Australia-China Agenda 2013, a new project

The Australian Centre on China in the World (CIW), which created and curates The China Story Project, engages with the public and policy discussion of relations with the People’s Republic of China and the Chinese world. Australia-China Agenda 2013 is our contribution to an important election year in Australia (the election will be held on … more

China Rhodes: Schwarzman at Tsinghua

Ryan Manuel is Asian Century Graduate Fellow at the East Asian Bureau of Economic Research in the Crawford School of Public Policy and Government, The Australian National University; and a DPhil candidate at Oxford University. He was educated at the University of South Australia, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Oxford University and Peking University. He … more

The China Story and the Chinese Net at Capital M

On 8 March, the writer and rock musician Kaiser Kuo hosted a conversation at Capital M in Beijing with Geremie R. Barmé, Director of the Australian Centre for China in the World, as part of the Capital Literary Festival. The recorded version of the conversation was posted by Sinica, the podcast site of Popup Chinese … more

Xi Jinping and Books

In June 2010, Xi Jinping 习近平 visited Canberra and presented a gift of more than 1,000 books to the recently established Australian Centre on China in the World at The Australian National University. The books included in the gift reflected many of the Centre’s nascent interests (the Director and associates provided a wish-list at the … more

Christmas Eve in Beijing 北京平安之夜

It’s Christmas Eve in Beijing, and while the Christian holiday is not officially acknowledged by the atheistic party-state that rules China, it is celebrated by increasing numbers of Chinese people. Like Halloween and Valentine’s Day, Christmas is heavily promoted by malls, restaurants, bars and nightclubs; it’s another excuse to go out and consume (an activity … more

The Leadership of Xi Jinping: philosophy and endless reform

The Eighteenth Congress of the Chinese Communist Party formally initiated the party-state power transition that is set to continue well into 2013. As we have noted in our China Story Yearbook 2012, Red Rising, Red Eclipse, the lead-up to the transition was full of political surprises and dramatic developments. Professor He Baogang 何包钢, Chair of International … more


The China Story website that you are now reading was ready for launching at 4pm Canberra time on 10 August, exactly an hour before an event to announce the China Story Project.