Climate change with Chinese characteristics

Climate change with Chinese characteristics China Daily: China’s demographics create challenges: Country’s size, population shifts mean more vulnerability to problems from climate change The Guardian: Climate change threatens China’s booming coastal cities, says expert Xinhua Net: 解振华:应对气候变化“中国答卷”拿高分当之无愧 (Xie Zhenhua: In responding to global warming, China’s ‘answer sheet’ deserves high marks) Foreign NGO management People’s Daily: … more

The world order according to China

China in the World New York Times: The World According to China China’s enormous overseas spending has helped it displace the United States and Europe as the leading financial power in large parts of the developing world. Here’s where China has the most influence, based on its share of foreign investment since 2005. Foreign Affairs: … more

The conspiracies behind rights lawyers

Rights lawyers People’s Daily: 揭开“维权”事件的黑幕 New York Times: Chinese Authorities Detain and Denounce Rights Lawyers, People’s Daily Details Allegations Against Lawyers Detained in China Global Times: US sings old tune over radical lawyers Taiwan Focus Taiwan: China against US-Taiwan cooperation At this regular news conference held by China’s Defense Ministry on June 25th, the message … more

Stock market woes

Stock markets Washington Post: In China, hostile foreign forces blamed for bursting stock market bubble The Beijing News: 证监会:外资做空A股传闻不实 Closer Look: Gov’t Had No Reason to Intervene in Stock Market Turbulence Closer Look: Gov’t Had No Reason to Intervene in Stock Market Turbulence Xinhua: China Headlines: Shares regain territory in tug-of-war between bulls, bears China … more

The National Security Law

National security law Xinhua: China adopts new law on national security New York Times: Security Law Suggests a Broadening of China’s ‘Core Interests’ China Law Translate: National Security Law Canberra Times: China approves sweeping security law, bolstering communist rule Xi at the Helm People’s Daily: 人民日报“任理轩”文章阐述“四个全面”四大“新飞跃” Ideological war People’s Daily: “中国崩溃论”:西方的意识形态武器 “China collapse theories: an … more

Drinking Beijing water

Pollution 北京发布环境状况公报 官厅水库水质不符饮用标准 Xi at the Helm and the Four Comprehensives Xinhua: 习近平主持政治局会议 分析研究当前经济形势和经济工作 GAPP: 中央宣传部办公厅 国家新闻出版广电总局办公厅 Antarctica New York Times: China, Pursuing Strategic Interests, Builds Presence in Antarctica Australia Xinhua: China overtakes U.S. to become Australia’s top foreign investor Hong Kong real estate wealth Boston Globe: Meet Boston’s invisible billionaire Gerald Chan is … more

Censorship, pollution, money

Censorship, ideology New York Times: Lawsuit Over Banned Memoir Asks China to Explain Censorship China Digital Times: 【真理部】《路标》对“区伯嫖娼案”近况的采访 Ming Pao: 《炎黃春秋》總編遭新華社要求退出 Ministry of Culture: 文化部严查农村“脱衣舞” Foreign Policy: China Culture Ministry: No More Strippers at Funerals! Pollution New York Times: Q. and A.: Ma Jun on Using Mobile Phones to Fight Pollution The prominent environmentalist Ma … more

All weather strategic partners and Yuanminguan IPR

Xi at the Helm Xinhua: President Xi Jinping visits Pakistan, attends meetings in Indonesia China, Pakistan lift ties to all-weather strategic partnership of cooperation Patriotism That’s Magazines: ‘The 5 Great Jokes of Chinese History’: prominent scholar lampoons his ‘patriotic’ colleagues 冯学荣 Feng Xuerong’s blog: 国人历史观的几个笑柄 Yuanmingyuan Shanghai Daily: Old Summer Palace may sue over controversial … more

Google vs CNNIC

The Internet Google blog: Maintaining digital certificate security CNNIC: 声明 2015年04月02日 08:32 一、CNNIC对谷歌公司做出的决定表示难以理解和接受,并敦促谷歌公司充分考虑和保障用户权益。 二、CNNIC将切实保障已有用户的使用不受影响。 Declaration 2015/04/02 08:32 1. The decision that Google has made is unacceptable and unintelligible to CNNIC, and meanwhile CNNIC sincerely urge that Google would take users’ rights and interests into full consideration. 2. For the users that CNNIC has already issued … more

A step towards shared destiny

Xi at the Helm People’s Daily: 习近平:迈向命运共同体 开创亚洲新未来 Xinhua: 习近平出席博鳌亚洲论坛2015年年会开幕式并发表主旨演讲, Full text of Chinese President’s speech at Boao Forum for Asia The New Yorker: Born Red How Xi Jinping, an unremarkable provincial administrator, became China’s most authoritarian leader since Mao. Belt and Road Caixin: 一带一路”愿景与行动文件发布 Africa 非洲人不得入内? 肯尼亚中餐馆歧视嫌疑惹众怒 Media Xinhua: Xinhua, AP to cooperate … more