PLA, Landbridge and Australia’s Darwin Port


425Chinese Firms Lease of Australia’s Darwin Post Raises Alarm

The Strategist: Landbridge, Darwin and the PRC

  • Last month, Landbridge agreed to pay $506 million for a 99-year lease of the Port of Darwin. Labor has suggested that the deal be scrutinised by the Foreign Investment Review Board and some ADF officials have registered security concerns. However, the long-term ramifications of this century-long deal haven’t even begun to be considered by Australia. […]The company itself asserts that it is a ‘private’ enterprise. Landbridge Chairman Ye Cheng is, however, intimately tied to the PRC party-state as a member of the 12th National CPPCC Committee, a PRC united front body, in which he represents the All China Federation of Taiwan Compatriots. More importantly, the company—like any organisation of influence in China—is guided by a powerful branch of the Communist Party of China. This 200-member body takes its orders—through a dendritic structure—from the party central committee and ensures that the company acts in accordance with the party-state’s interests and strategies.
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  • Translation of post from Landbridge website.
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  • Post from Landbridge website.
The Australian: US adviser urges rethink on Darwin port lease to Chinese
  • A key adviser to the US military has urged the Turnbull government to overturn the 99-year lease on Darwin’s port to a ­Chinese company with close military links, saying that the deal is shortsighted and could undermine Australia’s relations with Washington.
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  • Befitting its strategic culture, Beijing is playing a long game, seeking to shift the military balance to the point where the Western Pacific democracies, having been outmanoeuvred, accept China as the region’s hegemon. As the great Chinese military philosopher Sun-Tzu proclaimed: “To fight and conquer in all our battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.” […] The ploy seems to be working. The Northern Territory’s Chief Minister describes the lease as a business proposition and nothing more. Yet Landbridge’s CEO, billionaire Ye Cheng, is a senior Communist Party official and his deputy is a former military officer. Andrew F. Krepinevich in the Australian.
The Guardian: Malcolm Turnbull shrugs off US concern over Darwin port lease to Chinese firm
  • “All I can say is that, when it was first raised with me not by President Obama but by other American officials some weeks ago, it was put to me that the first thing they had read about it was in the Wall Street Journal. “And my observation was only, of course, seeking to encourage the circulation of great Australian newspapers, I suggested they should invest in a subscription to the Northern Territory News because it was not a secret.” Australian prime minister says there’s nothing “furtive” about the Darwin deal and doesn’t see the big deal. 
The Australian: Final say for ADF in China port lease in Darwin
  • Australian authorities can take back control of Darwin’s port from the Chinese company leasing it at any time of crisis using the Defence Act, Defence Department secretary Dennis Richardson has revealed. In an interview with The Australian , Mr Richardson said the plan to lease the port to the Landbridge Group for 99 years at a cost of $506 million was exhaustively examined by Defence and by ASIO and both judged that it did not pose any security threat.
The Paper: 山东民企23亿租澳大利亚港口,美媒担心海军陆战队被监视 (Shandong private enterprise pay 2.3bn to lease Australia’s Darwin Port, American media worries Chinese navy will keep close watch)
  • 按岚桥集团董事长叶成的说法,参与达尔文港经营权投标的公司有64家之多,竞争非常激烈。叶成近日在接受新华社记者采访时表示,5亿澳元的确是个大手笔,但从多方面看,投资达尔文港就是投资未来,现在进入是一个千载难逢的好时机,“在我看来,‘一带一路’是大贸易,是港口对港口。岚桥集团在中国有日照岚桥港,在澳大利亚有达尔文港,服务于双向贸易,这就是我们响应‘一带一路’倡议的具体举措。” Chinese article quotes Landbridge chairman as saying that leasing the Darwin port is part of “one road, one belt.”
Sina: 中企大手笔租赁达尔文港 澳媒体炒作威胁论 (Chinese firm leases Darwin port, Australian media spins firm into treat)
  • 消息甫出,并不见什么异常的媒体反应,只是一些财经类媒体将其作为财经新闻进行报道。让人不解的是,最近澳大利亚右翼媒体却针对这一商业行为大肆口诛笔伐, 搬出所谓战略专家大谈达尔文港位置之重要,称将达尔文港租给中国人经营会产生安全风险。更蹊跷的是,这一波媒体炒作恰恰发生在美国军舰南海巡航挑衅之后, 不由得让人生疑。那么岚桥集团租赁达尔文港真的像有些所谓战略专家所说,是为了削弱澳大利亚与美国之间的军事联盟吗? Article in Chinese media accuses the Australian media of stokes China “threat theory.”

