April Fools “Inconsistent with Core Socialist Values”


1. April Fools “Inconsistent with Core Socialist Values”

April Fools’ Day Is ‘Inconsistent with Core Socialist Values,’ Chinese News Agency Says – China Real Time Report – WSJ

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2. Vaccine Scandal

Week 2 of the vaccine scandal: latest developments

Vaccine Scandal Fearmongering Attracts Backlash – China Digital Times (CDT)

Minitrue: Don’t Hype Article on Illegal Vaccines – China Digital Times (CDT) Do not reprint or hype The Paper’s article “Hundreds of Millions of Yuan in Unrefrigerated Vaccines Flow into 18 Provinces: Possibly Affect Human Life.” (March 22, 2016) [Chinese]

3. Resistance

Cracks in Xi Jinping’s Fortress? | ChinaFile

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A Thousand Yes-Men Cannot Equal One Honest Advisor | ChinaFile

Mainland newspaper editor posts resignation, saying he ‘could not bear the party’s surname’ | Hong Kong Free Press
Traveling under those kinds of circumstances can make medical care costlier. Otherwise, the respondents who only travel for health emergencies must pay out of their pocket for healthcare received in the city in which they reside unless they hold a private insurance plan. Private insurance may be able to provide coverage that eliminates the need for these individuals to spend disposable income to return home for care.

China Hunts Source of Letter Urging Xi to Quit – WSJ BEIJING—A Chinese news portal’s publication of a mysterious letter calling for President Xi Jinping’s resignation appears to have triggered a hunt for those responsible, in a sign of Beijing’s anxiety over bubbling dissent within the Communist Party.

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Text and Time

Law Scholar Calls for Youth League Transparency – China Digital Times (CDT) In another recent salvo targeting the Communist Party, prominent Peking University law professor He Weifang publicly criticized the powerful Communist Youth League (CYL) and questioned its status as a publicly funded organization. His comments echoed those of real estate tycoon and blogger Ren Zhiqiang, who was kicked off of social media platforms in China after questioning why the media was asked to serve the Party and not the taxpayers who fund it.

Fearful of China’s reach abroad, dissidents try risky voyage In the months since he arrived in Thailand, dozens of Chinese asylum-seekers have been sent back home by Thai authorities. Other dissidents have simply disappeared from Thailand and Hong Kong before re-emerging in mainland Chinese custody. Beijing appears increasingly eager to snatch back countrymen who have attempted to escape its grasp. […] So Dong decided to flee once more. This time it would be by boat, to New Zealand, some 6,000 miles away. The country is so isolated that, as far as authorities know, not one refugee boat has successfully reached its shores.


“港独”冒头 人人喊打-新华网

Blackwater’s Founder Is Under Investigation for Money Laundering, Ties to Chinese Intel, and Brokering Mercenary Services


Name of the Week: Surely Must Die (Facebook) – China Digital Times (CDT)

China proposes tighter restrictions on foreign websites — FT.com The new rules are part of a set of draft revisions to Chinese regulations on managing internet domain names. Article 37 of the draft states: “For domain names engaging in network access within the borders, but which are not managed by domestic domain name registration service bodies, internet access service providers may not provide network access services.”

China Seeks More Legal Muscle to Block Foreign Websites – WSJ BEIJING—China is considering new Internet rules that would pressure service providers to cut off access to foreign websites, adding to the government’s growing legal framework bolstering its control of cyberspace. The proposed rules would prohibit the country’s Internet-service providers from allowing connections to websites with domains, or Web addresses, registered outside China. Violators would face fines of up to 30,000 yuan ($4,621) and public notices exposing their failure to obey.

Xi Jinping Calls for “New Style” of Media Organization – China Digital Times (CDT) At Monday’s meeting with members of the Leading Group for Overall Reform, Xi Jinping announced plans for new “strong, influential and credible” media organizations.

People’s Daily Chief Warns of ‘Historic Mistake’ if China Loses Grip on New Media – China Real Time Report – WSJ In a lengthy essay published Monday, Yang Zhenwu, chief editor of the Chinese Communist Party’s flagship newspaper, warned that Beijing could make a “historic mistake” if it fails to control new media and harness it for propaganda.


Report Ties Coal Plants to Water Shortage in Northern China – The New York Times