2015 economic plan and Internet freedom

7 December 2014 Economic plans for 2015 Xinhua reports: China to boost growth quality in 2015 China will focus on boosting economic growth quality and efficiency in 2015 and stick to the theme of seeking progress while maintaining stability, according to a high-level meeting of the Communist Party of China (CPC) on Friday. China will … more

Zhou Yongkang and Jacob Zuma

Compiled 6 December 2014 South African president Jacob Zuma in China From the South African press: Mail and Guardian / AFP • Zuma: China can free Africa from ‘colonial shackles’ South African President Jacob Zuma said on Friday that China’s growing influence in Africa would allow the continent to free itself from “colonial shackles” as … more

The military dream

Below is a scrapbook of links and artifacts compiled 5 December 2014. XI AT THE HELM The People’s Daily 习近平在出席全军装备工作会议时强调: 加快构建适应履行使命要求的装备体系, 为实现强军梦提供强大物质技术支撑 INTERNET ABC News: Kenya Arrests 77 Chinese in Internet Hacking Case China Media Project: A history of “internet diplomacy” Xinhua: 鲁炜邀美国大学生访华 施展“互联网外交”魅力 SOUTH AFRICA Xinhua: China, South Africa pledge financial, aviation cooperation, China, … more

Constitution Day

Constitution Day People’s Daily • 切实增强宪法意识 推动全面贯彻实施宪法 • Xi calls for strengthened awareness of Constitution BEIJING, Dec. 3– Ahead of Thursday’s inaugural Constitution Day, Chinese President Xi Jinping has called for more awareness of the Constitution, and better understanding of the role of law. Xi said in an instruction that the Constitution is the general … more

China to send artists to live in grassroots communities

Below is a scrap book of links and artifacts compiled on 2 December 2014. Australia The Age • Matthew Ng transferred from China to Australia to serve out sentence Matthew Ng, the high-profile Australian entrepreneur whose controversial incarceration in China strained diplomatic ties, has won the right to serve out his sentence at home, in … more

A map of adulterous officials

Below is a scrap book of links and artifacts compiled on 1 December 2014. Anti-corruption Caixin Another Brother in Prominent Shanxi Family Is Target of Graft Investigation Four months after an investigation into Ling Zhengce, the former vice chairman of the political consultative conference in the northern province of Shanxi, was announced by the Communist … more

Reflections on G20

Below is a scrapbook of links and artifacts compiled 28 November 2014. Australia – China Billshorten.com.au • Speech to the National Press Club, Canberra, 26 November Excerpt: Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard and Wayne Swan worked incredibly hard to elevate the G20 to a leader-level gathering – and to secure the 2014 summit for Australia. This … more

Draft domestic violence law

Below is a scrapbook of links and artifacts compiled on 27 November 2014. Domestic violence Website of the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council • 国务院法制办公室关于《中华人民共和国反家庭暴力法(征求意见稿)》公开征求意见的通知 Yahoo / AFP • China drafts first domestic violence law Xi at the Helm The People’s Daily • 解码“习式语言”三大秘诀:形象比喻、俗文俚语、诗文引用 Xinhua • 习近平:老同志对坚决惩治腐败是坚定支持的 Visa denials and positive energy The … more

Mutual trust and the common good in the south Pacific

Domestic Violence • China Legislative Affairs Office of the People’s Republic of China 国务院法制办公室关于《中华人民共和国反家庭暴力法(征求意见稿)》公开征求意见的通知 Foreign Affairs The People’s Daily • 中国大周边外交开新局(钟声) • 让互信互利、合作共赢的中国声音响彻南太平洋 ——外交部长王毅谈习近平主席出席二十国集团领导人第九次峰会,访问澳大利亚、新西兰、斐济并同太平洋建交岛国领导人会晤 Time.com • South Africa’s Ruling ANC Looks to Learn from Chinese Communist Party Censorship, ideology, thought work China Media Project •The dogs of positivity Xinhua • 国家网络安全选权周 • China’s first Cyber … more

Learn to be a good hubby like ‘Uncle Xi’

Below is a scrapbook of links and artifacts compiled on 24 November 2015. Xi at the Helm The People’s Daily • A calendar of Xi Jinping’s activities from 2012 • Learn to be a good hubby like ‘Uncle Xi’ China Radio International • 习近平:互联网真正让世界变成地球村 当今时代,以信息技术为核心的新一轮科技革命正在孕育兴起,互联网日益成为创新驱动发展的先导力量,深刻改变着人们的生产生活,有力推动着社会发展。互联网真正让世界变成了地球村,让国际社会越来越成为你中有我、我中有你的命运共同体。同时,互联网发展对国家主权、安全、发展利益提出了新的挑战,迫切需要国际社会认真应对、谋求共治、实现共赢。 ——习近平向首届世界互联网大会致贺词(2014年11月19日) China Digital Times • Minitrue: Harmonious Horoscopes for First … more