11115432_945885China Responds to Terrorist Attacks in Paris

The New York Times: China Responds to Paris Attacks Through a Domestic Lens
  • Along with revulsion, Chinese leaders and many citizens also voiced a more complex mix of expectations and emotions, rooted in rival views of the country’s own problems.
Related—The Paper: 王毅:反恐不能双重标准,打击“东突”应成国际反恐重要组成 (Wang Yi: the fight against terrorism cannot have double standards, crackdown on ETLO should become an important part of counterterrorism  )
  • 王毅指出,中国主张反恐要形成合力,致力于标本兼治,不能搞双重标准。反恐要充分发挥联合国的主导作用,组成反恐统一战线。
Reuters: China shows unusual pictures of its fight against terror
  • A series of nine pictures showed armed police dressed all in black with helmets and balaclavas clambering over mountains, getting ready to storm what looked like a house in a rural region and a group posing for a picture with their faces blanked out. “France’s Paris was hit by its worst terrorist attack in history, with hundreds dead and injured. On the other side of the world, police in China’s Xinjiang, after 56 days of pursuing and attacking, carried out a full attack on the terrorists and got great results,” reads the text accompanying the pictures.

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Picture from the later deleted post.

Dajia: 每次恐怖袭击后都被忽略的现实 (After each terrorist attack, the reality is overlooked)
  • 尽管一盘散沙,伊斯兰世界自身也必须对这个宗教的不良分支负起责任来,如果永远对极端化趋势只是口头的呼吁和划清界线,恐怕形势还会继续恶化。Popular post circulated on Wechat.
Yidianzixun: 外媒曝伊斯兰国未来国土范围:计划要攻占中国新疆 (Foreign media air map of future IS territory: IS plans to occupy China’s Xinjiang)
  • Post on social media points out that IS plans to take over Xinjiang. Top voted comment says, “even America can’t occupy Xinjiang. Small scale police can deal with separatists, and the PLA can make quick work of IS. They won’t know what’s coming” [老美都没实力攻占新疆的一个村。疆独小打小闹武警对付算了,跟大陆解放军玩,is都来怎么死的都不知道].

Nancy Pelosi Shows Up in Tibet

International Campaign for Tibet: Nancy Pelosi makes unannounced visit to Tibet
  • Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic Leader of the House of Representatives and one of the most prominent supporters of the Dalai Lama worldwide, made an unannounced visit to Lhasa, Tibet, this week, meeting the Communist Party chief of the region.
Tibetan Daily: 陈全国会见美国国会众议院少数党领袖南希·佩洛西一行
  • 南希·佩洛西说,此次访问期间,代表团到西藏的寺庙、学校、社区和居民家中进行了参观,与自治区领导、各族群众和僧尼进行了坦诚深入的交流,有效加深了对西藏的全面了解。南希·佩洛西高度评价新西藏发生的巨大变化和中国政府在保障宗教信仰自由、保护民族传统文化、生态环境保护等方面作出的努力。她说,在中国政府的努力下,包括西藏人民在内的中国人民的生活水平显著提高,全世界人民对此都给予充分认可,你们有理由为此感到骄傲。南希·佩洛西希望两国加强在生态环境保护方面的交流与合作,为应对全球气候变化作出积极努力。

Sixth Forum on China Africa Cooperation

ChinaFile: What to Expect at this Year’s Mega China-Africa Summit
  • The sixth Forum on China Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) that will be held in December in Johannesburg comes at a critical time in the Sino-African relationship. The combination of China’s slowing economy, a major slump in global commodity prices, and a dramatic 84 percent year-over-year plunge in Chinese investment in Africa will no doubt loom over the meeting of president Xi Jinping and his African counterparts.

Philanthropy on the Rise

The Guardian: Why China’s super-rich are now eager to invest in philanthropy
  • However, in recent years China’s entrepreneurs have moved beyond the ostentation that marked some of the earliest ventures and are giving more thought to where their donations go. “Philanthropy is becoming more sophisticated now,” said Hoogewerf. “The main cause they give to is education.” There may also be less charitable motives behind some public displays of benevolence, as tycoons spooked by a wide-ranging government crackdown on corruption look for less controversial ways to show off their wealth. Jack Ma recently declared, ‘it’s harder to donate money to Chinese charities than earn it,” in reference to the lack of infrastructure and oversight when making donations.

