Beijing PSB to employ “strike hard” campaign during festive season

Qinghai Fazhibao 24DecReporters from Qinghai Legal Daily yesterday participated in a teleconference on crime organized by the Beijing Public Security Bureau (PSB). The reporters were made aware of a special campaign to be launched by the Beijing PSB described as a “Strike hard campaign to restore public order during the festive season” (打击犯罪整治治安乱点专项行动).

The Qinghai Legal Daily article describes the reasoning for the vigorous police response as the heightened degree of looting, pillaging, sexual assault and financial crime that usually accompanies the festive season, and accordingly the PSB has instructed all levels of enforcement to “respond to any heightened crime wave with heightened strike back enforcement,” and to “deal with any problem that arises with the same degree of effort to restore public order”. This is some of the sentiment that emerged from the teleconference, which was full of military and war-like phrases when describing what will be expected of the police over the festive season.

Nothing will be left to chance: the police will be required to focus their attention on market places, on poorer areas in the cities, on known assembly areas for transient people, on “complicated public areas”, on any known “den of vices”. An essential task for the police will also be to combine this special work with exercises to inculcate the “mass line” among the public.

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Qinghai Legal News (青海法制报): 严厉打击犯罪整治治安乱点