Beijing population exceeds 21 million

Infographic from the Beijing Daily 北京日报

Infographic from the Beijing Daily 北京日报

Xinhua reported that the Beijing municipal bureau of statistics released population numbers for Beijing, based on a sample survey of population last year. It showed that the population of Beijing’s permanent residents reached 21.15 million, 455,000 more than that of 2012. The survey results indicate that 13.12 million of those people held a Beijing hukou (户口 permanent residence registration). The other 8.03 million inhabitants are migrants who had been living in Beijing for more than six months are are therefore classified as permanent residents.

Chaoyang District is the most populous district of the city with 3.84 million residents, while Xicheng District is the most crowded, with 25,787 per square kilometre.

The population of Australia is around 22 million.

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