In Conversation with Michael Nylan

Michael Nylan is Professor of History at the University of California, Berkeley. She is one of the foremost historians today working on early China and one of the world’s leading scholars of pre-modern China. Her interests span aesthetic theories and material culture, intellectual history and religious beliefs, with an emphasis on the sociopolitical context. Her recent … more

Party Time: An Interview with Rowan Callick

Rowan Callick is Asia-Pacific Editor of The Australian newspaper. Following some two decades in Papua New Guinea, he moved to Australia in 1987 after which he worked for The Australian Financial Review for some twenty years during which time he was that paper’s Hong Kong-based China correspondent (1996 to 2000). In 2006, he joined The Australian as its … more

An Interview with Zeng Jinyan 曾金燕

The China Story Journal would like to thank Zeng Jinyan for sharing her insights on life in China today and the situation of rights activism. Zeng, born in 1983, is one of China’s leading human rights activists. She is also a social commentator and documentary film-maker. In 2006, she rose to fame for blogging about her … more

The China Story and the Chinese Net at Capital M

On 8 March, the writer and rock musician Kaiser Kuo hosted a conversation at Capital M in Beijing with Geremie R. Barmé, Director of the Australian Centre for China in the World, as part of the Capital Literary Festival. The recorded version of the conversation was posted by Sinica, the podcast site of Popup Chinese … more

The Leadership of Xi Jinping: philosophy and endless reform

The Eighteenth Congress of the Chinese Communist Party formally initiated the party-state power transition that is set to continue well into 2013. As we have noted in our China Story Yearbook 2012, Red Rising, Red Eclipse, the lead-up to the transition was full of political surprises and dramatic developments. Professor He Baogang 何包钢, Chair of International … more

He Jiahong 何家弘: Working Between Law and Literature

The following interview was conducted by Elisa Nesossi, a CIW Post-doctoral Fellow working on Chinese justice.—The Editors ___________________ He Jiahong 何家弘 is Professor of Law and Faculty Director, Institute of Evidence Law at the Law School of Renmin University in Beijing. From 2006 to 2008, he was part-time Deputy Director, Department of Dereliction of Duty and … more