Top 10 Economic Crimes of 2013

Xinhua published a report titled ‘Public Security Department Releases List of Top Ten Economic Crimes of 2013‘ (公安部公布2013年全国十大经济案件), rendered in the China Daily‘s translation as ‘Top 10 white-collar crimes in 2013‘. The China Daily version is reproduced below:

The most popular railway lines during the Spring Festival travel rush

The front page of the Shenzhen Evening News today reports on the findings of a new report released yesterday entitled “Alipay Users Spring Festival Travel Report” (支付宝用户春运报告), which, the newspaper says, for the first time reveals statistics on the railway lines most favored by travelers during the Spring Festival travel rush. The report is based … more

Xinhua: Top 10 Chinese news events of 2013

From Xinhua: BEIJING, Dec. 29 (Xinhua) — Xinhua News Agency on Sunday unveiled its list of the year’s 10 most significant events in China. The list is reproduced here, with the English descriptions taken directly from Xinhua. Links to both Chinese and English language versions are below. There are slight discrepancies between the different language … more

Xinhua’s Top Ten Popular Words of 2013

Xinhua has begin the season of year end lists and rankings with an article tilted The Most Popular Words of 2013 (盘点2013年十大流行语). The list is below with brief explanations of each item. The list is very similar a list titled Top 10 Chinese Internet Buzzwords 2013中国网络十大热词) that appears to have originated om the website of … more

2013 Year in Review: Top Examples of State Media Editorials on Free Speech

The Fei Chang Dao blog compiled a list of top examples of state media editorials on free speech from 2013, summarised below. Global Times (环球时报): ‘Southern Weekend’s “Letter to Readers” Truly Makes One Ponder’ (南方周末“致读者”实在令人深思) January 7, 2013 On the New year editorial kerfuffle (see China Story Yearbook 2013).