhiqiang (浦志强), Liu Shihui (刘士辉), and Tang Jinling (唐荆陵); pro-democracy rights defenders Hu Shigen (胡石根), Yuan Xinting (袁新亭), Wang Qingying (王清营), Master Shengguan (圣观法师), Xiucai Jianghu (秀才江湖), Xie Wenfei (谢文飞), Yang Chong (杨崇), and Jia Lingmin (贾灵敏); journalists Gao Yu(高瑜), Wu Wei (吴薇), Xiang Nanfu (向南夫), and辛建 (Xin Jian); scholars Xu Youyu (徐友渔) and Hao Jian (郝建); artist Xu Guang (徐光); as well as documentary producer Shen Yongping (沉勇平). There are also quite a few others who have gone missing.

24 July 2014

“The 600 Days of the Corruption Crackdown”

How the Hammer Falls as China Nails Corruption
Twenty months into a campaign against corrupt leaders, the crackdown is accelerating and the public is in the loop

People’s Daily
“Xi Jinping’s speeches on core values”-the deepest and most enduring power

23 July 2014

People’s Daily
“Profoundly Comprehend and Grasp “The Great Struggles in the New Era”
The article listed the following forms of “the great struggles” that the Chinese Communist Party currently faces:
The first is the competition for resources. The second is the currency war. On the issue of the statehood that is being established, the United States and other Western powers pay special attention to financial strength; they strongly defend their world dominance with their own countries’ or regional currencies. It is an indisputable fact that, after the 2008 international financial crisis, some Western countries tried to suppress the renminbi. Research shows that currently some Western countries continuously stir up trouble in our neighboring countries. One of the main purposes in doing so is to stimulate money flowing to the hegemonic countries. The third great struggle is to grab the market. The fourth is the ideological struggle. The countries involved in power politics and hegemony intend to fight a “war of no smoke” with our country. They use “freedom, democracy and human rights” as their banner to penetrate our country ideologically. Fifth is the conflict over territories. Sixth is the anti-corruption struggle. Seventh is the struggle over cyberspace. The competition for users between “angels” and “devils” in the cyber world has become increasingly prominent. The struggle in the real world is also reflected in the cyber world. Eighth is the fight against ethnic separatism. Our country is a multi-ethnic country. Western hostile forces never give up the thought of sabotaging our country. They often stir up all kinds of trouble in the country, create ethnic rifts, and engage in ethnic separatism.
Source: People’s Daily, July 23, 2014

People’s Daily
Xi Jinping’s International Cooperation views: Build a new international cooperation pattern with “Chinese Wisdom”

People’s Daily
Scholar: Chinese Communist Party faces eight “new great battles’

The Australian
ASIO spies out in cold as building still empty

20 July 2014

People’s Daily
Central Organization Dept.: Prevent cadres from becoming “minions” of Western moral values

18 July 2014

People’s Daily Online
PD Graphic: Procedures for Addressing Politburo-level “Big Tiger” Cases

17 July 2014
China moves oil rig out of waters claimed by Vietnam

16 July 2014

Global Times
Bishop owes China an open clarification

Sydney Morning Herald
China: Julie Bishop comments that sparked Beijing’s rebuke ‘never’ made

15 July 2014

Human Rights Watch
Dispatches: Clipping a Sparrow’s Wings in China
By Sophie Richardson
Ye Haiyan, one of China’s most prominent sex worker-rights activists, won’t be attending the major international conference on AIDS in Melbourne, Australia next week. Known by her online nickname “Hooligan Sparrow,” Chinese authorities have told Ye her passport has been “lost” after she attempted to apply for a visa, making it impossible to travel.

Sydney Morning Herald
Top Chinese general meets PM for talks on military links
A top Chinese general will hold high-level military talks with the Abbott government on Wednesday in a move that an expert says shows the relationship with Beijing remains on a steady course.

Global Times
Chinese tourists rank Australia as most desired destination: survey

14 July 2014

The Hindu
Modi-Xi meet to open new chapter in ties

Global Times
中将:澳若选择与华为敌 中国大可不必对澳友好
Lieutenant general: If Australia chooses to stand against China, China totally unnecessary be friendly to Australia

13 July 2014

Guangdong TV Makes Controversial Move to Ditch Cantonese Language News

12 July 2014

Global Times
Editorial: Australian FM’s China stance is like young cynic’s speaking on internet
Chinese Global Times calls Julia Bishop an idiot 二百五

Global Times
Australian FM’s China stance senseless
Australia’s history is not short of records of human rights infringement on the aboriginal population. The country used to be a place roamed by rascals and outlaws from Europe. Perhaps it has to boast its values to cover up its actual lack of confidence in front of Western countries.

10 July 2014

The New York Review of Books
Are the Authoritarians Winning?

The Canberra Times
Foreign Minister Julie Bishop checks China drift

China promotes new strategic partnership with Africa: white paper
Chinese journalists banned to contribute to foreign media
Chinese journalists not allowed to be foreign media’s stringers

社科院将意识形态列入干部考察 政治违纪一律免职
Academy of social sciences listed ideology as cadre reviewing standard, political discipline violators would be removed without exception

9 July 2014

South China Morning Post
Like Bank of China, Citic Bank also offers service branded ‘money laundering’ by CCTV CCTV accuses Bank of China of providing money laundering service

Wall Street Journal
Beijing Tells Journalists Not To Transmit ‘Unpublicized Information’
Issued by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, the guidelines apply not only to state and commercial secrets but also to “unpublicized information,” according to Xinhua. They also ban journalists from “illegal” copying, recording or storage of such information. The report did not clarify what the latter phrase means or how a news organization is meant to function if its staff members aren’t allowed to publish information that hasn’t been previously made public.

