‘Chinese President Xi’s book on governance captivates Cambodian readers’

This scrapbook of links and digital ephemera was compiled on 3 February 2015. Xi at the Helm Xinhua: Chinese President Xi’s book on governance captivates Cambodian readers, 《习近平谈治国理政》推介研讨会在柬埔寨举行 Cambodian Deputy Prime Minister and Cabinet Minister Sok An shows the book “Xi Jinping: The Governance of China” in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Feb. 2, 2015. Hundreds of … more

Minister of Education: absolutely no teaching materials that spread Western values to enter the classroom

This scrapbook of links was compiled 30 January 2014. Censorship and ideology Beijing Times: 高校教师须守好三条底线 — 决不许教师在课堂发牢骚 Minister of Education says absolutely cannot tolerate teaching materials that spread Western values entering the classroom. 据新华社电教育部部长袁贵仁昨天在教育部学习贯彻《关于进一步加强和改进新形势下高校宣传思想工作的意见》精神座谈会上表示,高校教师必须守好政治底线、法律底线、道德底线。 袁贵仁指出,《意见》的贯彻落实要加强高校意识形态阵地管理,特别是加强教材建设和课堂讲坛管理。加强对西方原版教材的使用管理,绝不能让传播西方价值观念的教材进入我们的课堂;决不允许各种攻击诽谤党的领导、抹黑社会主义的言论在大学课堂出现;决不允许各种违反宪法和法律的言论在大学课堂蔓延;决不允许教师在课堂上发牢骚、泄怨气,把各种不良情绪传导给学生。 Washington Post: Is this North Korea? Chinese netizens squirm as party tightens grip on Internet New York Times: China Clamps … more

Beijing smog makes city unliveable, says mayor

This scrapbook of links was compiled 29 January 2015 Pollution The Guardian: Beijing smog makes city unliveable, says mayor People’s Daily: 北京市长王安顺:宜居之都是我们的目标 Zhou Youguang The Nanfang: “God Forgot About Me”: Father of Pinyin Turns 109 Xinhua: 周有光迎110岁大寿 解玺璋赞其“勇者不惧” Censorship and dissent Wall Street Journal: Criminal Speech? The Weibo Posts That Could Send Chinese Lawyer Pu … more

Xi in oil

This scrapbook of links was compiled on 15 January 2015 Xi at the Helm People’s Daily: 如何跟上习近平新闻理念 Haiwainet.cn 习近平:一些干部为仕途搞匿名诬告制造谣言 Consensus Net: 萧功秦:习近平新政两周年的回顾与展望 Full text archived at bottom of post Internet, media, censorship, and intimidation Legal Daily: 2015年中国“扫黄打非”将以互联网为主战场 Xinhua: 中央网信办的2014年:互联网治理革新者和“建筑师” 国家网信办:50家违法违规网站及公众账号被依法关闭 Global Times: Prophet on ‘Charlie’ cover Commentary: Against abusing free speech as against abridging it … more

Constitution Day

Constitution Day People’s Daily • 切实增强宪法意识 推动全面贯彻实施宪法 • Xi calls for strengthened awareness of Constitution BEIJING, Dec. 3– Ahead of Thursday’s inaugural Constitution Day, Chinese President Xi Jinping has called for more awareness of the Constitution, and better understanding of the role of law. Xi said in an instruction that the Constitution is the general … more

China to send artists to live in grassroots communities

Below is a scrap book of links and artifacts compiled on 2 December 2014. Australia The Age • Matthew Ng transferred from China to Australia to serve out sentence Matthew Ng, the high-profile Australian entrepreneur whose controversial incarceration in China strained diplomatic ties, has won the right to serve out his sentence at home, in … more

Reflections on G20

Below is a scrapbook of links and artifacts compiled 28 November 2014. Australia – China Billshorten.com.au • Speech to the National Press Club, Canberra, 26 November Excerpt: Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard and Wayne Swan worked incredibly hard to elevate the G20 to a leader-level gathering – and to secure the 2014 summit for Australia. This … more

Mutual trust and the common good in the south Pacific

Domestic Violence • China Legislative Affairs Office of the People’s Republic of China 国务院法制办公室关于《中华人民共和国反家庭暴力法(征求意见稿)》公开征求意见的通知 Foreign Affairs The People’s Daily • 中国大周边外交开新局(钟声) • 让互信互利、合作共赢的中国声音响彻南太平洋 ——外交部长王毅谈习近平主席出席二十国集团领导人第九次峰会,访问澳大利亚、新西兰、斐济并同太平洋建交岛国领导人会晤 Time.com • South Africa’s Ruling ANC Looks to Learn from Chinese Communist Party Censorship, ideology, thought work China Media Project •The dogs of positivity Xinhua • 国家网络安全选权周 • China’s first Cyber … more

The advance of the Internet Empire

Below is a scrapbook of links and artifacts compiled 20 – 21 November 2014 World Internet Conference WeChat account of 石扉客 • 帝国网路上的进击 (full text in ARCHIVE at bottom of this post) World Internet Conference website • A neat reply by Lu Wei: “Disagreements are a possibility; communication is the key” • 习近平发贺词 马凯作主旨演讲 (also … more

Kissing the koala

Australia China FTA and G20 Xinhua: 习近平在澳联邦议会演讲:携手追寻中澳发展梦想 并肩实现地区繁荣稳定 Likening China to “big guy” in crowd, Xi highlights peaceful development The People’s Daily: 习近平在澳大利亚联邦议会发表重要演讲 China News / Netease: 习近平几乎走遍澳大利亚所有州 幽默“要证书” BBC / Youtube: ‘China trade deal latest chapter in a long book’ Kevin Rudd interview with BBC The Guardian: Tony Abbott lauds Xi Jinping’s ‘commitment to … more