New regulations at Changchun Railway Station

As China gears up for the annual spring festival travel rush, the city of Changchun in Jilin province is making its own preparations for a more civilized railway station. The front page of the City Evening News (城市晚报), a newspaper published in Changchun, reports today that a new set of regulations, entitled “Changchun Metropolitan Railway … more

The most popular railway lines during the Spring Festival travel rush

The front page of the Shenzhen Evening News today reports on the findings of a new report released yesterday entitled “Alipay Users Spring Festival Travel Report” (支付宝用户春运报告), which, the newspaper says, for the first time reveals statistics on the railway lines most favored by travelers during the Spring Festival travel rush. The report is based … more

Beijing Children’s Palace leaves Jingshan Park

On 27 December 2013, the Beijing Children’s Palace 北京市少年宫 departed the Hall of Sovereign Longevity (Shouhuang dian 寿皇殿) and the Hall of Observing Virtue (Guande dian 观德殿), sites within Jingshan Park it had occupied since 1956, for newer digs on West Zuo’anmen Street in southern Dongcheng District. Children’s Palaces are run by the Communist Youth League and … more

CAS identifies six major sources of PM2.5 particulate matter

On December 30, the official Sina Weibo account of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) wrote a post introducing the results of their research into the chemical composition of Beijing’s PM2.5 particles of pollution. The top three sources of PM 2.5 are secondary inorganic aerosols (colloids of fine solid particles or liquid droplets in air that … more

State Internet Office: Human flesh searches to be curbed

After the suicide of Qiqi, a teenage girl believed to have been the victim of online bullying, an official at the State Internet Office issued calls for measures to be taken against human flesh search engines. The official did not mention specific steps that would be taken but warned that those guilty of starting malicious … more

Beijing to experiment with artificial haze abatement

During the Beijing Meteorological Modernization Work Conference (全市气象现代化工作会议) held on December 17, Lin Keqing, the vice mayor of Beijing, announced that the city of Beijing will carry out scientific experiments on artificial haze abatement. Currently there are two ways to conduct haze abatement: artificial precipitation and artificial fog dispersal. Artificial precipitation could potentially be very effective, … more

CCTV Host Wang Qinglei Fired for Questioning Xue Manzi Confession Broadcast

From Seagull Reference: A star journalist was terminated by the China Central Television (CCTV). Wang Qinglei 王青雷 revealed in his Weibo that he had been fired by the CCTV after he questioned the practice of the national TV to have an American Chinese political activist confess in front of the camera for his alleged crimes … more

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