The Canberra Times
China destroys shipments of ‘Australian’ Lavender teddy bears

New York Times
Murong Xuecun not really arrested

8 July 2014

Blog Fei Chang Dao
Global Times’ Hu Xijin On the Closure of Writer Li Chengpeng’s Weibo

No showers, locks in massage rooms: Guangdong

China Digital Times
Liberal Commentator Li Chengpeng Wiped Offline

7 July 2014

New York Times
Xi Condemns Efforts to Play Down Japan’s Wartime Aggression

Financial Times
HSBC modifies Hong Kong report after criticism (downgraded HK business / economic prospects because of Occupy Central)

2 July 2014

People’s Daily
International community pays high attention to President Xi’s visit to South-Korea China’s neighboring diplomacy Philosophy presented intimacy, earnestness, benefit, inclusion 

People’s Daily
Adhere to “Hong Kong people governing Hong Kong” with its main body should be patriots

1 July 2014

New York Times
Hong Kong Challenges Beijing

Graphic: Taking Inventory of Bagged ‘Tigers’

China Network Television
Hong Kong celebrates 17th anniversary of return to motherland

30 June 2014
Graphics of national leading groups: Xi Jinping acts as four groups’ leader

Wall Street Journal
Chinese Territorial Claims Driving Asia Closer to U.S.
Malcolm Turnbull Calls Chinese Policy ‘Counterproductive’

Apple Daily
四大行騎劫意見 員工登廣告反擊
Employees’ opinions hijacked, Big Four accounting firms’ staffs stuck back with advertising

People’s Daily
Correctly handle relationship between central government and Hong Kong SAR with Basic law

Global Times
Editorial: “July 1 demonstration” is against Hong Kong’s interests

China Daily
China Daily ‘Occupy Central’ unacceptable

29 June 2014

New York Times
North Korea Plans to Indict Two Americans; Defies U.N. by Firing Ballistic Missiles

27 June 2014

Financial Times
Big four accounting firms warn Hong Kong over democracy push

26 June 2014

导演张元戒毒失败复吸 时隔六年再次被拘
Another televised confession Zhang Yuan bust for drugs on int’l drugs day

23 June 2014

Global Times
Ludicrous to let online poll decide HK fate
Throughout the world, we have never heard of making major political decisions via an electronic ballot. This “invention” is tinged with mincing ludicrousness.

Beijing Times
Wang Jun (49) accused of sexually assaulting women aged 73-95 more than 40 times in Chenzhuang village, Henan

Beijing Daily
中国大运河和丝绸之路申遗成功 遗产项目升至47个
China’s Grand Canal and Silk Road made world heritage, number of sites increases to 47

China Securities Journal
住建部密集调研 棚改料加力
Housing Construction Depart. intensifies research, materials of sheds changed to add strength

Beijing News
北京菜贩鞋匠纳入反恐情报体系 随时用手机反馈
Beijing greengrocers and shoemakers included in anti-terrorism intelligence system,

22 June 2014

China Daily
Cities eye ‘house-for-hukou’ to boost property market, report with phones at any time

Chinese consumers switch gears from cash to credit for car buys

Radio Free Asia
Five Police Officers Killed in Attack on Xinjiang Security Checkpoint

Financial Times
China broadcasts confession by Xinjiang attacker

Hundreds of thousands vote in Hong Kong democracy ‘poll’ in defiance of Beijing

21 June 2014

Xinjiang attacker ‘blinded by religious extremism’

Thirteen shot dead after China bomb attack

China Daily
13 dead, 3 injured in Xinjiang police station attack

China News Service
Li Keqiang elucidates maritime strategy: co-building a sea of peace, cooperation and harmony

China Daily
Web cleanup launched to combat terror strikes

China shuts down 1,222 porn websites

20 June 2014

New York Times
In Hong Kong, an Unofficial Election Draws Beijing’s Ire
More than 350,000 Hong Kong residents voted Friday in a nonbinding referendum on how their next leader should be chosen. The Chinese government called it “illegal and invalid.”

New York Times
The Latest Icon in Artistic Rebellion: A Cabbage

Graphics: Cleaning House
A slew of political advisors from around the country have come under the watchful eye of the Communist Party’s graft buster lately. Here’s a look at who they are

Dairy Reporter
Fonterra never checked Sanlu’s dairy products prior to deadly China melamine crisis, study warns
Decentralized milk supply chains were largely to blame for the melamine scandal that bankrupted China’s Sanlu in 2008, but its partner Fonterra’s experience ‘did not appear helpful’ in stopping deadly safety problems, a study claims.

National Security Committee deploys thorough survey of foreign NGOs in China and the activities

Editorial Ling Zhengce’s case: Cannot work even have a patron in the royal court

19 June 2014
Publicity video shows pro-democracy protestors turn Hong Kong into post-apocalyptic war zone
Persecuted Ahmadis seek shelter in China
社科院遭斥事出有因 国安委彻查境外NGO

Southern Weekend
Uncover mysterious veil of Central Finance and Economics Leadership Small Group

