More than a thousand Party members involved in disciplinary violations in April

The front page of the Beijing Morning Post reports today that the website of the Central Committee for Discipline Inspection (CCDI), the Party’s internal watchdog, yesterday published 174 typical cases of disciplinary violations that occurred during April. Included among these were the case of two educational institutions in Beijing’s Miyun district where individuals misappropriated public … more

New rules on petitioning put responsibility on local authorities

New rules from the State Bureau for Letters and Calls (guojia xinfang ju 国家信访局, also translated as State Bureau for Letters and Visits) governing the handling of petitions will go into effect from May 1. The rules are intended to make local BLC offices assume more of the responsibility for handling petitions according to a strict procedure. To … more

Shoddy construction found in dams destroyed during 2010 Zhugqu Mudslide

Earlier this month, a Beijing Times reporter visited Zhugqu (zhouqu 舟曲) County, Gansu Province, where 1,700 people died in flooding and mudslides that hit the area on 8 August 2010. Shortly before the disaster, the county completed work on four dams meant to prevent mudslides, all of which were destroyed by the flooding. Nearly four … more

A tiger in the Three Gorges

In a now-deleted post, Henan’s Dahe Daily cited online rumors speculating on the possibility that a “big tiger” was behind recent trouble at the Three Gorges Corporation (TGS). In February, People Online reported that the Central Inspection Team dispatched to TGS at the end of 2013 had found that nepotism and manipulated bids were widespread problems, … more

Criminal gang lawsuits open in Hubei

Based on a Xinhua report, the photo on the front pages of many newspapers in China today is of a sullen gang leader standing in court, flanked by two tall law enforcement officers. The gang leader in question is Liu Han 刘汉, who stands accused (along with 37 other defendants) of a number of gang-related … more

New policy to regulate food wastage of Party, government and SOEs

On March 18, the General Office of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the General Office of the State Council published a policy document on regulating food waste of official activities of the Party as well as government organs at all levels and state-owned enterprises. The following are some of the regulations included in the new … more

The 3•01 Incident: Kunming Railway Station Knife Attack

Xinhua: BEIJING, March 3 (Xinhua) — Chinese police said Monday three suspects involved in the terrorist attack in the southwestern city of Kunming had been captured. The Ministry of Public Security said in a statement that the terrorist gang of eight members led by Abdurehim Kurban was responsible for the attack. Police shot and killed … more

PSB issues nationwide warning on prostitution, gambling and drugs after CCTV’s Dongguan exposé

In the wake of the recent undercover CCTV report that uncovered widespread prostitution in Dongguan, Guangdong province, China’s Public Security Bureau (PSB) yesterday issued a stern warning of no tolerance for such crimes with the usual “strike hard” phraseology. The Chinese media today carried the PSB’s warning via a Xinhua report, and the Nanguo Metropolis Daily … more

Top 10 Economic Crimes of 2013

Xinhua published a report titled ‘Public Security Department Releases List of Top Ten Economic Crimes of 2013‘ (公安部公布2013年全国十大经济案件), rendered in the China Daily‘s translation as ‘Top 10 white-collar crimes in 2013‘. The China Daily version is reproduced below: