Deng Yuwen: Xi Jinping is playing a dangerous game

The writer Deng Yuwen 邓聿文, author of essay The Ten Grave Problems Facing China has written a new essay titled Dangerous Game (冒险的游戏) about Xi Jinping’s consolidation of power in his own hands. Xi was recently announced by Xinhua as the head of the Leading Small Group on Finance and Economics, he has the Party, … more

China will declare Nanjing Massacre documents to Memory of the World programme

During a regular press conference on June 10, Hua Chunying, spokesperson of China’s Foreign Ministry, was asked a question on whether the Chinese government will declare the files and documents regarding the Japanese army’s commandeering of comfort women during World War Two to the UN Memory of the World Register. Hua answered that China will indeed do so, and plans … more

Ancient boats excavated in Guangzhou

Three boats dating from the Qing Dynasty are currently being excavated near Beijing Road in Guangzhou. Surface water kept the boats isolated from the air all this time, hence preserving them. The boats were discarded at some point during the Jiaqing (1796-1820) or Daoguang (1821-1850) reigns, because coins and other artifacts from the period were found at the site. … more

6-4 at 25

This collection of news and events in mainland China related to the 25th anniversary of the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests will be updated with new material as it develops. 21 May Beijing posts 24-hour armed guard at checkpoints into city The Beijing Times reported on 21 May that People’s Armed Police have been dispatched to 17 inspection stations on the … more

Female soldiers make first appearance in army honor guard

Last night at 7 pm, at their home in Hebei province the parents of the 1.78 meter tall Zhao Miao (赵淼), the former Hebei Normal University music student who entered the army in 2009, proudly watched their daughter on CCTV as part of the honor guard (仪仗队) welcoming the visiting president of Turkmenistan on his … more

War and Party heroes honored for Tomb Sweeping Festival in Jiaozuo, Henan

The newspaper Jiaozuo Evening News from Henan province today has a front page and three-page special section devoted to the Tomb Sweeping Festival that took place during the last three days. The newspaper tells the story of a local Party hero whose life was commemorated on April 4, as well as a group of Korean … more

An illustration in four quadrants of current Chinese political factions

DuoWei News, a Chinese-language website focused on politics and based in New York, recently published an article that included the diagram to the left illustrating by means the four coordinates the various political factions and their representatives in contemporary China. The article summarizes 12 current Chinese political factions, indicating whether their proposals are progressive or conservative, along … more

First cross-straits chiefs meeting in 65 years takes place in Nanjing

On February 11, Wang Yu-chi, Taiwan’s mainland affairs chief and Zhang Zhijun, head of the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office met formally in Nanjing. This was the first official meeting of cross-strait affairs chiefs since 1949. According to Xinhua, both sides agreed to establish a mechanism of regular communication and contact between two official organizations. This meeting is considered an important … more

Another red apology: Song Binbin returns to BNU middle school

At an alumni gathering at the middle school affiliated with Beijing Normal University on 12 January 2013, Song Binbin 宋彬彬, the Red Guard representative chosen to pin an armband on Chairman Mao on 18 August 1966 and who later became a propaganda tool under the name Song Yaowu 宋要武, presented an apology for her actions during … more

CAS identifies six major sources of PM2.5 particulate matter

On December 30, the official Sina Weibo account of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) wrote a post introducing the results of their research into the chemical composition of Beijing’s PM2.5 particles of pollution. The top three sources of PM 2.5 are secondary inorganic aerosols (colloids of fine solid particles or liquid droplets in air that … more