Communes without Communism

The sharing economy: Communes without Communism Canberra Times: China’s sharing economy takes a page from Mao’s little red book. The “shared economy” philosophy in vogue in tech communities around the world has made its way to China, where it is juxtaposed with the country’s legacy of communal living under the not-so-distant Maoist era. So-called “co-living … more

The Chinese Dream abroad

Xi’s state visits People’s Daily: Cartoon commentary, President Xi’s France, Zimbabwe, South Africa visit: Foster new future of China-Zimbabwe friendship. An optimistic piece on the prospects of the future relationship between Zimbabwe and China. Quartz: China’s Xi Jinping pledges $60 billion to help Africa solve its problems its own way. During the China-Africa Summit in … more

Australia navigates a new, Sino-centric region

Sino-Australian relations The Australian: Deeper US-Australian defence links best response to China. Australia likely to deepen its already close defense ties with the US to counter a more volatile, China-centric Pacific region. The Australian: China’s bumpy ride along the new Silk Road. As China begins to focus on building the “maritime Silk Road,” Australia should … more

Sydney Consulate stormed

Tibetan Protestors Storm Chinese Consulate in Sydney Global Times: Editorial: Sydney police that let mob attack consulate failed to do their duty According to Western media, a group of Tibetan students and former political prisoners stormed the Chinese consulate in Sydney and pulled down the Chinese national flag on Wednesday. Eight of the over 50 … more

Fengshui master murder mystery deepens

Celebrity Fengshui Master Suspected in Murder Case “大师”王林被警方带走 曾被传在床上为女星开光 “气功大师”王林被警方带走调查 反目弟子死亡 People’s Daily: Mysterious Chinese Fengshui Master Involved in Murder Case Self-proclaimed Fengshui master Wang Lin was found to be involved in an abduction and murder case, local police confirmed on Wednesday. The victim, last name Zou, used to be Wang’s follower and … more

Polluting ideas and historical nihilism

Polluting ideas and historical nihilism Historical Nihilism and Yanhuang chunqiu 炎黄春秋 (late 2014 to mid 2015) 研究:我国意识形态面临哪些风险? Radio Free Asia: Chinese Magazine Warned by Censors, Future Now Uncertain Utopia: 纪念抗日战争70周年——批判历史虚无主义座谈会 军刊发文起底《炎黄春秋》:兜售历史虚无主义的大本营 中国共产党的失误并不是不能说,但一定要进行系统、具体、历史的分析。当事后诸葛亮是容易的,苛求前人也是容易的。历史地看,中国共产党与其领导人所犯的错误,主要是由于经验不足和历史的局限所造成的,而不是党的领导地位和社会主义制度本身造成的。中国共产党所经历的曲折和犯过的错误,并不是党的本质和主流。总的来说,中国共产党的历史还是光辉的历史。作为一个对人民负责的无产阶级政党,中国共产党从来都能正视自己的错误,并且注意从自己所犯的错误中学习并汲取教训。… 在如何看待中国近代史的革命问题上,替中国近代统治阶级翻案,否定中国革命的必然性和合理性。这也是一种历史虚无主义。 Tourism or terrorism? New York Times: China Says Detained Tourists Were Watching Terrorist Propaganda A group of foreign tourists, including … more

Stock market woes

Stock markets Washington Post: In China, hostile foreign forces blamed for bursting stock market bubble The Beijing News: 证监会:外资做空A股传闻不实 Closer Look: Gov’t Had No Reason to Intervene in Stock Market Turbulence Closer Look: Gov’t Had No Reason to Intervene in Stock Market Turbulence Xinhua: China Headlines: Shares regain territory in tug-of-war between bulls, bears China … more

The National Security Law

National security law Xinhua: China adopts new law on national security New York Times: Security Law Suggests a Broadening of China’s ‘Core Interests’ China Law Translate: National Security Law Canberra Times: China approves sweeping security law, bolstering communist rule Xi at the Helm People’s Daily: 人民日报“任理轩”文章阐述“四个全面”四大“新飞跃” Ideological war People’s Daily: “中国崩溃论”:西方的意识形态武器 “China collapse theories: an … more

Xi: China-Australia FTA will result in close win-win cooperation

Australia Economic Observer: 结束十年马拉松 中澳自贸协定最终签署 2015-06-17 12:38 来源:经济观察网 作者:吴海珊 编辑:经济观察网 Xinhua: Chinese, Australian leaders exchange congratulations on landmark FTA Xi said the signing of the China-Australia FTA will provide a better platform and an improved institutional guarantee for the two countries to complement each other with advantages and conduct close win-win cooperation. Xinhua: 习近平主席与澳大利亚总理阿博特就两国正式签署中澳自贸协定互致贺信 Chatham … more

Son, don’t cry, I am in the Yangzte River, I have returned to my mother’s embrace.

Yangtze cruise disaster New York Times: China Keeps Lid on Information, as Hopes Dim in Yangtze Ship Disaster Xinhua: 长江救援,一场生命至上的国家行动 Xinhua: 东方之星翻沉事件中转发最多的一条微博 Xinhua: 守望相助 选择坚强 Beijing Weekly: 儿子 别哭 我在长江 已回到母亲的怀抱 Son, don’t cry, I am in the Yangzte River, I have returned to my mother’s embrace. Taiwan CSIS: Video: Tsai Ing-wen 2016: Taiwan Faces … more