Pollution blues and Paris highs

Pollution blues and Paris highs New York Times: Amid China’s Smog Worries, One More: Counterfeit Masks. As China’s first pollution “red alert” in Beijing resulted in a mass rush to buy pollution masks and air filters, it was inevitable that counterfeiters would see an opening. And sure enough, it has already begun: Just last week, … more

Communes without Communism

The sharing economy: Communes without Communism Canberra Times: China’s sharing economy takes a page from Mao’s little red book. The “shared economy” philosophy in vogue in tech communities around the world has made its way to China, where it is juxtaposed with the country’s legacy of communal living under the not-so-distant Maoist era. So-called “co-living … more

The Chinese Dream abroad

Xi’s state visits People’s Daily: Cartoon commentary, President Xi’s France, Zimbabwe, South Africa visit: Foster new future of China-Zimbabwe friendship. An optimistic piece on the prospects of the future relationship between Zimbabwe and China. Quartz: China’s Xi Jinping pledges $60 billion to help Africa solve its problems its own way. During the China-Africa Summit in … more

Cultural Production During the Age of Xi

Cultural Production During the Age of Xi Sina: 新版《白毛女》将全国巡演 彭丽媛任艺术指导 (New production of “The Whited Haired Girl” will make a national tour, Peng Liyuan will provide artistic guidance) 《白毛女》是毛泽东同志《在延安文艺座谈会上的讲话》公开发表后,延安鲁艺在新秧歌运动中创作出的中国第一部新歌剧,也是民族歌剧的里程碑。它 把西方歌剧艺术与中国革命历史题材融合,采用中国北方民间音乐的曲调,吸收了戏曲音乐及其表现手法,在歌剧中国化的道路上迈出了坚实的一步。Peng Liyuan, China’s first lady, famously played the role of the “white haired girl” in the 1980s. The New York Times: ‘White-Haired Girl,’ Opera Created Under Mao, … more

China and Taiwan Leaders Meet for First Time Since 1949–Special Topic

An Abruptly Announcement, an 80 Second Handshake The New York Times: Leaders of China and Taiwan Talk of Peace Across the Strait Mr. Xi and Mr. Ma began their brief talks with a handshake that went on for more than a minute, with both men smiling broadly and turning side to side so the hundreds of … more

Xi Jinping Visits Great Britain–Special Topic

The Dossier is a bi-weekly media update on China and how it shapes the world.  A banquet at Buckingham Palace held in honor of Xi’s visit finished its musical programme Wednesday night with a rendition of No One Does it Better, which, as the Guardian pointed out, is the theme song from the The Spy Who Loved … more

Australia navigates a new, Sino-centric region

Sino-Australian relations The Australian: Deeper US-Australian defence links best response to China. Australia likely to deepen its already close defense ties with the US to counter a more volatile, China-centric Pacific region. The Australian: China’s bumpy ride along the new Silk Road. As China begins to focus on building the “maritime Silk Road,” Australia should … more

PLA’s battle for netizen hearts and minds continues

Chinese Militarism People’s Daily: China Releases Publicity Video to Showcase Military Power. Netizens have had mixed reactions to the video recently released by the PLA ostensibly showcasing China’s military might. The video features illegally used music from a 1993 album by Eric Levi’s musical project Eva, The Mass, which has inexplicably failed to strike a … more

Climate change with Chinese characteristics

Climate change with Chinese characteristics China Daily: China’s demographics create challenges: Country’s size, population shifts mean more vulnerability to problems from climate change The Guardian: Climate change threatens China’s booming coastal cities, says expert Xinhua Net: 解振华:应对气候变化“中国答卷”拿高分当之无愧 (Xie Zhenhua: In responding to global warming, China’s ‘answer sheet’ deserves high marks) Foreign NGO management People’s Daily: … more

The world order according to China

China in the World New York Times: The World According to China China’s enormous overseas spending has helped it displace the United States and Europe as the leading financial power in large parts of the developing world. Here’s where China has the most influence, based on its share of foreign investment since 2005. Foreign Affairs: … more