Chengguan tops list of government officials with worst public image



The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences recently released a research report analyzing the public image of government officials in China in 2013-2014. One the whole, the public image of officials, the report concluded, are “multiple and of high volume”. Unsurprisingly, the chengguan are have the worst public image of all officials, but following them are school leaders, hospital leaders, officials at village level, police officers, leaders at SOEs and officials in charge of civil affairs.

The report also pointed out that, among the typical cases of problematic officials in 2013, 20 cases relate to “violations of law enforcement”which the report says easily cause negative comments and misunderstanding among the public.

In terms of officials’ specific qualities the public most dislike, the top three are “Greed” (corruption, 30.7%), “Malfeasance” (24.8%) and “Dishonesty” (quick promotions and making up of facts, 17.4%), followed by “Prurience” (sex scandals and rape, 16.6%) and “Abuse” (crude and brutal, 10.5%). 

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