Dongguan: Sympathy for sex workers

On Sunday morning 9 February 2014, CCTV aired an investigative report on brothels and prostitution in Dongguan, a city in Guangdong province famous for manufacturing and a highly developed sex industry. At 9pm that night, police launched a raid on saunas, karaokes and other venues of ill repute. The police detained 67 people and shut … more

Offshore wealth havens

An NGO called the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists published a report titled ‘Leaked Records Reveal Offshore Holdings of China’s Elite’ (also available in Chinese, titled ‘机密文件披露中国精英的海外资产’; both versions are blocked in China. The Guardian published a review of the report titled ‘China’s princelings storing riches in Caribbean offshore haven’. The report was released on … more

No smoking rules for cadres

The Global Times reports: Chinese officials banned from smoking in public Chinese officials are asked to “take the lead” in adhering to the smoking ban in public spaces. According to a circular from the Communist Party of China Central Committee and the State Council, officials are not allowed to smoke in schools, hospitals, sports venues, … more

Beijing PSB to employ “strike hard” campaign during festive season

Reporters from Qinghai Legal Daily yesterday participated in a teleconference on crime organized by the Beijing Public Security Bureau (PSB). The reporters were made aware of a special campaign to be launched by the Beijing PSB described as a “Strike hard campaign to restore public order during the festive season” (打击犯罪整治治安乱点专项行动). The Qinghai Legal Daily … more

State Internet Office: Human flesh searches to be curbed

After the suicide of Qiqi, a teenage girl believed to have been the victim of online bullying, an official at the State Internet Office issued calls for measures to be taken against human flesh search engines. The official did not mention specific steps that would be taken but warned that those guilty of starting malicious … more

New detailed regulations on official receptions

Xi Jinping’s austerity and anti-extravagance campaign took another step forward this past weekend. On Sunday December 12 the State Council released a new document entitled “Regulations on Official Receptions for All Party and Government Departments” (党政机关国内公务接待管理规定), which applies to all government and administrative departments including for example state-owned enterprises, labor unions, law courts, etc. Various … more

Police to cooperate with Ministry of Environmental Protection to prosecute polluters

The front page of the Beijing Times 京华时报 reports today that the ministries of Environmental Protection and Public Security will in future cooperate on a national level in prosecuting criminal cases of severe environmental pollution, and will share information on suspected criminals. At a joint press conference yesterday the two ministries released a document entitled … more

CCTV Host Wang Qinglei Fired for Questioning Xue Manzi Confession Broadcast

From Seagull Reference: A star journalist was terminated by the China Central Television (CCTV). Wang Qinglei 王青雷 revealed in his Weibo that he had been fired by the CCTV after he questioned the practice of the national TV to have an American Chinese political activist confess in front of the camera for his alleged crimes … more

China Justice

'The China Justice theme engages with key issues of how law and justice – including punishment and other state responses to behaviour deemed unacceptable – are negotiated in this age of rapid social transformation.'