Deadly arrogance of ‘The Grey Lady’

This scrapbook of links and images was compiled 5 January 2015. Foreign media China Daily: Deadly arrogance of ‘The Grey Lady’ Last November, when President Barack Obama talked with Chinese President Xi Jinping on building a new pattern of relationship between great powers during his visit to China for the APEC summit, the NYT rudely … more

A train named Mao Zedong

This scrapbook of links and artifacts was compiled 26 December 2014. Mao Zedong Today is the 121st anniversary of Mao Zedong’s birth. On this day, Xinhua News Agency’s Chinese website has this banner headline: “The coordination of stock markets in China today: The new normal will become the new logic of A shares” 当下中国股市的坐标:新常态将成为A股新逻辑. But … more

Ling Jihua goes down; anti-corruption 反腐 is word of the year

The links below were compiled 23 December 2014. Anti-corruption and language Netease: 令计划涉嫌严重违纪正接受组织调查(图) Tencent: 令计划涉嫌严重违纪 目前正接受组织调查 State media declare anti-corruption (反腐) the word of the year for 2014. Xinhua: “Anti-corruption” word of the year Former Beijing zoo chief sentenced to life imprisonment over graft China Focus: TV series details stories behind disciplinary violation cases China … more

Party discipline stricter than law

This scrapbook of links and artifacts was compiled 15 December 2014 Anti-corruption The People’s Daily has a chart illustrating the process for going after tigers, i.e. very senior corrupt officials : 图解:中央政治局委员级别“大老虎”的查处程序. Tencent News has details on the case of Liu Tienan, the fallen former Director of the National Energy Administration: 辩护律师:刘铁男后悔教子不严 将接受法庭判决. Xinhua English … more

The new chief architect of reform

Below is a scrapbook of links and artifacts compiled 13 November 2014. APEC The People’s Daily (originally published on WeChat app): 新设计师习近平 “走一条好路”,“走一条新路”,“干出新的事业”,规划中国改革开放的新航程,让改革走出僵局与困境,需要一个新的设计师。习近平已经站在了这个位置上。他的勇气、担当、实干苦干的精神,让他作为全面深化改革“顶层设计师”的形象日益清晰。 习近平:希望并相信APEC蓝能够保持下去 Xinhua: China marks six priorities for new-type of major-country relations with US President Xi advocates new type of military relations with U.S. Beijing welcomes more “free riders” with its sustained growth … more

China Story Dossier: October 13 to 22

This is a list of links to articles and materials of note about China from 13 to 22 October 13, 2014. 22 October Feichangdao blog: Baidu, Qihoo, Sina, and Tencent Silence Fang Zhouzi After He Criticizes Zhou Xiaoping – Blogger Praised by China’s President 21 October Duowei News: 中共党媒谈周小平:大狗叫,也得让小狗叫 Foreign Policy: Is This the New … more

China Story Yearbook Dossier January – October 2014

Below is a scrap book of links and artifacts compiled between January and October 2014. 10 October 2014 The Financial Times China steps up support for fight against Ebola The People’s Daily 习近平首次对党内高层干部落马公开表态:很痛心 Xi Jinping publicly expresses his feelings for senior Party members who have fallen in the anti-corruption campaign: he is very pained. 9 … more

Chengguan tops list of government officials with worst public image

The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences recently released a research report analyzing the public image of government officials in China in 2013-2014. One the whole, the public image of officials, the report concluded, are “multiple and of high volume”. Unsurprisingly, the chengguan are have the worst public image of all officials, but following them are school leaders, hospital leaders, officials at village level, police officers, … more

An illustration in four quadrants of current Chinese political factions

DuoWei News, a Chinese-language website focused on politics and based in New York, recently published an article that included the diagram to the left illustrating by means the four coordinates the various political factions and their representatives in contemporary China. The article summarizes 12 current Chinese political factions, indicating whether their proposals are progressive or conservative, along … more

Third Plenary progress report: 31 of 60 projects launched

The Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee concluded in Autumn 2013 with an agenda of 60 tasks relating to the overall deepening of reforms. Working from public announcements, The Beijing News and other media reported on 23 February that work has begun on 31 of these tasks. Chi Fulin 迟福林, president of the the Hainan-based … more