127 varieties of the Chinese Dream coming to television in July

Sapprftv notice on Chinese Dream television programming (Source: Tencent)

Sapprftv notice on Chinese Dream television programming (Source: Tencent)

China’s broadcast authority has released a list of 127 TV dramas recommended for broadcast from July through October to promote the spirit of the Chinese Dream. Although the need to dramatize the Chinese Dream on television has been under discussion in TV circles for much of this year and was strongly encouraged by a People’s Daily op-ed on May 13, this is the first comprehensive list of acceptable programming from Sapprftv.

According to a copy of the list obtained by Tencent Entertainment and other online news portals on May 21, the bulk of the recommendations are mainstream historical dramas and contemporary domestic dramas that display ‘positive energy’ 正能量. The only costume dramas are those devoted to major historical events or significant figures such as Confucius; historical and mythological romances previously scheduled for the summer months when students are out of school have been postponed to November, Tencent reports.

Citing a knowledgeable source, People Online reported that programming from July through October doesn’t need to be drawn exclusively from the list; satellite stations are expected to select a few series from the list for airing during that period. However, TV critic Xie Xiaohu 谢晓虎, who first posted the document to his microblog, said that the four-month period will have lasting effects on the TV industry: ‘From now on, TV dramas will have to fit the Chinese Dream in addition to the market.’

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