Four ‘tigers’ taken down for corruption

From Xinhua: The Communist Party of China (CPC) on Monday underscored its disciplinary inspection reforms, just as four of the country’s former high-ranking officials were expelled from the Party. A meeting of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee on Monday approved an implementation plan of these inspection reforms, according to a statement released … more

Almost 2,000 foreigners arrested on drugs-related crimes in 2013

In an interview with China Daily, the chief of the drug prohibition office of the Bureau of Public Security, Liu Yuejin 刘跃进, last week stated that 1,968 foreigners of 42 different nationalities were arrested in China on drug-related charges in 2013. A total of 5.9 tons of illicit drugs was also seized. Liu characterized this … more

Israeli analyst: 1,000 Chinese jihadists training in Pakistan

From the Jerusalem Post: Some 1,000 Chinese jihadists are receiving military training at a base in Pakistan, as an indeterminate number of Chinese nationals are already fighting inside Syria, Jacques Neriah told a top-flight delegation from China visiting the country. Links and sources: Netease: 以色列称约1000名中国极端分子在巴基斯坦受训 The Jerusalem Post: JCPA analyst: 1,000 Chinese jihadists training in … more

71.4% of survey respondents say Party organizations have discipline problem – CCDI website

The website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (中央纪律检查委员会 usually shortened to 中纪委) has published the results of a survey of 41,119 Internet users. According to the report, 71.5% percent of respondents felt that there was a serious problem of lax discipline within Party organizations. Links and sources Central Commission for Discipline Inspection website: … more

Global Times: “Ludicrous to let online poll decide Hong Kong fate”

UPDATE (2014-06-24): HK SAR Chief Executive CY Leung 梁振英 contested the Global Times‘ characterization of the poll, saying that the Hong Kong and Chinese people should not be placed in opposition, financial news outlet Caihua reported on Tuesday June 24. Before a meeting of the Executive Council, Leung said that regardless of the turnout for the poll … more

Terrorism news roundup

The last few days have seen a number of articles on Xinjiang and terrorism in both Chinese and foreign media. This is a roundup: June 24 Netease: 打击涉藏涉疆非法出版物座谈会召开 China News: 暴恐袭击调查:暴徒接触极端思想1月参与砍杀 June 23 Legal Daily 新疆一个月打掉32个暴力恐怖团伙 6名民警牺牲、殉职 China vows crackdown on terrorist, separatist publications China Daily 32 terror groups busted in Xinjiang QQ News … more

Eliminating the nodes of civil mobilization

From an essay by Teng Biao 滕彪 titled ‘Beyond Stability Maintenance – From Surveillance to Elimination’: Before, the goal was primarily to punish those who crossed the line, and to retain the advantages of strong stability maintenance. Now, however, the goal is simultaneously to eliminate the nodes of civil mobilization, eradicate emerging civil leaders, and … more

China will declare Nanjing Massacre documents to Memory of the World programme

During a regular press conference on June 10, Hua Chunying, spokesperson of China’s Foreign Ministry, was asked a question on whether the Chinese government will declare the files and documents regarding the Japanese army’s commandeering of comfort women during World War Two to the UN Memory of the World Register. Hua answered that China will indeed do so, and plans … more

The eleven most active religious cults in China

Taking its cue from a report on People’s Daily Online, the Daily Mirror (晶报) newspaper from Guangdong yesterday reported on “evil cults” (邪教) in China, in the wake of the murder of a woman in a McDonald’s outlet in Zhaoyuan (招远), Shandong province, by six members of the “Almighty God” (全能神) cult on May 28. The … more

WeChat and other mobile messaging services target of ‘strike hard’ campaign

Xinhua has published a report on a new campaign to clean up digital communication titled China to clean up instant messaging services, companies to cooperate. Excerpt: BEIJING, May 27 — The Chinese government started a month-long campaign to eliminate malpractice on instant messaging services like WeChat on Tuesday… …The campaign will target public accounts on … more