Xi Jinping at the helm – Xi evokes new modern chapter for Lei Feng spirit

Today is March 5, Study Lei Feng Day in China. Chinese media reported today that Xi Jinping wrote a reply to a letter he received from the “Guo Mingyi Compassionate Team” (郭明义爱心团), an organisation set up in 2006 to encourage charitable volunteer work among Chinese companies. In his reply, Xi expressed his eagerness to learn … more

Dongguan: Sympathy for sex workers

On Sunday morning 9 February 2014, CCTV aired an investigative report on brothels and prostitution in Dongguan, a city in Guangdong province famous for manufacturing and a highly developed sex industry. At 9pm that night, police launched a raid on saunas, karaokes and other venues of ill repute. The police detained 67 people and shut … more

“No.1 Central Document” hints at China’s cautious attitude on GM technology

Due to safety concerns,  genetically modified (GM) technology has long been controversial in China. According to Xinhua, one of China’s largest state news agency, the government’s attitude towards the development of GM technology has been revealed in the recently released No.1 Central Document (中央一号文件). The document does not actually mention GM technology directly, but instead focuses on … more

New head of CFA finally to be elected

The front page of the Shanghai Morning Post (上海晨报) today reports that a new leadership for the Chinese Football Association (CFA), the body administering football in China, is now finally set to be elected. After a hiatus of ten years (the last time CFA held such a meeting was in 2003), a two-day meeting is … more

New regulations at Changchun Railway Station

As China gears up for the annual spring festival travel rush, the city of Changchun in Jilin province is making its own preparations for a more civilized railway station. The front page of the City Evening News (城市晚报), a newspaper published in Changchun, reports today that a new set of regulations, entitled “Changchun Metropolitan Railway … more

Ministry of Education to allocate national numbers to all students in school

According to the Ministry of Education, starting from January 10, inter-provincial transfers of students will be managed via a nationwide primary and secondary school student information management system. For transferring between schools, students only need to submit applications to their destination schools, and the other processes can all be conducted online. This nationwide student information management … more

The most popular railway lines during the Spring Festival travel rush

The front page of the Shenzhen Evening News today reports on the findings of a new report released yesterday entitled “Alipay Users Spring Festival Travel Report” (支付宝用户春运报告), which, the newspaper says, for the first time reveals statistics on the railway lines most favored by travelers during the Spring Festival travel rush. The report is based … more

SAPPRFT: Seven newspapers punished for running fake and vulgar news

On 2 January 2014, the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (SAPPRFT) issued a notice concerning five cases of fake and vulgar news from the second half of 2013 involving seven media outlets. It’s not an exhaustive list (Shanghai Journalism Review 新闻记者 recently circulated a list of ten case studies taken from a much … more

No smoking rules for cadres

The Global Times reports: Chinese officials banned from smoking in public Chinese officials are asked to “take the lead” in adhering to the smoking ban in public spaces. According to a circular from the Communist Party of China Central Committee and the State Council, officials are not allowed to smoke in schools, hospitals, sports venues, … more