Chengguan tops list of government officials with worst public image

The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences recently released a research report analyzing the public image of government officials in China in 2013-2014. One the whole, the public image of officials, the report concluded, are “multiple and of high volume”. Unsurprisingly, the chengguan are have the worst public image of all officials, but following them are school leaders, hospital leaders, officials at village level, police officers, … more

State Council white paper: Progress in China’s Human Rights in 2013

Xinhua has published the full text of the white paper titled ‘Progress in China’s Human Rights in 2013’ (2013年中国人权事业的进展) issued by the Information Office of the State Council on Monday May 26, 2014. Below is the table of contents and first two paragraphs of the paper; links to full Chinese and English texts are at … more

US indictment of 5 PLA staffers for hacking

From the Financial Times: US to charge Chinese military officers with cyber spying The US has filed criminal charges against five Chinese military officers, alleging they hacked into the computer systems of five US companies and a labour union to steal trade secrets, the first time Washington has singled out a foreign government for such … more

Liu Han, mining tycoon and Zhou Yongkang associate sentenced to death

From the Financial Times: China mining tycoon sentenced to death A mining tycoon with ties to Zhou Yongkang, China’s former security chief, was sentenced to death on Friday for organised crime, in one of the few criminal trials to date that appear linked to an ongoing political purge. Liu Han’s trial in central China included … more

Anti-corruption TV show

Less than a year after launching a website, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection announced that it will produce a 19-part TV show about the fight against corruption. Netease: 中纪委网站将展播反腐电视剧.

Urumqi 5-22 Violent Terrorist Incident

Xinhua is calling the bombing attacks in Urumqi on May 22 that killed 31 people and injured scores the “Urumqi 5-22 violent terrorist incident”(乌鲁木齐“5·22”暴力恐怖案) and has devoted a special section of their website to reporting on the case. Below is a list of links to relevant Chinese media reports published on May 29 or later. … more

The phenomenon of “naked officials” (裸官) in China

The Strait Herald newspaper from Xiamen today reports on Fang Xuan 方旋, deputy Party secretary in Guangzhou, who has been compelled to retire early as he is a so-called “naked official” (裸官), i.e. an official whose wife and children have all emigrated to another country. The newspaper devotes a few paragraphs to relate briefly the … more

Corruption probes nab more SOE officials

In last week’s most eye-catching corruption bust, Wei Pengyuan 魏鹏远, deputy head of the coal bureau at the National Energy Administration, was found to have kept more than 100 million yuan in cash in his home, according to a 15 May report by Caixin. Citing multiple anonymous sources, the article provided the sensational detail that police burnt out four cash counting … more

Journalist arrested for leaking confidential central government document

Gao Yu 高瑜, a 70-year-old journalist, was detained in Beijing on April 24. On May 8, state media reported that she was arrested on suspicion of leaking state secrets to an overseas website back in August, 2013. CCTV continued its practice of airing public confessions (as in the cases of microblogger Xue Manzi 薛蛮子, the GSK … more

Party watchdog carries out disciplinary inspections during May Day holiday

The Beijing Times (京华时报) reports today that, in an attempt to prevent “holiday disease”, provincial teams of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI), or 中国共产党中央纪律检查委员会 in Chinese, the Party’s disciplinary watchdog, inspected scenic spots and notable eating places in various locations in China in order to check for any instances of indiscipline by Party … more