140801124717-toad-jiang-zemin-split-horizontal-large-galleryAll Hail the Jiang Zemin Toad

The New York Times: Ridicule Turns to Affection as Chinese Social Media Embraces Jiang Zemin
  • References to zhangzhe (长者) or “elder,” as Mr. Jiang is called by his acolytes, are popping up on WeChat, the popular messaging app; Weibo, the microblog platform; and Zhihu, a question-and-answer site similar to Quora. Hasi (蛤丝), or “fans of the toad,” who once ridiculed Mr. Jiang’s crotchety ways and sartorial choices avidly discuss what they now see as endearing idiosyncrasies.“‘Toad worship culture’ is not just a kind of worship, it’s also satire,” said Magasa, a Chinese film critic and a self-described hasi. “But the feelings behind it are complex. It’s half-real and half-fake. It’s sarcasm, but it’s also a reflection of people’s nostalgia for the past and dissatisfaction with the current situation.”
International Hasi Association: 国际蛤丝协会 International Hasi Association
  • Website dedicated to “fans of the toad.”

Crackdown Continues

South China Morning Post: Professor punished for ‘radical views’ amid fears China is tightening noose on freedom of speech
  • Liang Xinsheng was removed from his post as deputy head of the English department at Lingnan Normal University in Zhanjiang for publishing “radical opinions” on his Weibo account that had been a “bad social influence”, Guangdong’s provincial anti-graft watchdog said on Wednesday. […] Citing a new discipline guideline, the commission warned party members against making remarks that contradicted the central leadership’s decisions or spreading opinions that contradicted the party’s policies.
The Guardian: Four Hong Kong publishers known for books critical of Chinese regime missing
  • A group of Hong Kong booksellers specialising in books criticising China’s Communist elite have gone missing. The four men work for Sage Communications, a publisher and bookshop famed for producing sensational and salacious tomes on the private lives of top Chinese leaders.
Hong Kong Free Press: ‘Exiled’ Chinese journalist leaks huge list of censored terms
  • A large section of the list consists of terms concerned with banned topics, including the 1989 Tiananmen student protests and the Falun Gong organisation, such as “89 democracy movement”, “June 4” and “truthfulness, benevolence, forbearance”. Others are clearly related to news incidents. For example, “son”, “driver’s licence”, “Beijing” and “Ferrari” were listed together, possibly due to a 2012 Ferrari crash in Beijing in which Ling Gu, son of former president Hu Jintao’s top aide Ling Jihua, was killed.
China Change: 12 Years in Prison for Trying to Protect Spotted Seals
  • Tian Jiguang (田继光) is an environmentalist living in the northeastern province of Liaoning, China, known for his commitment to protecting spotted seals that breed in the wetlands of his hometown, where the Liao River meets the Yellow Sea. He was arrested in October 2013 for “alleged extortion.” When he was indicted, he was given an additional charge of “embezzlement.” In September 2014 he was sentenced by the Dawa County Court (大洼县法院) to 12 years in prison—5 years for extortion, and 8 for embezzlement. Tian is a Communist party member decorated in 2010 by State Oceanic Administration for his work saving Spotted Seals

China’s Student Abroad Deficit

CPC News: “留学“赤字”70余万中国教育如何打造吸引力? (A 700,000 student study abroad deficit, how does Chinese education become more appealing? )
  • ”中国与全球化智库主任王辉耀说,留学“赤字”一直都存在,而挖掘留学“红利”早已是发达国家重要战略,“目前,中国企业对外投资开启新纪元,急需大批具备国际视野、通晓国际规则、能够参与国际事务与国际竞争的国际化人才。留学,正是培养该类人才的重要途径。”[..]“这是一个人家想吃‘米饭’,我们给人家‘馒头’的问题。”陈志文说,目前大多数高校服务和产品并不能满足学生需求。Party scholars see problem in that more Chinese study abroad than foreign students study in China. How one scholar describes the problem, “giving a mantou to someone that wants to eat rice,” don’t seem to capture the deep deficiencies in Chinese higher education. Perhaps, Chinese are studying abroad for the same reasons foreigners aren’t studying in China.

What Mao Gave Stalin for His Birthday

CPC News: 毛泽东生平第一次出国:访苏取得巨大成功 打开新中国外交局面(图)(Ma Zedong’s first time going abroad: He achieves huge success in the Soviet Union and opens new China to the world)
  • 1947年初,毛泽东计划亲自去莫斯科,当面向斯大林“请教”建国经验,然而,因为各种原因,他的访苏要求5次被苏方推迟。直到1949年12月6日,毛泽东才登上前往莫斯科的专列,这是他生平的第一次出国。16日12时(莫斯科时间),专列抵达莫斯科。毛泽东访苏一来是为斯大林祝寿,同时要同斯大林就中苏两国间的重大的政治、经济问题进行商谈,解决中苏条约、贷款协定、贸易协定、航空协定等问题。Spoiler: it was a series of treaties that formed the foundation for Sino-Soviet friendship.