Southern Weekend has published an interesting look at the Central Finance and Economics Leadership Small Group. The author says he talked to several people “close to” the group and retired officials who worked on it. According to this report, since 1987 the FELSG has always been chaired by the General Secretary. The article notes that it is a change that a group meeting and Xi’s chairmanship of it were so widely reported on in official media. So if that if this report is correct, does this alter the narrative of Xi sidelining Li? // 数个权威消息源证实,自1987年以来,中央财经领导小组的历任组长一直由时任总书记担任,时任总理则任副组长。 2014年6月13日18时许,新华社发布了一则消息,称中共中央总书记习近平以中央财经领导小组组长身份主持召开了该小组第六次会议,会议主题为研究能源安全战略。报道同时透露,国务院总理李克强、副总理张高丽分别以中央财经领导小组副组长、成员身份参加。   这是自1980年中央财经领导小组成立以来,官方媒体首次对财经小组会议进行实时新闻报道,并且详细公开财经小组组长、副组长、成员的名单。

Sydney Morning Herald
Chinese billionaire Chen Guangbiao invites 1000 poor Americans to lunch

18 June 2014

Global Times
Our friends in the West

Beijing’s population exceeds 21 million

SARFT: journalists cannot do critical reports without permission

China bans unauthorised critical coverage by journalists

China Network Television
Eight typical cases violated press rules publicly reported

New York Times
China Sends Top Diplomat to Begin Talks With Vietnam

Global Times
UK media hype over visit unprofessional

17 June 2014

New York Times
To Bolster Its Claims, China Plants Islands in Disputed Waters

China Daily
13 executed over terror attacks, violent crimes in Xinjiang

Global Times
Google block set to continue

CCTV Executives May Have Crossed a Fuzzy Line
Corruption may have infected the state broadcaster simply because there’s no firewall between advertising and content

New York Times
U.S. Professors Call on Colleges to Re-evaluate Confucius Institutes

China News Service
From ‘Barefoot’ doctors to medical pioneers
Statistics from the National Health and Family Planning Commission show that as of October, 10,877 private hospitals were operating in China, and of those, about 8,000 were run by people from Putian, where more than 60,000 residents are engaged in the medical and healthcare industries.

Want China Times
Beijing to support domestically produced medical equipment

Xi stresses CPC’s absolute leadership of air force

16 June 2014

New York Times
Father’s Day Plea to Educate China’s ‘Illegal’ Children

Xinhua special on Li Keqiang in UK

China News Service
习近平领导风格鲜明 网民称展现独特“主席范儿”
Xi Jinping’s distinct leadership called as unique “Chairman style” online

15 June 2014

Global Times
China can use 10 percent force, 90 percent negotiation to protect maritime power

People’s Daily
Academy of Social Sciences criticized with Illegal connection with foreign foes by Central Discipline Inspection Commission




14 June 2014

The 21st Century Business Herald
Wang Meng criticizes “South-North Water Transfer Project”: maintenance fee will be one third of engineering cost

13 June 2014
Qiang Shigong: Central government’s hard power and soft power to govern Hong Kong

CCTV’s “Housekeeper” Guo Zhenxi stumbled

Beijing News
Japan has tracked Chinese military aircrafts over 10 times since East China Sea ADIZ announced

People’s Daily Online
Xi Jinping’s football karma: shows football skill in Ireland

Beijing News
Sympathy for Tang Hui, awe to laws

12 June 2014

Graphics: General Secretary Xi Jinping’s “public classes of innovation”

China Daily
Beijing launches new air pollution campaign

Wall Street Journal
China’s Top Court Overturns Death Sentence in Famous Rape Case

Emerging trends in Chinese studies and the role of the party By: Eric X. Li

People’s Daily Online
习近平先后给四国元首递口信 金正恩内容未披露
Xi at helm
Xi Jinping passes a message to four rulers Jeong-eun Kim didn’t made public
东莞涉黄专案全部成功告破 广东全省刑拘3033人
Results of anti-prostitution and 扫黄 campaign in Dongguan and Guangdong province

People’s Daily Online
警方披露东莞涉黄太子酒店案细节 组织100余卖淫女
Police disclosed details of Taizi hotel case Over 100 prostitutes accommodated

11 June 2014

CCP News Network
Ren Xianliang: Promote an objective and rational network ecosystem on new media

China Digital Times
Gao Yu: Princelings Are Xi’s Greatest Challenge
Why Movement for Democratic Change is also a cult

The Hindu
Hasina seeks partnership with China
Bangladesh would be “an active partner” in a “China-led Asian century”
Declaring to the Chinese Premier that Bangladesh would be “an active partner” in a “China-led Asian century,” Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has underlined her willingness to deepen her country’s strategic and economic engagement with China, signing major agreements for the construction of roads, railway lines and power plants on a three-day visit to the Chinese capital.
Ms. Hasina, who met President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang, also discussed with Beijing the construction of a second deep-sea port off the Cox’s Bazar coast at Sonadia — China is already involved in a port project at Chittagong — that will give China further access to the Indian Ocean, and an alternative route for energy imports.

10 June 2014

Global Times
勿让和平发展自捆手脚 必要时动武完全正
Don’t tie peaceful development up, use force when necessary is justified

Global Times
China in need of diplomatic innovation
(cites establishment of the ADIZ in the East China Sea as successful example of….)

China News Service
习近平:中印是长久的战略合作伙伴 而非竞争对手
Xi: China and India are long-term strategic cooperation partners rather than rivals

Xi Jinping met with BangladeshPM Sheikh Hasina

9 June 2014

Xi urges independent innovation in science, technology

Xi: keep key technologies in our own hands

Xi: China’s Direction of science and technology development is forever innovation
Young Chinese Twitter User Arrested for Proposing Method to Spread Truth about June 4th Massacre

8 June 2014

South China Morning Post
Hong Kong journalists held Shenzhen because magazines have mainland
According to the South China Morning Post, the two were detained because their magazines had mainland subscribers, another example of quite imaginative legal explanation. Just when one thought the interpretation of “one country, two systems” could not get any more restrictive, the arrest of Yiu Mantin and these two journalists does not bode well at all for the Hong Kong media.

