“Great Firewall has been upgraded for cyberspace sovereignty: source”

This scrapbook of links was compiled 26 January 2015 Pollution New York Times: Film Highlights Air Pollution’s Broad Reach Censorship, ideology, Internet sovereignty Global Times: Foreign VPN service unavailable in China Cyber security analysts on Thursday defended China’s Internet management after an overseas VPN (virtual private network) company on Wednesday announced some of its users … more

General Secretary Xi Jinping tells you how the anti-corruption fight will go in 2015

Xi at the helm, anti-corruption People’s Daily: 【图解】习近平总书记告诉你2015反腐败斗争怎么搞 (infographic reproduced below) New York Times: In China’s Antigraft Campaign, Small Victories and Bigger Doubts Financial Times: Chinese spymaster Ma Jian detained in corruption purge Xinhua: 国家安全部副部长马建接受组织调查 Full text of article: 新华网北京1月16日电 记者从中央纪委获悉,国家安全部副部长、党委委员马建涉嫌严重违纪违法,目前正接受组织调查。

Xi in oil

This scrapbook of links was compiled on 15 January 2015 Xi at the Helm People’s Daily: 如何跟上习近平新闻理念 Haiwainet.cn 习近平:一些干部为仕途搞匿名诬告制造谣言 Consensus Net: 萧功秦:习近平新政两周年的回顾与展望 Full text archived at bottom of post Internet, media, censorship, and intimidation Legal Daily: 2015年中国“扫黄打非”将以互联网为主战场 Xinhua: 中央网信办的2014年:互联网治理革新者和“建筑师” 国家网信办:50家违法违规网站及公众账号被依法关闭 Global Times: Prophet on ‘Charlie’ cover Commentary: Against abusing free speech as against abridging it … more

Petroleum Gang, Shanxi Gang, Secretary Gang

This scrapbook of links and images was compiled 6 January 2015. Anti-corruption People’s Daily: 媒体点名“三大帮派”代表人物 去年12月29日,中共中央政治局召开会议指出:“把党的纪律建设摆在更加突出的位置,强化纪律刚性约束,严明政治纪律和政治规矩,党内决不容忍搞团团伙伙、结党营私、拉帮结派。”昨天,新华社刊发文章指出,近年来落马的一些“大老虎”背后,多有一帮官员与之有着千丝万缕的利益勾连,形成一个个或明或暗,或松散或紧密的“帮派”“团伙”,并首次公开给这些团伙命名为“石油帮”、“秘书帮”、“山西帮”。 Internet Global Times: 社评:脸谱封中国异见人士的号,有意思 Editorial on Facebook’s suspension of Liao Yiwu’s account, full text archived at bottom of this posting. Economy and business Caixin: 李克强:对微众银行充满期待 Li Keqiang launches the first loan by Tencent’s WeBank, China’s first online only bank. … more