Tibetan Daily: 陈全国会见美国国会众议院少数党领袖南希·佩洛西一行
本报拉萨讯(石磊 肖涛)11月10日下午,自治区党委书记陈全国在拉萨会见了美国国会众议院少数党领袖南希·佩洛西一行。自治区党委副书记、自治区人大常委会主任白玛赤林,自治区党委副书记、自治区主席洛桑江村,全国人大常委会副秘书长陈国民,自治区党委副书记、自治区常务副主席邓小刚和自治区领导齐扎拉、多托、丁业现、王瑞连、嘎玛、维色、格桑次仁、罗松多吉、珠康·土登克珠、参木群和哲蚌寺、甘丹寺、色拉寺、大昭寺、小昭寺、仓姑寺、功德林寺僧尼代表一同会见。






CPC News: 留学“赤字”70余万中国教育如何打造吸引力?
近日发布的国际人才蓝皮书《中国留学发展报告(2015)》显示,伴随着我国成为世界第一大留学生输出国,留学“赤字”居高不下的矛盾正日益凸显,2014年达71.78万人。同年,中国在外深造的108.9万名留学生,全部为攻读专科以上学历的学历生、博士后及访问学者,而约37.7万名来华留学生中,只有16.4万人是攻读相应学历和学位,其中读硕士和博士的人数相对更少,仅分别为3.5万人和1.2万人,约占总人数的9.4%和3.2%。  中国留学“高输出、低输入”的弊端凸显











“营造一个开放包容的人才友好型社会环境,是充分挖掘国际‘人才红利’的关键所在。”王辉耀建议,“一是可考虑放宽来华留学优秀毕业生的实习工作政策,允许优秀外国留学毕业生留华工作和生活;二是除了全球招聘外,通过教师外语培训、中长期国际学术交流、国外进修、建立海外培训基地等措施,培养拥有熟练使用外语、读写外语文献等技能的教师队伍;三是开放部分教育市场,鼓励本土教育机构与国外名校开展合作办学,通过国际学分互认等方式开设交换学生计划等方式,引入国外优质教育资源、引入我国紧缺专业和先进的管理模式、教学理念等。”(记者 邓晖)


Sina: 中企大手笔租赁达尔文港 澳媒体炒作威胁论 (Chinese firm leases Darwin port, Australian media spins firm into treat)


消息甫出,并不见什么异常的媒体反应,只是一些财经类媒体将其作为财经新闻进行报道。让人不解的是,最近澳大利亚右翼媒体却针对这一商业行为大肆口诛笔伐, 搬出所谓战略专家大谈达尔文港位置之重要,称将达尔文港租给中国人经营会产生安全风险。更蹊跷的是,这一波媒体炒作恰恰发生在美国军舰南海巡航挑衅之后, 不由得让人生疑。那么岚桥集团租赁达尔文港真的像有些所谓战略专家所说,是为了削弱澳大利亚与美国之间的军事联盟吗?



2014 年,岚桥集团收购了澳大利亚能源公司Westside,开始进入澳大利亚市场。不久,北领地区政府向全世界投资者发出邀约,出租达尔文港99年的经营权, 引发了岚桥集团的极大兴趣,因为港口正是岚桥集团的主业。该集团是中国国内知名的民营港口运营企业,在山东日照经营岚桥港,有40万吨的矿石码头。


从 地利角度而言,达尔文港是距离亚洲、距离中国最近的澳大利亚港口,货轮从那里出发前往上海港只需一个星期,这对于降低物流成本来说是其他澳大利亚港口所无 法匹敌的优势。达尔文港目前所运货物主要是农产品、活牛、铁矿石等。此外,液化天然气也是经达尔文港运输的一个重要产品。


从 天时角度而言,中澳自贸协定于今年6月正式签署,澳大利亚参议院11月9日通过了相关法案,使得中澳自贸协定顺利在澳大利亚联邦议会两院均获通过,生效已 无障碍。自贸协定生效后,包括牛肉等许多澳大利亚商品出口中国的关税将逐步降低,最终实现零关税,这必然对双边贸易是一大促进。





岚 桥集团计划在未来25年为达尔文港投资2亿澳元(约合1.46亿美元),包括改进达尔文港的豪华游轮停靠设施,以促进澳大利亚与中国之间的贸易和旅游联 系。达尔文是豪华游轮路线上的一个越来越受欢迎的停靠点,2014-2015年度在此停靠的游轮达到65艘,创下6年来的新高。




达 尔文港的战略位置重要,二战时曾遭到日军轰炸,成为澳大利亚本土唯一遭受日军袭击的地方。多年来,达尔文一直作为军事重镇而存在。如今,就在澳大利亚联邦 和地方政府都誓言大力发展北部地区经济的背景下,达尔文仍是美国海军陆战队的轮训地点。根据澳美两国协议,美国海军陆战队在此轮训,规模从最初的300人 逐渐增加到1150人,最终会增加到2500人。









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