Beijing News
网络大V董良杰获释 曾造谣自来水里含避孕药
Online activist Dong Liangjie released, made rumors like tap water contains contraceptive

Human Rights in China
Restrictions, Detentions, Disappearances, and Arrests Related to June 4, 2014

7 June 2014

China Voice: The Hague has no jurisdiction over sea dispute

6 June 2014

People’s Daily Online
Promote cultural taste of political coverage

In Friday’s Papers: 866 Guangdong Officials Demoted for Overseas Links, News Reader App Raises US$ 100 Mln in Funding, Sued for IP Violations

5 June 2014

China Change
Speech during the June 4th Vigil in Victoria Park in Hong Kong-TENG BIAO
“They arrested journalists, then the journalists who spoke out for the arrested journalists, then the lawyers who defended the journalists, and then the defense lawyers who defended the lawyers who defended the journalists.”

4 June 2014

Can Premiums Protect Doctors Against Violence?

People’s Daily Online
打击网络淫秽色情 让网络空间清朗起来——国家网信办有关负责人就“扫黄打非·净网2014”专项行动答记者
Crack down on Internet porn and clear cyberspace-state Internet information office’s responsible person answers questions for “Anti-prostitution and Net-cleaning 2014” campaign

People’s Daily Online
Graphics: how to identify cult and avoid going astray

China Daily
Foreign tech firms pose threat on Internet

China Copyright and Media on WordPress
Deeply Study and Implement the Spirit of the Series of Important Speeches by General Secretary Xi Jinping
Study and implement the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping’s series of important speeches

Human Rights in China
Restrictions, Detentions, and Disappearances before June 4, 2014

3 June 2014

MOFA spokesperson Hong Lei “In China there are only law breakers — there are no so-called dissidents.”

2 June 2014

Der Spiegel
央视男主播与令计划夫人交往 被调查(组图)
CCTV’s anchorman dates with Ling Jihua’s wife and be investigated

Wall Street Journal
Chinese General Says U.S. Foreign Policy Has ‘Erectile Dysfunction’ Problems

Financial Times
Beijing’s anti-graft campaign touches China Central TV

Sydney Morning Herald
Australian artist detained by Chinese authorities ahead of Tiananmen anniversary
Prominent Australian artist Guo Jian has been detained in China amid a heightened security operation in central Beijing aimed at preventing the commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre.
Concerned friends and fellow artists say the 52-year-old Chinese-born Australian, a former soldier and Tiananmen Square protester, was taken away on Sunday night from his home in Songzhuang, an art colony on the eastern fringe of Beijing.
Guo sent two short text messages to friends on Sunday night saying he he had been taken away by police.

1 June 2014

China Daily
Fan Bingbing is first Chinese actress in Barbie Hall of Fame

People’s Daily Online
Wang Guanzhong criticized Shinzo Abe and Chuck Hagel without a text: get your story straight Abe

Qianjiang Evening News
“全能神”发起人浸淫邪教多年 早已逃往美国
Founder of “Almighty God” immersed in heresy for years and fled to the U.S. long ago

31 May 2014

U.S. and China square off at Asia security forum
Hagel attacks China’s use of coercion to assert maritime claims

Financial Times
China hits back after US criticises maritime claim strategy

People’s Daily Online
Let seed of socialist core values take root and sprout in children’s hearts

China Network Television
CCTV confession: 山东招远“5·28”故意杀人案告破:犯罪嫌疑人系邪教组织成员
Shandong Zhaoyuan “5 · 28” intentional homicide case solved, suspect are cult members

China Radio International
5 Held after Woman Beaten to Death

Police: Six suspects of Zhaoyuan intentional homicide case are cult members

Six heretic sect members detained for suspected homicide in E. China

Sina Weibo
Sina Weibo feature女孩拒搭讪被打死
Sina Weibo feature: Girl beat to death refusing a conversation

China Network Television

30 May 2014

[Excerpt]《Study notes of Xi Jinping’s discourses》: dialectical unity of moving steadily and strengthening the top-level design

[Excerpt]《Study notes of Xi Jinping’s discourses》: Fairly well-off or not, fellow-townsmen have the final say

International Institute For Strategic Studies
Shangri-la Dialogue

29 May 2014
News assistant at Japanese newspaper arrested in Chongqing for ‘picking quarrels’

Tencent Criticized by China State Media as Some Accounts Limited

People’s Daily Online
Xi: Firmly set up correct views of the motherland and nations among masses of all nationalities
习近平指出,新疆的问题最长远的还是民族团结问题。民族分裂势力越是企图破坏民族团结,我们越要加强民族团结,筑牢各族人民共同维护祖国统一、维护民族团 结、维护社会稳定的钢铁长城。要坚定不移坚持党的民族政策、坚持民族区域自治制度。民族团结是各族人民的生命线。要高举各民族大团结的旗帜,在各民族中牢 固树立国家意识、公民意识、中华民族共同体意识,最大限度团结依靠各族群众,使每个民族、每个公民都为实现中华民族伟大复兴的中国梦贡献力量,共享祖国繁 荣发展的成果。各民族要相互了解、相互尊重、相互包容、相互欣赏、相互学习、相互帮助,像石榴籽那样紧紧抱在一起。要加强民族交往交流交融,部署和开展多 种形式的共建工作,推进“双语”教育,推动建立各民族相互嵌入式的社会结构和社区环境,有序扩大新疆少数民族群众到内地接受教育、就业、居住的规模,促进各族群众在共同生产生活和工作学习中加深了解、增进感情。
与会代表一致认为,建设团结和谐、繁荣富裕、文明进步、安居乐业的社会主义新疆,是全党全国各族人民的共同意志、共同责任。要认真按照习近平总书记的要 求,以社会稳定和长治久安为新疆工作的着眼点和着力点,增强贯彻会议精神的主动性、自觉性、坚定性,将中央的重大战略部署领会好、把握好、实施好,不折不 扣认真执行,因地制宜地落实到位,统筹推进各方面工作。

