China Story Dossier: October 13 to 22

This is a list of links to articles and materials of note about China from 13 to 22 October 13, 2014.

22 October
Feichangdao blog: Baidu, Qihoo, Sina, and Tencent Silence Fang Zhouzi After He Criticizes Zhou Xiaoping – Blogger Praised by China’s President

21 October
Duowei News: 中共党媒谈周小平:大狗叫,也得让小狗叫
Foreign Policy: Is This the New Face of China’s Silent Majority?

China’s president recently lauded Zhou Xiaoping for spreading “positive energy.” But many of his writings are rants against the United States.

China Digital Times: Minitrue: Fang Zhouzi Digs into Zhou Xiaoping Hong Kong has too many poor people to allow direct elections, leader says
New York Times: Hong Kong Leader Reaffirms Unbending Stance on Elections

20 October
Wenxue City: 方舟子炮轰周小平满嘴跑火车:他梦游美利坚(图)
China Digital Times: Ten arts one-liners from “Big Daddy Xi”
Xinhua: Peng eyes ongoing AIDS fight

18 October 2014
Christian Science Monitor: Sensing subversion, China throws the book at kids’ libraries

17 October 2014
People’s Daily: 瑕不掩瑜,我们需要一个略带瑕疵的周小平

16 October 2014
Communist Part Member Weixin Account 共产党员微信账号: 习近平:文艺不能当市场奴隶 不要沾满铜臭气
China Copyright and Media: Xi Jinping’s Talks at the Beijing Forum on Literature and Art
China Digital Times: Minitrue: Hush Story on Xi’s Praise for Patriotic Bloggers , Xi Jinping Calls for Artists to Spread ‘Chinese Values’
China Media Project: Ten arts one-liners from “Big Daddy Xi”
Xi Jinping’s pet blogger Zhou Xiaoping’s Sina blog: 《请不要辜负这个时代》 -如果你也骂过这个国家,就请斗胆进来看看
Consensus Net: 章诗依:周小平的美好时代
Global Times: 环球今日评:习大大见周小平,有人心里打翻了五味瓶
Zhou Feiya Small Study Group Wechat: 【内部料】文艺座谈会最全与会者名单曝光
Changjiang Daily: 原来花千芳就是因为这篇文章被习总召见
Tencent News: 北大教授:周小平的意义

15 October 2014
Xinhua: China Voice: Boom of arts, a must for Chinese dream
Reuters: China blocks BBC website as Hong Kong tensions rise
The People’s Daily: 习近平:坚持以人民为中心的创作导向 创作更多无愧于时代的优秀作品–时政–人民网
New/Old Yan’an Talks: Very grim, but hardly surprising. CCTV ‘good tourist’ ad pulled: Chinese broadcaster pulls urinating panda
Xinhua: Xi demands moral art

14 October 2014
The Guardian: The western model is broken
By Pankaj Mishra
The People’s Daily: 习近平提及的十句古代治国思想名言是何意?

13 October 2014
The New York Times: Chinese Scholar Who Helped in an Escape Is Detained for ‘Picking Quarrels’
Yahoo/ Reuters: Yahoo: China says arrested assistant for German paper working illegally
‘arrested on suspicion of “causing a disturbance”’