Guarding the Internet and the South China Sea

South China Sea Xinhua: Vice FM stresses China is a staunch proponent of peace and stability in the South China Sea Xinhua: China vows to build South China Sea into one of peace, friendship, cooperation Xinhua: U.S. escalates situation in S. China Sea: Chinese ambassador Xinhua: Interview: China viewed as defender of peace amid groundless … more

A dog with two Apple watches

Censorship, ideology, pollution QS Theory: 科学引领社会思潮必须正确处理六个关系 The Guardian: Creeping censorship in Hong Kong: how China controls sale of sensitive books China Media and Copyright: Cybersovereignty Symbolizes National Sovereignty QS Theory / PLA Daily: 网络主权彰显国家主权 Xinhua: PLA Daily warns of Internet’s revolutionary potential Global Voices: Leaked Emails Reveal Details of China’s Online ‘Youth Civilization Volunteers’ China … more

Toilet revolution

Pollution and toilets People’s Daily: “七问厕所革命” Baidu: 旅游厕所革命 USA Politico: The Sleeper Issue of 2016 Is China U.S. China Perception Monitor: A Tipping Point in U.S.-China Relations is Upon Us Global Times: 社评:兰普顿对中美关系的悲观值得重视 Ideology 军报:决不能让互联网成为人心流失地 Jews, Israel Jewish-Chinese Connections Innovation policy People’s Daily: 国办:大学生获得专利自主创业可折算学分 Mutual Destiny People’s Daily: 国纪平:为世界许诺一个更好的未来 —— 论迈向人类命运共同体 Deng Xiaoping … more

A blueprint for a beautiful China

Pollution Xinhua: 中共详细绘就生态蓝图 “美丽中国”进入操作层面 Canberra Times: Lead poisoning lawsuit tests China’s resolve over pollution Cultuak pollution The Economist: Mosh no more Zhou Yongkang Want China Times: Zhou Yongkang said to have ordered murder of family of four in US Cypress Creek Mirror: Investigators release new details in Cypress murders Xi at the Helm Xinhua: 习近平同哈萨克斯坦总统纳扎尔巴耶夫举行会谈 Anti-corruption … more

Drinking Beijing water

Pollution 北京发布环境状况公报 官厅水库水质不符饮用标准 Xi at the Helm and the Four Comprehensives Xinhua: 习近平主持政治局会议 分析研究当前经济形势和经济工作 GAPP: 中央宣传部办公厅 国家新闻出版广电总局办公厅 Antarctica New York Times: China, Pursuing Strategic Interests, Builds Presence in Antarctica Australia Xinhua: China overtakes U.S. to become Australia’s top foreign investor Hong Kong real estate wealth Boston Globe: Meet Boston’s invisible billionaire Gerald Chan is … more

Censorship, pollution, money

Censorship, ideology New York Times: Lawsuit Over Banned Memoir Asks China to Explain Censorship China Digital Times: 【真理部】《路标》对“区伯嫖娼案”近况的采访 Ming Pao: 《炎黃春秋》總編遭新華社要求退出 Ministry of Culture: 文化部严查农村“脱衣舞” Foreign Policy: China Culture Ministry: No More Strippers at Funerals! Pollution New York Times: Q. and A.: Ma Jun on Using Mobile Phones to Fight Pollution The prominent environmentalist Ma … more

All weather strategic partners and Yuanminguan IPR

Xi at the Helm Xinhua: President Xi Jinping visits Pakistan, attends meetings in Indonesia China, Pakistan lift ties to all-weather strategic partnership of cooperation Patriotism That’s Magazines: ‘The 5 Great Jokes of Chinese History’: prominent scholar lampoons his ‘patriotic’ colleagues 冯学荣 Feng Xuerong’s blog: 国人历史观的几个笑柄 Yuanmingyuan Shanghai Daily: Old Summer Palace may sue over controversial … more

‘Record sales of Xi’s book mirror appeal of Chinese Dream’

Xi at the Helm Xinhua: Record sales of Xi’s book mirror appeal of Chinese Dream Wall Street Journal: Working with Iron: Meet Xi Jinping’s English Translator QZ: Hank Paulson on the Chinese economy, Xi Jinping, and what Americans don’t get about China Li Keqiang Financial Times: Interview: Li Keqiang on China’s challenges Xinhua: 李克强总理接受英国《金融时报》总编巴伯专访实录 What’s … more

Smoking in Beijing

Smoking People’s Daily: 6月1日起执法人员上街“控烟” 市民可通过电话微信举报三种劝阻吸烟手势征集投票 The Beijinger: Public Asked to Choose the Hand Signal that Will Solve Beijing’s Smoking Problem. Uh Huh. The images above represent new gestures designed by the Beijing government to show citizens how to object to people smoking in public places. Internet censorship People’s Daily: Sina faces suspension over lack of … more

No joking about Mao

Shared Destiny China Daily: China proposes Lancang-Mekong River community of common destiny Netease: 澜沧江-湄公河:六国共建命运共同体 Internet CPJ: China’s CNNIC issues false certificates in serious breach of crypto trust Citizen Lab: China’s Great Cannon This post describes our analysis of China’s “Great Cannon,” our term for an attack tool that we identify as separate from, but co-located … more