China Media Project
What the Chinese people are thinking (2)
By Xu Youyu | Posted on 2014-05-29

28 May 2014

People’s Daily Online
Yang Zhenwu: scientific compass needed for public opinion guide work under the new situation

China Dialogue
China’s environmental journalists “deserve more recognition”

New York Times
Nobel Laureate’s Release from Prison May Hinge on His ‘Regret’

People’s Daily Online
Comrade anyone? 学习手册:变了调的官场“称呼学”
Learning manual: “name-knowledge” in the tainted officialdom

国信办开展专项行动 严打网络暴恐音视频
Special action by State Internet Information Office to crack down violence audio and video online

Associated Press
Chinese news assistant detained ahead of Tiananmen anniversary

Global Times
Law-breakers will always be losers
On NED award to Liu Xiaobo and Xu Zhiyong

New York Times
Tiananmen Square Anniversary Prompts Campaign of Silence

27 May 2014

Wall Street Journal
Blue Skies, Safe Food: The Chinese Dream in Song

Xi stresses market-gov’t coordination

Xi: use well of “invisible hands” and “visible hands”

New York Times
China Said to Deport Models for Working Illegally

26 May 2014

Xinhua International
Yan Xeutong: China’s diplomacy needs reform and innovation
Xiao Gongqin: can new authoritarianism lead a new round of reform?

Foreign Ministry Website
Foreign Ministry: Vietnam has low international credit rating

23 May 2014

People’s Daily Online
方滨兴:互联网现在是美国的天下 各国应拥有自己的“根”
Fang Binxing: Internet is America’s world currently, countries should have their own “roots”
Fang Binxing, Godfather of the GFW

22 May 2014

New York Times
I, Too, Will Stand Up for Tiananmen
As he told me he would, Murong Xuecun has taken a stand on 4 June – and written a fascinating short essay on how the memory of the event is preserved. Is the documentary he is talking about The Gate of Heavenly Peace? I recall that image he describes, but can’t remember if it was from Gate.
No air strikes conducted today, claims ISPR
Since yesterday, at least 73 suspected local and foreign militants have been killed in a series of air strikes on hideouts and bases in North Waziristan and in a later clash following an attack on security personnel. An army major and three other security personnel died in that clash.

The US identified violence in Xinjiang as terrorist attack for the first time
The targets of Wednesday’s air strikes were strongholds of the Eastern Turkistan Islamic Movement (Etim) — a militant outfit comprising largely Turkic-speaking militants from Uzbekistan and Uighurs from China’s north-western autonomous region of Xinjiang.
Chinese netizens call for “eye for an eye” retaliation after deadly blasts in Urumqi

Vietnam PM says considering legal action against China over disputed waters

31 dead, scores wounded in attack in China’s Xinjiang

乌鲁木齐发生一起爆炸案 造成人员伤亡
31 dead, scores wounded in attack in China’s Xinjiang

China will implement internet censorship

How the US conduct internet censorship

American version “Might is right” can stop

Stolen? Steal? US don’t say you don’t know

21 May 2014

Xinhua on Twitter
“One who tries to blow other’s oil lamp will get his beard on fire,” China’s Xi urges common security for Asia #CICAquotes

Global Times
Washington plays victim of espionage

官员揭秘对领导称谓:姓名+职务称呼最标准Official revealed the most standard way to call leaders: name plus title

20 May 2014
China’s Tiananmen anniversary blackout

New York Times
Resentment of China Spreading in Myanmar
The people of Myanmar turning against the Chinese:

China Dream “shakes hand” with Russia Dream

Xi: Promote China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership to a higher level

President Xi Jinping met with Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev

China strongly opposes U.S. indictment against Chinese military personnel
China says US “biggest attacker” of its cyber space, US espionage charge against its army officers “groundless”

State Internet information office published latest data of US attack to China’s Internet

“It’s really good to be able to go home” — China sends ship to fetch 3,553 citizens

China suspends cyber working group activities with U.S. to protest cyber theft indictment

People’s Daily
People’s Editorial: Government should lead the Age of Big Data

19 May 2014

New York Times
Filipino fishermen and a contested shoal

Xi Jinping held talks with Kazakhstan President Nazarbayev

Xi Jinping met with Afghan President Hamid Karzai

Global Times
Explanation for Big Bang Theory takedown….. Copyright, rule violations prompted US TV program ban from streaming websites

Global Times
4,000 Chinese await Vietnam evacuation

18 May 2014

Financial Times
China changes tack on Africa with $2bn multilateral investment
China is poised to invest billions of dollars in Africa through a multilateral institution in Beijing’s first ever departure from its “cheque book” policy of bilateral deals on the continent.
Beijing and the African Development Bank, the continent’s biggest development lender, will this week unveil a $2bn investment vehicle, called the “Africa Growing Together Fund”, which officials say marks a symbolic shift from previous Chinese practice.

