15 years of Tencent’s popular QQ messaging app

Chengshi Kuaibao Apr 16The City Express newspaper, published in Tianjin, today ran a piece looking back at 15 years of the popular Tencent messaging app QQ, and included an expansive infographic on use of the app as well.

The newspaper recounts tales of young men who recount how they first met female friends on QQ, maintained an ongoing connection, and eventually married them. Other users tell of how QQ helped them to maintain connections with former student friends over the years.

The piece includes statistics on the use of QQ in China, apparently based on data provided by QQ itself. For example, the following are the eight most popular activities that QQ is used for in China:

  1. Text chatting
  2. Scanning friends’ pages
  3. Playing games
  4. Audio chatting
  5.  Video chatting
  6. Reading of QQ pages
  7. Sharing documents
  8. Reading news

The newspaper also notes that the number of people simultaneously using QQ increased from 100 million in 2010 to 200 million in 2014.

Chengshi Kuaibao Apr 16 QQ IG

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