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New York Times: For Foreign Journalists in Beijing, It’s All About Asking the Right Question
People’s Daily: 国务院总理李克强答中外记者问
China.org.cn: Live: Premier Li Keqiang meets the press
China Digital Times: 【麻辣总局】杨恒均:这是有史以来最严肃的一届大会……
Xinhua: China not free rider, but major contributor: Premier

Consensus Net: 刘再复:就《当代文学评价与“返回古典”》答问
EJ Insight: Power struggle in the name of pollution fight
New York Times: Chinese Premier Vows Tougher Regulation on Air Pollution

Dodgy deals
Dagong Credit Rating Agency: 中国互联网金融何去何从 (see also 网贷之家 and 安定中国P2P平台概况(2014年9月))
Bloomberg: Internet Loan Alarms Dagong With 1,250 Red Flags

New York Times: In China, a Building Frenzy’s Fault Lines

With the $450 million raised in the initial public offering, Kaisa embarked on an aggressive expansion into 20 more cities. It formed a partnership with Marriott hotels and announced plans to build one of the world’s tallest buildings. Kaisa shares skyrocketed, helping lift the fortunes of its Western patrons, including the Carlyle Group, an American private equity firm.
Then came the fall.

Caixin: China Has Think Tank Quantity, but Not Quality

Economic Information: 中石油混改大步推至上游核心区

Reuters: Beijing plans new wave of state firm consolidation Beijing plans new wave of state firm consolidation

Xinhua: China Voice: What if China had taken a different path?

A system that allows plurality is fertile ground for election rigging, vote buying and the silencing of minorities. In a country as ethnically and geographically diverse as China, the fires of opposition would have been stoked and the nation divided.