Terrorist group behind Xinjiang rail station attack
URUMQI, May 18 (Xinhua) — Notorious terrorist group the East Turkistan Islamic Movement (ETIM) was behind the fatal attack that killed three and injured 79 at a railway station in Urumqi, capital of northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region on April 30, police said.

People’s Daily Online
No Internet security, no state security

17 May 2014

People’s Daily Online
Pass positive energy to the world of China’s peaceful development

Suspected Boko Haram rebels attack Chinese plant in Cameroon

Chinese camp hit near Boko Haram stronghold
Ten people unaccounted for after suspected Boko Haram fighters attack Chinese facility in northern Cameroon.

16 May 2014

Twitter user Tengbiao
JAILED CN rights lawyers since Apr 2013:Ding Jiaxi,Xu Zhiyong, Pu Zhiqiang, Qu Zhenhong,Liu Shihui,Tang Jingling
近期刑拘人士:唐荆陵,刘士辉,屈振红,向南夫,朱英娣,陈光,张海新,马香兰,王良双 ,陳冬梅,王燕欣,李桂芳,孟繁荔,徐光,谭凯,林东,王喜利,林贵州,章贤玺 ,高瑜,沈勇平,罗向阳,谢文飞,张皖荷,吴斌,杨崇,浦志强,胡石根,郝建,刘荻,徐友渔,贾灵敏,刘地伟。另,张世清失踪

New York Times
Anti-Chinese violence turns deadly and spreads in Vietnam

President Xi deploys “four views” of China’s peaceful development

新华网北京5月16日电(记者张媛 侯丽军 熊争艳)国家主席习近平15日在中国国际友好大会暨中国人民对外友好协会成立60周年纪念活动上发表讲话,从文化、历史和民族基因等角度阐释了中国走和平发展道路的坚定决心。


15 May 2014

Financial Times
Vietnamese mobs ransack foreign factories in anti-China violence
14 May 2014
Anti-Chinese Sentiment on Rise in Myanmar

Global Times
Does Vietnam want to re-learn the historical lesson?

13 May 2014

Global Times
HPV vaccine still unavailable in China 8 years on

Beijing Times
Boxun writer arrested for “picking quarrels”

12 May 2014

Beijing Youth Daily
Monkey map of African countries
Attached you find the scan of the “monkey friends” newspaper page and the respective online link below.
Hope this is helpful.
– markuz
Chinese student orders cooked sushi at one of Japan’s most famous sushi joints, complains about bad service when they wouldn’t do it

Global Times
世行称中国经济总量已达美国87% 预计年底超过美国
World Bank says China’s economy reaches 87% of America’s and will surpass by end of the year

U.S. Is No. 1, China Is So Yesterday

People’s Daily
Anti-terrorist needs “an external treatment for internal illness”

Expert calls for int’l actions in China’s anti-terror fight

Global Times
Nabbed Chinese fishermen to be under Philippine police inquest
Hotels in the #Vietnamese resort town of Nha Trang are refusing to serve #Chinese patrons over the East Sea dispute

China to build new East Africa railway line

11 May 2014

Global Times
Li’s trip further builds Sino-African ties
How Many Things Are Wrong With This Global Times Illustration?

China News Service
Beijing police deploys 150 armed patrol cars on streets

Fired from Walmart, Mrs Wang is now gunning for China’s state labour union

西安“雾炮”车上路 可降低PM2.5浓度
Xi’an sends “fog gun” to streets to lower PM2.5 level

Vietnamese protests against China gather pace, fuelling regional tension
More than 1,000 people gather outside the Chinese embassy in Hanoi, testing response of Vietnamese government

China says no waste plant without support after protests

10 May 2014

Revolution News
Brutal Crackdown on Hangzhou Waste Incinerator Protest Leaves 3 Dead, Sparks Riot PHOTO GALLERY

9 May 2014

New York Times
Chinese Artist Detained Before Tiananmen Anniversary
It might be interesting, within the context of the Tiananmen forum, to have a short essay on the response of cultural figures (artists, writers, etc) to the anniversary.
Kevin Rudd: Don’t Believe These Five Myths About China [VIDEO]

Chinese media defend waste incinerator plan despite protests

Wall Street Journal
Literary Leaders: Why China’s President Is So Fond of Dropping Confucius

8 May 2014

People’s Daily Online
习得修身篇 ——习近平引用的古典名句
Confucius quotes by Xi Jinping

New York Times
10 years for Yiu Mantin, publisher of book about Xi
HONG KONG — Rejecting defense arguments for leniency, a court in southern China sentenced a Hong Kong publisher to 10 years in prison on Wednesday for smuggling industrial chemicals. The family and supporters of the publisher, Yiu Mantin, has said the charges were a political vendetta brought on by his plans to publish a book condemning the Chinese Communist Party leader, Xi Jinping.

Survey reveals Beijinger’s support for “auxiliary capital”

Financial Times
Gao Yu televised confession of leaking state secrets (also Pu Zhiqiang and Li Di arrests)
Gao Yu, 70, said she provided an internal document to an overseas website, according to reports by China Central Television and the official Xinhua news agency. CCTV broadcast footage of a blurred figure, who it identified as Ms Gao, expressing remorse for her actions.
“What I did . . . harmed national interests and was a grave mistake,” Ms Gao said. “I will earnestly and sincerely learn lessons from it and admit my guilt.”

