Google vs CNNIC

The Internet Google blog: Maintaining digital certificate security CNNIC: 声明 2015年04月02日 08:32 一、CNNIC对谷歌公司做出的决定表示难以理解和接受,并敦促谷歌公司充分考虑和保障用户权益。 二、CNNIC将切实保障已有用户的使用不受影响。 Declaration 2015/04/02 08:32 1. The decision that Google has made is unacceptable and unintelligible to CNNIC, and meanwhile CNNIC sincerely urge that Google would take users’ rights and interests into full consideration. 2. For the users that CNNIC has already issued … more

The need to breed more soldiers and rules for civilised tourism

Tourism People’s Daily: 文明旅游引导首个行业标准:付小费、野外如厕等需提醒 Social engineering People’s Daily: Easing family policy to ensure military recruits The national defense population refers to that part of the population fit enough to join the military. The national defense population is critical to providing “sufficient” and “effective” supply of human resources to defend the country. “Sufficient” means enough people … more

A needle concealed in silk floss

Xi at the Helm Consensus Net: 耿莹:父亲耿飚的一生 耿莹:我对这个小弟弟的感情,应该说,跟对我亲生弟弟的感情是一样的。首先,他人品正,绝对没有邪的歪的念头。另外,他睿智、聪明。我比他大,是大姐姐。主席说邓小平是绵里藏针,我觉得我这个小弟弟绝对也是绵里藏针,他眼里揉不得沙子,容不下那些歪的邪的念头,而且他疾恶如仇,性格非常坚韧。 Public dancing China Culture Dissemination Net: 全国广场健身操舞活动推12套优秀作品 New York Times: China Puts a Hitch in the Step of ‘Dancing Grannies’ Confucius Institutes China Culture Dissemination Net: 孔子学院海外发展现状 Archived articles China Culture Dissemination Net: 全国广场健身操舞活动推12套优秀作品 2015-03-24中国文化传媒网 中国文化传媒网讯 (记者夏天)3月23日,由文化部、国家体育总局共同主办的2015年新闻发布会在北京召开。会上,主办方发布了由专家创编、适合不同人群、简单易学的12套广场健身操舞优秀作品,它们将在全国范围内进行推广和培训。 2015年全国广场健身操舞活动即日启动,将历时5个多月,至8月底结束。活动主要分为三个阶段:第一阶段,全国31个省区市将分北京、黑龙江、江苏、湖北、广东、云南6个大区,对新创编的12套广场健身操舞进行推广和领操员培训。第二阶段,面向学校、机关、部队、企业、社区等,在全国范围内广泛征集广场健身操舞优秀作品,组织专家评审并结合网络投票的方式对所有征集作品进行筛选和复评,评选出优秀作品。第三阶段,举办全国广场健身操舞交流展示活动。 文化部、国家体育总局在对国内广泛开展的广场健身操舞进行深入调研的基础上,发现群众希望广场健身操舞能够具备健身性、观赏性、科学性、广泛性的特点。国家体育总局组织运动医学和健康保健专家以及体育明星作为创编队伍,经重重选拔,最终推出了12套新创广场健身操舞。有主创人员表示,12套广场健身操舞考虑了不同人群的条件,动作既能达到锻炼效果又幅度适中,配乐力求大家耳熟能详并传递正能量。 近年来,广场健身操舞作为一种百姓喜闻乐见的健身形式,在全国各地方兴未艾,影响广泛,参与人数众多,满足了群众丰富业余文化生活的需求,但同时广场健身操舞在锻炼过程中因使用场地及扰民问题也引发了社会广泛关注。对此,有关负责人表示,两部委正在抓紧研究相关具体措施,将于近期联合出台引导、扶持和规范广场健身操舞活动的政策性文件。广场健身操舞行业协会的建立也在筹划中,以期通过引导基层群众加强自我管理,促进广场健身操舞健康有序发展。 China Culture Dissemination Net: 孔子学院海外发展现状 【编者按】 近日,“欧洲第一家孔子学院停办”的消息,再度引发舆论对于孔子学院海外命运的关注。 … more

Xi sends telegraph on Lee Kuan Yew’s death

Lee Kuan Yew Foreign Policy: Was Lee Kuan Yew an Inspiration or a Race Traitor? Chinese Can’t Agree Xinhua: 习近平主席就李光耀逝世向新加坡总统陈庆炎致唁电 Censorship, ideology, and Internet sovereignty Reuters: Reuters websites become inaccessible in China QS Theory: 维护移动网络时代国家意识形态安全 Reuters: EU joins U.S. to try to stop China’s new technology rules Xi at the Helm Tencent: 新加坡学者:中国现在需要强势的习近平 Relics People’s … more

Productivity versus pollution

Pollution Subways That’s Mags: Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou: This is what your subway networks will look like in 2020 Asian Infrastructure Development Bank Council on Foreign Relations: The AIIB Debacle: What Washington Should Do Now People’s Daily WeChat account: 习大大倡议的亚投行,为何令美国惴惴不安? Wildlife New York Times: Conservationists Denounce Chinese Show Where Celebrities and Wildlife Share Stage Anti-corruption … more

Governer of Tibet: Dalai Lama ‘profanes’ Buddhism by doubting his reincarnation

The department of holding up half the sky Tibet Reuters: China says Dalai Lama ‘profanes’ Buddhism by doubting his reincarnation David Shambaugh Global Times: 沈大伟突喊“中国崩溃”为哪般 The Northeast Xinhua: 习近平的两会时间(八): 东北振兴怎么办? Human rights and activists AFP: Chinese cyber-dissident takes farmers’ land fight online He spent years in jail for running one of China’s few websites dedicated … more

National People’s Congress 两会 2015

National People’s Congress 两会 Reuters: China’s National People’s Congress annual session Following are highlights from Premier Li Keqiang’s prepared speech to be delivered at the start of the meeting, as well as highlights from reports from the Ministry of Finance and the National Development and Reform Commission. WORK REPORT FROM PREMIER LI KEQIANG ECONOMY – … more

Chai Jing’s anti-pollution documentary

Chai Jing’s anti-pollution documentary New York Times: Documentary on Air Pollution Grips China Canberra Times: Anchor’s pollution documentary “Under the Dome” goes viral in an anxious China QQ: 柴静自费百万拍雾霾纪录片 初衷因女儿未出世患肿瘤 Video: 穹顶之下 People’s Daily: Special feature on Chai Jing’s documentary Xi at the Helm New York Times: Xi Jinping’s ‘Four Comprehensives’ Give Shape to a … more

‘My motherland, my brothers and sisters, I give my heart to you’

This scrapbook of links was compiled 20 February 2015 Xi at the Helm Wall Street Journal: Xi Jinping the Star in China’s Lunar New Year TV Gala Excerpt: The most overt message, however, was delivered roughly three hours into the program with a soaring political love song titled “I Give My Heart To You,” illustrated … more

Going back to Shanxi

This scrapbook of links was compiled 19 February 2015 Cinema DW: Film director Jiang Wen: ‘China today is beyond parody’ Xi at the Helm Xinhua: 习近平回梁家河村看望父老乡亲 First Post: Xi Jinping’s Harvard-educated daughter Xi Mingze makes first public appearance Xinhua: 习近平手持“三阳开泰”剪纸向全国人民拜年 Consensus Net: 习总说了,北京不迁都,但要迁很多东西 Foreign affairs CSIS: Thoughts from the Chairman: How to Pragmatically Respond to … more