2013 Year in Review: Top Examples of State Media Editorials on Free Speech

fei chang daoThe Fei Chang Dao blog compiled a list of top examples of state media editorials on free speech from 2013, summarised below.

Global Times (环球时报): ‘Southern Weekend’s “Letter to Readers” Truly Makes One Ponder’ (南方周末“致读者”实在令人深思) January 7, 2013
On the New year editorial kerfuffle (see China Story Yearbook 2013).

Global Times (English edition): “US Tech Website Back Online” January 24, 2013
On the blocking of computer code sharing site Github; article subsequently deleted.

Red Flag Journal (红旗文稿), April 10, 2013: ‘Target the Two Venues of Public Discourse, Solidify the Positive Energy of Society’ (统筹两个舆论场 凝聚社会正能量)
On the need of the Party to control the media and public discourse.

Global Times (English edition): ‘Hackers, Bloggers and Professors Team Up to Tap into Blocked Microblog Content’ July 28, 2013
On Free Weibo, an app that allows users to view censored Weibo posts; article subsequently deleted.

Global Times (English edition): ‘Hengqin New Area Aims to Skirt Firewall’ July 24, 2013
Article on economic development zone that claimed it would offer uncensored Internet access.

Seeking Truth 求实: ‘Take Up the Cause of Insisting on a Marxist Approach to News’ (自觉坚持马克思主义新闻观) August 16, 2013:
On the need for a different type of journalism in China.

Global Times (English edition): ‘Legal Basis Needed for Dissenting Voices’ August 18, 2013
On how China should deal with activists and dissidents.

Global Times (环球时报): ‘Is Chinese Public Opinion Really Constricting?’ (中国舆论真的在收紧吗) September 6, 2013
In defense of official policy.

China Daily ‘”Like an online king” – celebrity blogger Xue’s story’ September 15, 2013
On the detention and humiliation of celebrity microblogger Charles Xue.

Global Times (English edition): ‘China Can’t Cede Agenda-setting to Western Media’ December 17, 2013:
Against a Thomas Friedman ‘open letter to Xi Jinping’ calling for New York Times and Bloomberg journalists’ visas to be renewed.