7 May 2014

Chinese police to be drafted in to Paris to help protect tourists
Officers will patrol with French counterparts to prevent fellow citizens being targeted by pickpockets and muggers

Global Voices Online
Netizen Report: China Slaps Tech Giant Over Porn (and Politics)

6 May 2014

New York Times
China tightens rules for foreign made milk powders

Non shared dairy destiny

Wechat of Beijing University News Network
Launch ceremony for innovative talent training international forum and “Yanjing school”

4 May 2014

New York Times
A Uighur father’s Brave Fight
Ilham Jewher on her father Ilham Tohti

People’s Daily
Xi encourages youths do Volunteer Teaching in the West: aspiring has no regret

China News Service
习近平考察北大 同老教授汤一介促膝谈心
Xi Jinping visits Beijing University and had a heart-to-heart talk with retired professor Tang Yijie

Beijing News
Xi repeatedly stressed cultural self-confidence on 5 · 4 youth day symposium in Beijing University
Xi visits Beijing University on 5 · 4 youth day

3 May 2014

Chronicle of Xi Jinping’s Xinjiang visit: ethnic unity is foundation of development and progress

May 2014
Self Delusion: Tibetan Buddhism in the West- Elliot Sperling

30 April 2014

Newsroom of University Of Technology Sydney
Bob Carr to lead new UTS Australia China Institute

McKinsey China
Where To Live In China?

China Xinhua News @XHNews
Chinese President Xi Jinping vows to deploy “strike-first” strategy against terrorism during inspection tour in Xinjiang this week

China Xinhua News @XHNews
C Blast hits rail station of Urumqi in China’s #Xinjiang, casualties unknown, ambulances and police rush to scene, people evacuated

29 April 2014

Washington Post
China: Where ‘The Big Bang Theory’ is too hot to watch, but ‘Game of Thrones’ is just fine
Censorship of online US TV shows

28 April 2014

McKinsey China
The China Urban Sustainability Index 2013

Authority wants end to harmful publication imports

Xi in Kashgar meets Uighurs and soldiers – photos

Commentary: Clock ticking for Australia on a “truly great” China FTA
SYDNEY, April 28 (Xinhua) — It has been two weeks since Australian Prime Tony Abbott returned from an economically historic turn around the Asian neighborhood, deftly securing trade pacts with South Korea and Japan. Yet a free trade agreement (FTA) with China, representing an opportunity several orders of magnitude greater than both deals combined, remains – after nine fruitless years – unfulfilled.
But a resolution, according to China’s Foreign Ministry, is firmly in Abbott’s grasp.
Trade specialists here have been counting the days since China, on the 16th of this month, called on Australia to act fast to facilitate inbound investment for Chinese businesses enthused by the obvious synchronicity between the two major economic partners.

27 April 2014

The Dominion Post
NZ warned as US and China raise stakes

26 April 2014

Xi: Let violent terrorist be “obnoxious street-crossing rats that anyone will beat”

25 April 2014

Zhuhai Government Website
王衍诗在全市“扫黄打非”工作会议上强调 以强烈的责任意识抓好“扫黄打非”工作
Wang Yanshi stresses a strong sense of duty for “anti-pornography and fight against illegal publications” campaign

Sydney Morning Herald
Malcolm Fraser warns Australia risks war with China unless US military ties cut back

24 April 2014

Sydney Morning Herald
Justin Bieber’s visit to Japan’s Yasukuni war shrine ignites online backlash

23 April 2014

New York Times
Backlash Over Hong Kong’s Treatment of Mainland Visitors
You may have seen this already, but just in case,
all best,

22 April 2014

New York Times
Vietnam returns migrants to china after deadly border clash
Dear Sue and Elisa,
This is not going to end well, is it?

21 April 2014

“为梦想领跑” 中国航母 MV
Leader for the Dream” Chinese Aircraft Carrier Liaoning Music Video

19 April 2014

People’s Daily Online
Yearbook/Visuals for Chinese pollution

18 April 2014

Chinese political activist says tencent wechat account shut down

Activist Wen Yunchao 北风’s WeChat account shut down / censored

17 April 2014

People’s Daily
People’s Daily Journalists address provocative New York Times report
The Ultimate Media PK: People’s Daily vs New York Times on coverage / China’s actions on MH370

China Labour Bulletin on CCTV

China releases blogger Charles Xue on grounds of ill-health
Chinese-American venture capitalist who had 12 million social media followers had been detained since August

16 April 2014

New York Times
Beijing’s Facts, and Fictions
Murong on Jiao Yulu
It’s difficult to know the truth about Jiao Yulu. But if he were alive today, he would most likely be corrupt.

The Beijing News
Deciphering the Chinese Communist Party’s code for official misconduct

Found via this English report:
Foreign Policy
Just How Corrupt Are These People? Deciphering the Chinese Communist Party’s code for official misconduct

Sydney Morning Herald
ABC wins unprecedented access in landmark Chinese deal

People’s Daily Online
坚持总体国家安全观 走中国特色国家安全道路
Insist overall national security concept with Chinese characteristics
Community of Shared Destiny in Security (last paras)

15 April 2014
Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Purple bears draw tourists from near and far to small Tassie farm Chinese tourists are flocking to an out-of-the-way farm in Tasmania to buy lavender-stuffed bears

14 April 2014

New York Times
China’s efforts in hunt for plane are seen as hurting more than helping
越帮越忙: China and the search for MH370

12 April 2014
New York Times
Xenophobic Chill Descends on Moscow
From the moment that Russia’s invasion and annexation of Crimea cast a new, bitter chill over relations with the West, a sinister jingoistic vibe has pervaded Russia’s capital.

