Oil leak and cover-up in Lanzhou water scare

On April 11, the Lanzhou government revealed that Veolia Water, a French joint venture company that supplies water to the city, had measured benzene levels of 78 micrograms per liter, far higher than the national limit of 10 μg/L, in one of the city’s supply pipelines. The city government set an investigation team to work and cautioned residents … more

House prices soar in Baoding amid regional integration rumors

Due to a recent rumor that the political centre of the new Jing-Jin-Ji regional agglomeration will be established in Baoding, a city in Hebei province, house and share prices in or related to Hebei province have soared recently. It is rumored that Baoding, situated 140 kilometres to the southwest of Beijing, will be the centre of … more

War and Party heroes honored for Tomb Sweeping Festival in Jiaozuo, Henan

The newspaper Jiaozuo Evening News from Henan province today has a front page and three-page special section devoted to the Tomb Sweeping Festival that took place during the last three days. The newspaper tells the story of a local Party hero whose life was commemorated on April 4, as well as a group of Korean … more

Two injured boobies make unexpected appearance on Xiamen beach

The front page of the Strait Times from Xiamen today displays a picture of a rare bird, not in a terribly good condition, that suddenly appeared on the beach in Xiamen yesterday after not having been seen in the area for ten years. The bird in question is a red-footed booby, which is not critically … more

PSB issues nationwide warning on prostitution, gambling and drugs after CCTV’s Dongguan exposé

In the wake of the recent undercover CCTV report that uncovered widespread prostitution in Dongguan, Guangdong province, China’s Public Security Bureau (PSB) yesterday issued a stern warning of no tolerance for such crimes with the usual “strike hard” phraseology. The Chinese media today carried the PSB’s warning via a Xinhua report, and the Nanguo Metropolis Daily … more

People’s Daily front page editorial celebrates new era of thrift

The front page of the Party mouthpiece newspaper People’s Daily yesterday contained a piece celebrating the new era of thrift in China, and admonished its readers to carry the policy onward in 2014. Now more than a year after the promulgation of Xi Jinping’s “Eight rules” to crack down on official extravagance,  the People’s Daily declares … more

Beijing population reaches 21.15 million

Xinhua reports: Beijing’s population reached 21.15 million at the end of last year, 2.2 percent up on 2012, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Statistics announced Thursday. Permanent residents in the Chinese capital increased by 455,000 since the end of 2012. Xia Qinfang, deputy head of the bureau, declared that Beijing’s population includes 8.03 million migrants … more

New head of CFA finally to be elected

The front page of the Shanghai Morning Post (上海晨报) today reports that a new leadership for the Chinese Football Association (CFA), the body administering football in China, is now finally set to be elected. After a hiatus of ten years (the last time CFA held such a meeting was in 2003), a two-day meeting is … more

Residence permits to replace ‘temporary’ residence permits in Beijing

The Beijing government has announced that Beijing will replace the temporary residence permit system with the residence permit system. The public services that residence permit holders receive will be upgraded according to the length of time they stay in Beijing. These public services will include housing and car purchases. Zhou Jidong, a member of the Beijing Municipal Chinese … more