Ling Jihua goes down; anti-corruption 反腐 is word of the year

The links below were compiled 23 December 2014.

Anti-corruption and language
Netease: 令计划涉嫌严重违纪正接受组织调查(图)
Tencent: 令计划涉嫌严重违纪 目前正接受组织调查
State media declare anti-corruption (反腐) the word of the year for 2014.
Xinhua: “Anti-corruption” word of the year
Former Beijing zoo chief sentenced to life imprisonment over graft
China Focus: TV series details stories behind disciplinary violation cases
China News: “法”字当选2014年度汉字 “反腐”为年度国内词
People’s Daily: “汉语盘点2014”年度字词揭晓:语言释放时代正能量
Globe and Mail: Chinese TV series showcases extravagance of 30 leaders gone bad
Bloomberg: China Rail Chief Ally Ding Given Jail, $400 Million Fine

Xi at the Helm
China Daily: “>China’s Xi receives highest rating among world leaders
Xinhua: 习近平的大外交
New York Times: Under Xi, China’s Wave of ‘Weird Architecture’ May Have Peaked

Ever since President Xi Jinping issued his admonishment against the rise of outlandish and exorbitant buildings across China, government officials, planners and architects have been scrambling to figure out what it means for them.

Communist Party WeChat account: 年度国民眷侣:习大大与彭麻麻
Time: You Now Can’t Use Umbrellas Around China’s Leader, Even if It Rains

Censorship, media wars, thought work, Internet regulation
China Digital Times: Details on Censorship for Publications
100 Details on Censorship for Publications
Quartz: A 9-year-old told China’s president to lose some weight—and censors shut him down
China Copyright and Media:
Notice concerning the Standardized Use of the National Common Spoken and Written Language in Radio and Television Programmes and Advertising”

Huffington Post:Lu Wei: Cyber Sovereignty Must Rule Global Internet
China Focus: China’s Internet Gambit
Global Times: Open Internet not at odds with regulation
New draft law strengthens overseas NGO oversight
People’s Daily: 人民日报驻美记者:《纽约时报》害人害己害世界

Wendi Deng
Tony Blair gets sweaty over Wendi Deng question

Climate Wire: To Curb Climate Change, China Slows Coal to Gas
New York Times: Beijing Battles Decline in Tourism

Li Yinhe’s blog: 对所谓拉拉身份曝光的回应
Foreign policyChina’s Top Sex Scholar Announces Relationship with Transgender Man
Wall Street Journal: Chinese Court Rules Against Clinic in Country’s First ‘Gay Conversion’ Case

Canberra Times: Chinese billionaire Wang Jianlin taking on Disneyland

Bloomberg: Mauritania Gets $34 Million Grant, Interest-Free Loan From China
Mail and Guardian: First China, SA security services

On December 20 2014, HW Raid Security Pty.Ltd, a joint venture by Shandong Huawei Security Group from China and Raid Private Security from South Africa, announced its official founding in Johannesburg.

Vice and crime
Reuters: China charges Jackie Chan’s son over drug offense