11 April 2014
South China Morning Post
Weibo blogger admits defaming railways ministry as benchmark trial opens
A marketing associate with a firm that specialised in exploiting sensational cases to drive internet traffic has pleaded guilty to charges of defaming the railway ministry.
It is the first known case to apply new penalties for internet rumour-mongering, following an interpretation by legal authorities in September last year.
Qin Zhihui, 30, was accused of defamation and disturbing public order. Prosecutors said Qin used his weibo, or microblog, to claim the now-defunct Ministry of Railways in 2011 made a €30 million (HK$322 million) payout to the family of a foreign victim of a train crash in Wenzhou, while denying equal treatment to Chinese victims.
Qin and three colleagues at Beijing marketing firm Erma were detained last August for spreading online rumours. Erma allegedly generated rumours about government officials and exploited sensational cases, like that of Guo Meimei, the Red Cross staffer with a lavish lifestyle, to drive traffic to certain websites.

Canberra Times
China’s new weapon for expansion: lawfare
For the intro to the Yearbook in relation to shared destiny
I found this article from CT that you might be interested in:

10 April 2014

People’s Daily Online
Graphics: Xi & the PLA since the 18th Party Congress/

New York Times
Seeking More From Chinese Films
A jury at the China Film Directors’ Guild awards refused to award the two top prizes — for film and director of the year — saying that Chinese films need to meet “a higher standard.”

Washington Post
Mysterious spate of official suicides in China sparks debate, censorship

7 April 2014
New York Times
Sweeping Graves the Party Way
I sweep your grave, you sweep mine…

5 April 2014
New York Times
China’s poisoned waterways

4 April 2014
People’s Daily
When Chinese dream meets European dream

17 March 2014
Ai Weiwei asks China president to visit his Berlin exhibition
This might be an interesting thing to mention in the introduction or conclusion: Ai Weiwei saying that he’s the same generation as Xi Jinping, and of a similar background. Yet they ended up so different. He’d love the chance for a chat with Xi.

9 March 2014
New economic corridor between China, India slowly emerging on old “Hump”
Silent Contest-A video produced by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) National Defense University Information Management Center-Part I
Silent Contest-A video produced by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) National Defense University Information Management Center-Part II
“Silent Contest” (较量无声) in English

4 March 2014
People’s Daily
Chinese film director Wu Tianming dies at 75

2 March 2014
Los Angeles Times
Televised confessions in China raise worries
TELEVISED CONFESSION OF Xiang Nanfu (向南夫) FOLLOWS Charles Xue Manzi, Peter Humphrey, Gao Yu, Chen Yongzhou, Sichuan gangsters Tang Xianbing, Zheng Jianjun, GSK Liang Hong, Dong Rubin, Qin Zhihui (Qin Huohuo),

27 February 2014
China News Service
Farewell, Gary Locke
China News slimes Gary Locke for being a “bananan” who brought pollution to Beijing

24 February 2014
China: The unsettling and bizarre spectacle of televised confessions

21 February 2014
People’s Daily Online
Wei Lu: What can we learn from general secretary Xi Jinping’s cartoon

14 February 2013
New York Times
Vows of Change in China Belie Private Warning

10 February 2014
China Digital Times
Li Chengpeng: The Taiwan You Can See

Li Chengpeng’s Sina blog has been shut down:
Li Changpeng: The Taiwan You Can See

28 January 2014
Huffington Post
China’s New Foreign Policy: Not Conflict But Convergence Of Interests
Yan Xuettong: Dean of the Institute of Modern International Relations at Tsinghua University

3 December 2013
Yan Xuetong talks with John J. Mearsheimer: Can China rise peacefully

27 January 2014
Financial Times Chinese
Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s Exclusive Interview With the Financial Times

25 January 2014
People’s Daily Online
让我们共同的世界更加美好 ——以习近平同志为总书记的党中央开创外交新局述评【5】
Make our world a better place-commentary on comrade Xi Jinping-leading Inner Party broke new ground in diplomatic field

21 January 2014
New York Times
SHARED DESTINY: China Also Exports Pollution to Western U.S., Study Finds
Research quantifies how air pollution in the United States is affected by China’s production of goods for export and by global consumer demand.

1 January 2014
Blog Fei Chang Dao
2013 Year in Review: A Chronicle of China’s Social Media Crackdown
In August 2013, President Xi Jinping issued a call for for less negative speech online. By October, after a propaganda campaign against popular online personalities, a new law, and dozens of detentions, the People’s Daily reported that their surveys showed that there was less negative speech online.

Another timeline here:
A chronicle of China in 2013 by Offbeat China

16 December 2013
New York Times
Africa and the Chinese Way

3 October 2013
The Beijing News
網絡輿情分析師成官方認可職業 從業者達200萬
China Monitors the Internet and the Public Pays the Bill
Article estimates 2 million people work as paid Internet opinion analysts and monitors

People’s Daily Online
Politburo’s collective learning (held regularly/unregularly)

Tang Jingling rights lawyer detained in Guangzhou

Central Discipline Inspection Commission’s Discipline Leader in Academy of Social Sciences reported penetration from foreign hostile forces 

People’s Daily Online

Five Vietnamese, 16 others described as Chinese dead in Vietnam rioting -doctor

Hu Xijin on new national hotline to report police abuse discipline problems. Commenters joke that like going to someone’s father to complain about him (on Weibo in Chinese
不用说了,肯定是你傻呵。顺便补充告诉其他不傻的人,这是专门举报民警违法违纪的电话。公安部和各省是统一号。 遇到公安人员执法不公的,坚决告他。//@sy刘杨:我到爹那儿去告儿子~是我傻还是你傻呀?

Global Times editorial on Pu Zhiqiang

From December 2013 by Gao YU: 太子黨對習近平構成最大挑戰