Kissing the koala

Australia China FTA and G20 Xinhua: 习近平在澳联邦议会演讲:携手追寻中澳发展梦想 并肩实现地区繁荣稳定 Likening China to “big guy” in crowd, Xi highlights peaceful development The People’s Daily: 习近平在澳大利亚联邦议会发表重要演讲 China News / Netease: 习近平几乎走遍澳大利亚所有州 幽默“要证书” BBC / Youtube: ‘China trade deal latest chapter in a long book’ Kevin Rudd interview with BBC The Guardian: Tony Abbott lauds Xi Jinping’s ‘commitment to … more

The reputation of 2nd Generation Reds and PLA song and dance troupes

Below is a scrapbook of links and artifacts compiled 17 November 2014. Australia – China trade / G20 Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade: China-Australia Free Trade Agreement The reputation of 2nd Generation Reds and PLA song and dance troupes The Beijing News / China News: 胡乔木女儿:极少数红二代破坏革命后代形象 The Paper: 许其亮:坚决反对妖魔化军队文艺工作,军事文艺要凤凰涅槃 The People’s Daily: 这两年,改变中国的15个“热词” … more

The new chief architect of reform

Below is a scrapbook of links and artifacts compiled 13 November 2014. APEC The People’s Daily (originally published on WeChat app): 新设计师习近平 “走一条好路”,“走一条新路”,“干出新的事业”,规划中国改革开放的新航程,让改革走出僵局与困境,需要一个新的设计师。习近平已经站在了这个位置上。他的勇气、担当、实干苦干的精神,让他作为全面深化改革“顶层设计师”的形象日益清晰。 习近平:希望并相信APEC蓝能够保持下去 Xinhua: China marks six priorities for new-type of major-country relations with US President Xi advocates new type of military relations with U.S. Beijing welcomes more “free riders” with its sustained growth … more

Tony Abbott in silk

Below is a scrapbook of links and artifacts compiled 12 November 2014. APEC The New York Times: U.S. and China Reach Deal on Climate Change in Secret Talks Xinhua: 习近平夫妇迎候APEC欢迎晚宴嘉宾 Photos of world leaders with Xi Jinping ang Peng Liyuan (image source), 习近平同美国总统奥巴马开始举行会谈 Global Times: Full text: Statement on the 25th anniversary of APEC Ecommerce … more

The Asia-Pacific Dream

Below is a scrapbook of links and artifacts compiled 10 November 2014. China – Japan thaw People’s Daily: China-Japan easing a welcome surprise The New York Times: China and Japan, in Sign of a Thaw, Agree to Disagree on a Disputed Island Group Xinhua: Commentary: An encouraging breakthrough in China-Japan rapprochement; The only link on … more

Peng Liyuan’s song in space, Xi Jinping promotes new Silk Road

Below is a scrapbook of links and artifacts compiled on 6 November 2014. The New Silk Road Xinhua: China to speed up construction of new Silk Road: Xi, 习近平:欢迎阿方参与丝绸之路经济带建设 习近平强调,中方即将承办伊斯坦布尔进程第四次外长会,中方支持阿富汗融入地区合作,欢迎阿方积极参与丝绸之路经济带建设。 A Xinhua special feature on Xi Jinping’s idea of a new Silk Road, including the map above. 习近平:加快推进丝绸之路经济带和21世纪海上丝绸之路建设 CCTV: 习近平主持召开中央财经领导小组第八次会议强调 加快推进丝绸之路经济带和21世纪海上丝绸之路建设 Xi at the Helm … more

China Story Yearbook Dossier January – October 2014

Below is a scrap book of links and artifacts compiled between January and October 2014. 10 October 2014 The Financial Times China steps up support for fight against Ebola The People’s Daily 习近平首次对党内高层干部落马公开表态:很痛心 Xi Jinping publicly expresses his feelings for senior Party members who have fallen in the anti-corruption campaign: he is very pained. 9 … more

Guo Meimei confession on CCTV

From the South China Morning Post: ‘I like to show off’: Chinese celebrity Guo Meimei 郭美美 confesses to prostitution, gambling charges on state TV Infamous internet celebrity Guo Meimei appeared on state television wearing orange prison attire on Sunday night, remorseful and in tears over her luxurious lifestyle and the public relations stunt that single-handedly … more

Zhou Yongkang: A big tiger is caged

On 29 July, Beijing, China’s state-run news agency Xinhua announced Zhou Yongkang 周永康, a former member of the Communist Party’s Politburo Standing Committee, is under investigation for serious disciplinary violations. The short statement ends more than a year of speculation about Zhou’s fate, during which many senior officials and people with close relationships with Zhou were probed … more

Central Organization Dept: ‘Do not become parrots of Western moral values’

The Central Organization Department has circulated a notice calling on all government officials to guard against becoming mouthpieces for or parrots of Western moral values. The notice has been widely circulated in official media including Xinhua, the People’s Daily, and the WeChat group account Communist Party Members (共产党员). Links and sources People’s Daily: 中组部:防止干部成为西方道德价值的“应声虫”