Stock market woes

Stock markets Washington Post: In China, hostile foreign forces blamed for bursting stock market bubble The Beijing News: 证监会:外资做空A股传闻不实 Closer Look: Gov’t Had No Reason to Intervene in Stock Market Turbulence Closer Look: Gov’t Had No Reason to Intervene in Stock Market Turbulence Xinhua: China Headlines: Shares regain territory in tug-of-war between bulls, bears China … more

The National Security Law

National security law Xinhua: China adopts new law on national security New York Times: Security Law Suggests a Broadening of China’s ‘Core Interests’ China Law Translate: National Security Law Canberra Times: China approves sweeping security law, bolstering communist rule Xi at the Helm People’s Daily: 人民日报“任理轩”文章阐述“四个全面”四大“新飞跃” Ideological war People’s Daily: “中国崩溃论”:西方的意识形态武器 “China collapse theories: an … more

The Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Act

Pollution People’s Daily: 新闻早知道】人大常委会第十五次会议今日召开 刑法修正引关注 The Fifteenth Meeting of the Second Session of the NPC Standing Committee is to continue its consideration of the draft National Security Law, a revised draft of the draft the Criminal Law Amendment, the draft cybersecurity law, and a new the Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Act. Hacking and cyberwar Reuters: Hunt … more

Dog meat

Hong Kong Global Times: Hong Kong lawmakers reject vote reform planBelow is the full text of the article. Legislators in Hong Kong have rejected a reform proposal on methods to select the city’s next chief executive in 2017, on June 18. Xinhua: 香港特区行政长官普选法案因少数议员阻挠未获通过 Wall Street Journal: Why Did Pro-Beijing Lawmakers Walk Out of the Hong … more

Xi: China-Australia FTA will result in close win-win cooperation

Australia Economic Observer: 结束十年马拉松 中澳自贸协定最终签署 2015-06-17 12:38 来源:经济观察网 作者:吴海珊 编辑:经济观察网 Xinhua: Chinese, Australian leaders exchange congratulations on landmark FTA Xi said the signing of the China-Australia FTA will provide a better platform and an improved institutional guarantee for the two countries to complement each other with advantages and conduct close win-win cooperation. Xinhua: 习近平主席与澳大利亚总理阿博特就两国正式签署中澳自贸协定互致贺信 Chatham … more

Criticising Confucius

。 Criticising Confucius 澎湃新闻:“将刘清平逐出复旦”,什么情况? 字号:小大2015-06-08 19:03 来源:澎湃新闻 作者:罗昕 访问量:277 我要评论() Internet Consensus Net: 中国网络低俗语言调查报告 Fin 24: South Africa-China cyber security pact worries DA Opposition political party, the Democratic Alliance (DA), has raised concerns over the lack of transparency over South Africa’s signing of a cyber security pact with China. On Monday, minister of telecommunications … more

Zhou Yongkang gets life in prison

Zhou Yongkang Xinhua: Zhou Yongkang sentenced to life in prison, no limits for anti-corruption Zhou Yongkang was sentenced to life imprisonment Thursday for accepting bribes, abusing his power and deliberately disclosing state secrets, the latest and most powerful footnote to the Party’s commitment to the rule of law. Zhou, 73, was deprived of his political … more

Highlights from United Front Work Meeting

Ideology 习近平中央统战工作会议重要讲话的8个创新性亮点 Eight highlights from United Front Work Meeting chaired by Xi Jinping: Numbers 3 and 5 are worth noting. The former identifies non-Party intellectuals as a major target, particularly those active on the internet, or with personality (有个性). The latter flags the fear about foreign “infiltration” of religion, and the determination to Sinicize … more

Son, don’t cry, I am in the Yangzte River, I have returned to my mother’s embrace.

Yangtze cruise disaster New York Times: China Keeps Lid on Information, as Hopes Dim in Yangtze Ship Disaster Xinhua: 长江救援,一场生命至上的国家行动 Xinhua: 东方之星翻沉事件中转发最多的一条微博 Xinhua: 守望相助 选择坚强 Beijing Weekly: 儿子 别哭 我在长江 已回到母亲的怀抱 Son, don’t cry, I am in the Yangzte River, I have returned to my mother’s embrace. Taiwan CSIS: Video: Tsai Ing-wen 2016: Taiwan Faces … more

Chaimovich Investments and Yangtze River cruise ship sinking

Australian real estate The Age: Point Piper’s Altona mansion sale dodged foreign investment laws The mystery owner of Australia’s most famous trophy home, Altona in Sydney’s Point Piper, is a Chinese property developer who concealed his investment behind an elderly Melbourne couple to avoid foreign investment laws. Fairfax can reveal that businessman Wang Zhijun paid … more