Son, don’t cry, I am in the Yangzte River, I have returned to my mother’s embrace.

Yangtze cruise disaster New York Times: China Keeps Lid on Information, as Hopes Dim in Yangtze Ship Disaster Xinhua: 长江救援,一场生命至上的国家行动 Xinhua: 东方之星翻沉事件中转发最多的一条微博 Xinhua: 守望相助 选择坚强 Beijing Weekly: 儿子 别哭 我在长江 已回到母亲的怀抱 Son, don’t cry, I am in the Yangzte River, I have returned to my mother’s embrace. Taiwan CSIS: Video: Tsai Ing-wen 2016: Taiwan Faces … more

Chaimovich Investments and Yangtze River cruise ship sinking

Australian real estate The Age: Point Piper’s Altona mansion sale dodged foreign investment laws The mystery owner of Australia’s most famous trophy home, Altona in Sydney’s Point Piper, is a Chinese property developer who concealed his investment behind an elderly Melbourne couple to avoid foreign investment laws. Fairfax can reveal that businessman Wang Zhijun paid … more

Guarding the Internet and the South China Sea

South China Sea Xinhua: Vice FM stresses China is a staunch proponent of peace and stability in the South China Sea Xinhua: China vows to build South China Sea into one of peace, friendship, cooperation Xinhua: U.S. escalates situation in S. China Sea: Chinese ambassador Xinhua: Interview: China viewed as defender of peace amid groundless … more

A dog with two Apple watches

Censorship, ideology, pollution QS Theory: 科学引领社会思潮必须正确处理六个关系 The Guardian: Creeping censorship in Hong Kong: how China controls sale of sensitive books China Media and Copyright: Cybersovereignty Symbolizes National Sovereignty QS Theory / PLA Daily: 网络主权彰显国家主权 Xinhua: PLA Daily warns of Internet’s revolutionary potential Global Voices: Leaked Emails Reveal Details of China’s Online ‘Youth Civilization Volunteers’ China … more

Toilet revolution

Pollution and toilets People’s Daily: “七问厕所革命” Baidu: 旅游厕所革命 USA Politico: The Sleeper Issue of 2016 Is China U.S. China Perception Monitor: A Tipping Point in U.S.-China Relations is Upon Us Global Times: 社评:兰普顿对中美关系的悲观值得重视 Ideology 军报:决不能让互联网成为人心流失地 Jews, Israel Jewish-Chinese Connections Innovation policy People’s Daily: 国办:大学生获得专利自主创业可折算学分 Mutual Destiny People’s Daily: 国纪平:为世界许诺一个更好的未来 —— 论迈向人类命运共同体 Deng Xiaoping … more

A blueprint for a beautiful China

Pollution Xinhua: 中共详细绘就生态蓝图 “美丽中国”进入操作层面 Canberra Times: Lead poisoning lawsuit tests China’s resolve over pollution Cultuak pollution The Economist: Mosh no more Zhou Yongkang Want China Times: Zhou Yongkang said to have ordered murder of family of four in US Cypress Creek Mirror: Investigators release new details in Cypress murders Xi at the Helm Xinhua: 习近平同哈萨克斯坦总统纳扎尔巴耶夫举行会谈 Anti-corruption … more

Drinking Beijing water

Pollution 北京发布环境状况公报 官厅水库水质不符饮用标准 Xi at the Helm and the Four Comprehensives Xinhua: 习近平主持政治局会议 分析研究当前经济形势和经济工作 GAPP: 中央宣传部办公厅 国家新闻出版广电总局办公厅 Antarctica New York Times: China, Pursuing Strategic Interests, Builds Presence in Antarctica Australia Xinhua: China overtakes U.S. to become Australia’s top foreign investor Hong Kong real estate wealth Boston Globe: Meet Boston’s invisible billionaire Gerald Chan is … more

Censorship, pollution, money

Censorship, ideology New York Times: Lawsuit Over Banned Memoir Asks China to Explain Censorship China Digital Times: 【真理部】《路标》对“区伯嫖娼案”近况的采访 Ming Pao: 《炎黃春秋》總編遭新華社要求退出 Ministry of Culture: 文化部严查农村“脱衣舞” Foreign Policy: China Culture Ministry: No More Strippers at Funerals! Pollution New York Times: Q. and A.: Ma Jun on Using Mobile Phones to Fight Pollution The prominent environmentalist Ma … more

A denunciation of New Qing History

Scholarship 学者评“新清史”:“新帝国主义”史学标本 A denunciation of New Qing History by Li Zhiting that names Evelyn Rawski, Mark Elliot, Pamela Crossley, and James Millward as prime offenders. Shared Destiny People’s Daily: 习近平在巴基斯坦议会发表重要演讲:构建中巴命运共同体 开辟合作共赢新征程 Security, Internet sovereignty, and socialist core values Xinhua: China defines overall national security outlook in draft law A draft law on the overall … more

All weather strategic partners and Yuanminguan IPR

Xi at the Helm Xinhua: President Xi Jinping visits Pakistan, attends meetings in Indonesia China, Pakistan lift ties to all-weather strategic partnership of cooperation Patriotism That’s Magazines: ‘The 5 Great Jokes of Chinese History’: prominent scholar lampoons his ‘patriotic’ colleagues 冯学荣 Feng Xuerong’s blog: 国人历史观的几个笑柄 Yuanmingyuan Shanghai Daily: Old Summer Palace may sue over controversial … more