Petroleum Gang, Shanxi Gang, Secretary Gang

This scrapbook of links and images was compiled 6 January 2015. Anti-corruption People’s Daily: 媒体点名“三大帮派”代表人物 去年12月29日,中共中央政治局召开会议指出:“把党的纪律建设摆在更加突出的位置,强化纪律刚性约束,严明政治纪律和政治规矩,党内决不容忍搞团团伙伙、结党营私、拉帮结派。”昨天,新华社刊发文章指出,近年来落马的一些“大老虎”背后,多有一帮官员与之有着千丝万缕的利益勾连,形成一个个或明或暗,或松散或紧密的“帮派”“团伙”,并首次公开给这些团伙命名为“石油帮”、“秘书帮”、“山西帮”。 Internet Global Times: 社评:脸谱封中国异见人士的号,有意思 Editorial on Facebook’s suspension of Liao Yiwu’s account, full text archived at bottom of this posting. Economy and business Caixin: 李克强:对微众银行充满期待 Li Keqiang launches the first loan by Tencent’s WeBank, China’s first online only bank. … more

Deadly arrogance of ‘The Grey Lady’

This scrapbook of links and images was compiled 5 January 2015. Foreign media China Daily: Deadly arrogance of ‘The Grey Lady’ Last November, when President Barack Obama talked with Chinese President Xi Jinping on building a new pattern of relationship between great powers during his visit to China for the APEC summit, the NYT rudely … more

China’s Crime Free Films

Film New York Times: China’s Crime Free Films Xinhua: Pulled TV drama replays after removing revealing images BEIJING, Jan. 3 (Xinhua) — A Chinese television drama that was pulled off the air for “technical reasons” after the characters were shown in revealing clothing is now back on TV showing only the actor’s heads. The drama, … more

New Gmail blocks

This list of links was compiled 30 December, 2014. Internet World’s Largest Gay Dating App, Born in China, Now Attracts Global Investors Ma Baoli worked as a cop in China’s northern Hebei province for almost 20 years, until his colleagues heard about the gay online discussion forum he moderated in his spare time. Some of … more

A train named Mao Zedong

This scrapbook of links and artifacts was compiled 26 December 2014. Mao Zedong Today is the 121st anniversary of Mao Zedong’s birth. On this day, Xinhua News Agency’s Chinese website has this banner headline: “The coordination of stock markets in China today: The new normal will become the new logic of A shares” 当下中国股市的坐标:新常态将成为A股新逻辑. But … more

Ling Jihua goes down; anti-corruption 反腐 is word of the year

The links below were compiled 23 December 2014. Anti-corruption and language Netease: 令计划涉嫌严重违纪正接受组织调查(图) Tencent: 令计划涉嫌严重违纪 目前正接受组织调查 State media declare anti-corruption (反腐) the word of the year for 2014. Xinhua: “Anti-corruption” word of the year Former Beijing zoo chief sentenced to life imprisonment over graft China Focus: TV series details stories behind disciplinary violation cases China … more

Party discipline stricter than law

This scrapbook of links and artifacts was compiled 15 December 2014 Anti-corruption The People’s Daily has a chart illustrating the process for going after tigers, i.e. very senior corrupt officials : 图解:中央政治局委员级别“大老虎”的查处程序. Tencent News has details on the case of Liu Tienan, the fallen former Director of the National Energy Administration: 辩护律师:刘铁男后悔教子不严 将接受法庭判决. Xinhua English … more

The smog of news

Below is a scrap book of links and artifacts compiled on 3 December 2014. Censorship, thought work, ideology The People’s Daily 人民日报人民论坛:用道德驱散“新闻雾霾” Xinhua • China punishes Internet firms for spreading porn • Seventh China U.S. Internet Industry Forum opens in Washington Lu Wei in attendance Caixin • 互联网上的“草根文人” • 国信办主任:中国互联网是开放的 Xi at the Helm Xinhua … more

China to send artists to live in grassroots communities

Below is a scrap book of links and artifacts compiled on 2 December 2014. Australia The Age • Matthew Ng transferred from China to Australia to serve out sentence Matthew Ng, the high-profile Australian entrepreneur whose controversial incarceration in China strained diplomatic ties, has won the right to serve out his sentence at home, in … more

Learn to be a good hubby like ‘Uncle Xi’

Below is a scrapbook of links and artifacts compiled on 24 November 2015. Xi at the Helm The People’s Daily • A calendar of Xi Jinping’s activities from 2012 • Learn to be a good hubby like ‘Uncle Xi’ China Radio International • 习近平:互联网真正让世界变成地球村 当今时代,以信息技术为核心的新一轮科技革命正在孕育兴起,互联网日益成为创新驱动发展的先导力量,深刻改变着人们的生产生活,有力推动着社会发展。互联网真正让世界变成了地球村,让国际社会越来越成为你中有我、我中有你的命运共同体。同时,互联网发展对国家主权、安全、发展利益提出了新的挑战,迫切需要国际社会认真应对、谋求共治、实现共赢。 ——习近平向首届世界互联网大会致贺词(2014年11月19日) China Digital Times • Minitrue: Harmonious Horoscopes for First … more