2015 economic plan and Internet freedom

7 December 2014

Economic plans for 2015

Xinhua reports:

China to boost growth quality in 2015
China will focus on boosting economic growth quality and efficiency in 2015 and stick to the theme of seeking progress while maintaining stability, according to a high-level meeting of the Communist Party of China (CPC) on Friday.
China will adapt to the economic “new normal,” keep economic growth within a reasonable range and emphasize growth mode transformation and economic restructuring…

More at Xinhua: 中央政治局会议释放明年经济发展八大信号, special web feature on the meeting; People’s Daily: 分析研究2015年经济工作


The Global Times fulminates:

Internet freedom rankings biased

The year 2014 saw the state of global Internet freedom declining for the fourth consecutive year, with China, Iran and Syrian rated as the world’s worst abusers of Internet freedom, according to an annual report from the US-based human rights organization Freedom House, released on Thursday. China was ranked the last but two among the 65 countries and regions examined…

…On account of different standards of Internet freedom, any bizarre ranking can be self-justified. But the truth remains solid. It is like sunshine under which the tricks of Freedom House can be easily spotted.

What is the truth? About 600 million Chinese Net users made China the largest netizen group in the world. China has bred superb Internet companies like Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent, and generated the liveliest online discussions on politics. We do not know how those impressive figures and achievements can be attained without basic Internet freedom…

…The Chinese Internet should be free and meanwhile ruled by law, otherwise we are going to be marginalized.

The Chinese version of the piece, 社评:中国网络自由排倒三,这排名得多烂 had an additional paragraph at the end: