New Gmail blocks

Infographic from People's Daily WeChat account: 习大大的2014反腐答卷

Infographic from People’s Daily WeChat account: 习大大的2014反腐答卷

This list of links was compiled 30 December, 2014.

World’s Largest Gay Dating App, Born in China, Now Attracts Global Investors

Ma Baoli worked as a cop in China’s northern Hebei province for almost 20 years, until his colleagues heard about the gay online discussion forum he moderated in his spare time. Some of his work buddies “turned a cold shoulder” when they learned he was gay, Ma says. The police department forced him to make a choice: He could keep his job or keep running Danlan. org, one of the country’s first gay-focused websites. When he abruptly resigned in March 2012, his confused parents showed up at the police station in search of answers: Ma hadn’t come out to them.

Global Times: Gmail glitch fuels unnecessary speculation

In this sense, it’s dubious that China “blocked” Gmail simply over security concerns. Since both Google and China haven’t given an explanation and meanwhile Gmail is a technically complex system, there may be some puzzling reasons behind the incident.

If the China side indeed blocked Gmail, the decision must have been prompted by newly emerged security reasons. If that is the case, Gmail users need to accept the reality of Gmail being suspended in China. But we hope it is not the case.

We only need to have faith that China has its own logic in terms of Internet policy and it is made and runs in accordance with the country’s fundamental interests. Besides, there are interactions between China and the US, and between Google and China. We don’t want to be shut off, as it obviously doesn’t serve our own interests.

New York Times: China Adds New Barrier to Gmail
China Digital Times: Netizens Reflect After China Blocks Gmail

Xi at the Helm
Reuters: China’s Xi calls for tighter ideological control in universities
People’s Daily: 習近平:堅持立德樹人思想引領 加強改進高校黨建工作
Xinhua: New diplomatic concepts raised by China
The concepts are:
Community Of Common Destiny
One Belt, One Road
China’s Approach To Nuclear Security
China’s Concept Of Civilization
New Asian Security Concept
Asia-Pacific Dream
People’s Daily WeChat account: 习大大的2014反腐答卷 (source of image at left)