Creating a disturbance under rule of law

Below is a scrapbook of links retrieved on 26 October 2014. Writer Tie Liu 铁流 charged with creating a disturbance The New York Times: Beijing Formally Charges Writer Who Published Memoirs of Victims of Mao Era The police in Beijing have formally charged an 81-year-old writer, Tie Liu [real name Huang Zerong 黄泽荣], for privately … more

Hong Kong: stars face boycott over support for protests

Below is a list of links retrieved on 25 October 2014. Blogger Zhou Xiaoping China Digital Times: Drawing the News: Xi Jinping and Zhou Xiaoping In Rebel Pepper’s cartoon, an imperial guard presents Fang Zhouzi to Xi Jinping, snuggled in bed with his concubine, Zhou Xiaoping. “What do you say, my darling?” Xi asks Zhou. … more

China Story Dossier: October 13 to 22

This is a list of links to articles and materials of note about China from 13 to 22 October 13, 2014. 22 October Feichangdao blog: Baidu, Qihoo, Sina, and Tencent Silence Fang Zhouzi After He Criticizes Zhou Xiaoping – Blogger Praised by China’s President 21 October Duowei News: 中共党媒谈周小平:大狗叫,也得让小狗叫 Foreign Policy: Is This the New … more

China Story Yearbook Dossier January – October 2014

Below is a scrap book of links and artifacts compiled between January and October 2014. 10 October 2014 The Financial Times China steps up support for fight against Ebola The People’s Daily 习近平首次对党内高层干部落马公开表态:很痛心 Xi Jinping publicly expresses his feelings for senior Party members who have fallen in the anti-corruption campaign: he is very pained. 9 … more

Guo Meimei confession on CCTV

From the South China Morning Post: ‘I like to show off’: Chinese celebrity Guo Meimei 郭美美 confesses to prostitution, gambling charges on state TV Infamous internet celebrity Guo Meimei appeared on state television wearing orange prison attire on Sunday night, remorseful and in tears over her luxurious lifestyle and the public relations stunt that single-handedly … more

Scores dead in Jiangsu factory explosion

On 2 August, an explosion in a Taiwanese-owned enterprise metal products factory in Kunshan, Jiangsu province, left at least 75 people dead and 185 others injured. The Zhongrong Metal Products Company (中荣金属制品有限公司) plant’s core business is electroplating aluminum alloy wheel hubs for clients including US carmakers like General Motors, among others, according to its website. … more

Zhou Yongkang: A big tiger is caged

On 29 July, Beijing, China’s state-run news agency Xinhua announced Zhou Yongkang 周永康, a former member of the Communist Party’s Politburo Standing Committee, is under investigation for serious disciplinary violations. The short statement ends more than a year of speculation about Zhou’s fate, during which many senior officials and people with close relationships with Zhou were probed … more

Party watchdog releases details of corrupt activities of four officials

Yesterday’s front page of Beijing’s Mirror newspaper (法制晚报) reads: “Central Commission for Discipline Inspection reveals details of senior officials before they fell from power”. The article quotes statements by various officials at the Central Commission for Disciplinary Inspection (CCDI), the Party’s internal disciplinary watchdog, and includes revelations on the corrupt activities of four particular officials. Xie Guanghui … more

CCTV news anchor Rui Chenggang detained in corruption investigation

Caixin, the People’s Daily, Tencent News and various online media have reported that Rui Chenggang 芮成钢, a prominent TV news anchor best known for his successful online campaign to get a Starbuck branch removed from the Forbidden City in 2007, was detained on Friday July 11 by police as part of an investigation into corruption … more